Sunday, 2 September 2018

Clearing AIDs

HIV was first recognized as the disease 'slim'in Africa in the 1970s.  It travels around the world, as the supposedly incurable HIV.
The answer was given to me by a fellow PhD student at Sheffield University 2000. 'ultrasound sets of nuclear fusion in liquid water'the student told me.
This is why ultrasound showed that cancers and viruses.  As the inflated cell does molecular nuclear fusion.  Giving off X-rays.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray the viral altered cell, is blown away.
The beauty people have used an ultrasound massage device, to clear scars and wrinkles since 1962.
The History of Ultrasound | BMUS I have not tested this link.  You may need to search for the article.

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What was not recognized, was that such a device was cause the clearance of all cancers in just 1 minute.  An 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device is a suitable High Intensity UltraSound device..
The Hippocratic oath demands all registered medics read, validated And use new medical developments.  The HIV community, has eradicated HIV for most of the planet.  It is still present in Swaziland and South African.
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I do not know if this link will work.  People in South Africa need to search for '8 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device'
When it arrives, I applied for ½ minute to each side of your chest.  This will coals aids infected T cells in the lungs, to experience molecular nuclear fusion.  And pop.
This will stimulate the production activation of the human antibody to clear HIV from the body.  Something for this enzyme, would allow us to have used pills to clear HIV.  But medics would make these dearer than use of a medically licensed home beauty device.
Or AIDs clinics should apply HIUS for ½ minute to the chest of her or clement's who come in.  It is totally harmless and transparent.  It'll just clear the HIV infection.
The AIDs clinics in South Africa can totally eradicate HIV, this month.  Just like he has been cleared from loss Angeles an Kenya.
Swaziland became clear the population of the condition.  That 23% carry today.  No medical involvement is required at all.
People around the world, particularly those who are bisexual, can't buy and use such a device.  It will give 40 years of protection from ever catchingAIDs.

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