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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Clearing age

22 April 2014
                One of the problems with getting older, fragments of old infections are left behind as viral and bacterial rump.
                Viral rumps cause cancer and diabetes.  And bacterial rumps cols coronary heart disease and mental health problems.  I think IBS is another viral rump problem!  It doesn’t matter.
                All pathogen rumps are overinflated and hard: in order to divide and grow in the human body.  Even bacterial rumps have to be overinflated, to induce the B cells to copy their genome, and give it a minimal cell wall.
                Thyroid problems looked like a viral rump located in the thyroid.  More of this later!
                1 MHZ 5 W ultrasound applied externally clears the rump structure!  The Americans term this High Intensity UltraSound.  I used to work in metallurgy: where we use 2 kW 40 kHz ultrasound.
                All rump structures fragment and are just 150 Watts 40 kHz.  Will increasingly the beauty people use only 1 MHZ 3/5/8 Watts ultrasound.  Licensed to clear acne and scarring.
                So to device applied externally to the body fragments of pathogen rumps.  So explosively we get an immune action to clear the rump throughout the body.
                For diabetes apply it to the bottom right of the rib cage.  For over an under active thyroid apply to the centre left base of the rib cage.  The probation in Thyroxin excretion is a result of a pathogen rump in the thyroid.
                Medics have published papers on the use of HIUS to clear coronary heart disease.  Apply the ultrasound to the top left the chest and also the kidneys for just ½ minute: the standard treatment time.
                HIUS also clears arthritis and asthma.  My personal experience is that 3 applications may be required.  HIUS is clears in just one!  As is colon cancer: no biochemical treatment required.  No treatment required for any cancer!
                Medics have been aware of this since 2002.  The have continued prescribing biochemical treatments to ensure the patient has an agonising death-but they make loads of money!
                And these are people you trust with your health?  There biggest intentional or killers in history.  Who should not be involved in the Health Service in any way!  They should Applit not be doctors and consultants.  Who church weather we live or die horribly in agony.
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                 Running an ultrasonic massage device (1 MHZ 3 W cheapest) over the limbs reversed scarring and the inactive cells.  The latter are a major cause of human ageing.  We rejuvenate the body.
                The NHS wants more money(always)!  The as he UK population is ageing.  But they have not factored in HIUS.  It clears cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and damage to the limbs.
                All the doctors who have continued to prescribe biochemical treatments must immediately be struck off.  Masterly reducing the wage field of the National Health Service.  Thei cost of biochemical prescriptions vanishes overnight.          
                The cost of running the NHS falls from 2.4 billion UK pounds, to just 600,000,000.  A truly massive reduction in the cost of health in Britain.
                All the stroke of doctors and consultants get 10 years in jail for each patient they have contributed to was the death of.  About 1000 years per Dr..
                HIU will spend the rest of their lives in jail.  And receive no pension.  They are denied access to HIUS-just like their poor patients were!

Jonathan Thomason

Free nuclear fusion

22 April 2014
                Every 3 minutes around the earth, there is a lightening strike!  Set up by heavy rain.  Which itself does molecular nuclear fusion:
1                     H2O+T->He2++O2-+gwr+E2
It a lightning strike produces five tonnes of helium gas.  And associated ozone!  Which forms as the O the the bombs with the natural O2 molecules in the air.
When we get the potential build up of 5000 volts, we get a partial steam plasma linking up the cloud tops and the ground.  We then get the up rush of hundred amps of charge electrons.
                The helium has carry the positive charge to above the clouds.  The negative charge has fallen to the ground.  This happens throughout the year.
                It a lightning strike releases 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  The relativistic conversion of five tonnes of helium gas.
                This is released as heat, sound, light and X rays.  There is no chemical source of either light or X rays.  There is no chemical source of helium!  There is no source of combustion.
                There is no source of nuclear fission.  So we are obviously doing the nuclear fusion other hydrogen ions from regular water.  Again doing 1!
                Professors of physics budgets, developed world to spend our 100 billion annually on the Great Hadron Collider.  With a promise that it would do nuclear fusion.  It didn’t!  The most colossal waste of money in history.
                A one metre x 2 cm glass tube filled with steam, and balanced with electricity to initiate a plasma will release a constant 6 MW of energy.  Above four atmospheres it will self sustain.
                Turning regular water into near limitless free energy.  This makes the burning of fossil fuels stratospherically expensive.
                Nuclear fission from uranium is globally acknowledged to be the most toxic industry that is ever existed!  Causing intermittent continental toxic death.
                And producing radioactive waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years!  The cost of storing this waste is 80 times greater (as a conservative estimate) than generating electricity.
                Nuclear power is the most economically bankrupt industry that is ever existed.  And kills indiscriminately on the global scale.

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing coronary heart disease

22 April 2014
                Heart disease is caused by a fragment of an infectious virus, left behind after the main infection is cleared.  It inappropriately raises the blood pressure.
                With primary coronary heart disease by a bacterial plaque is located on the coronary arteries: at the upper left of the chest.  30 seconds of High Intensity UltraSound causes the inflated structure to fragment.  While not damaging of regular body cells.
                The cheapest source of HIUS is a 3 W 1 MHZ ultrasonic massage device.  Such devices are medically licensed for unsupervised human use.  And available over the Internet.

Jonathan Thomason

Bio chemistry is defective

22 April 2014
                I read and printed out the medical document published by the Moffitt cancer centre on the Internet: and that High Intensity UltraSound clearing prostate cancer at one appointment.
                Such documents are never deleted!  Amazingly enough the Moffitt has now deleted this document, and he is applies Bio chemistry.  Which guarantees its patients an agonising, expensive and rapid death.
                The Hippocratic oath demands application of best medicine!  This is so obviously not biochemical treatments.  So every GP at the Moffitt must instantly be struck up by the AMA.  Though they are retiring rapidly!
                Every medical lecture around the world has raid and he is familiar with the housework.  Every day and the press is filling up with stories of people suddenly getting better from late stage cancer!
                Medics are alarmed!  Bio chemistry never does that.  One application of an ultrasound massage device externally to the cancerous organ does earth in under a minute!
                Search the Internet for ‘1 MHz ultrasound massage device cheapest’.  Any Internet search engine will point you to a suitable device.
                So this renders biochemical treatments are defective medicine!  High as clears all 200 cancers out there.  Applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys it clears heart disease.
                Applied to the bottom right of the chest it clears all types of diabetes.  Applied to the centre left base of the rib cage it clears all thyroid problems.
                HIUS will also clear asthma, arthritis and iBS.  Apply for 30 seconds to each side or the head to clear all mental health problems.  I have cleared Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, MS, schizophrenia and depression.  It should also work for other problems.
                This is massively important!  As drug treatments are very inferior and unpleasant.  A minute of HIUS clears all mental health problems.
                So university medical schools are barred by the Hippocratic Air oath from teaching biochemical treatments.  Every medic who has graduated since 2002 have been taught biochemical treatments has already broken the Hippocratic oath.  And must be removed from the medical register!
                They have a strong case for the return of 100% of their university fees!  All medical lectures to teach biochemistry are similarly struck off.
                Then we get to the specialist cancer hospitals: who prescribed the power of chemical treatments.  Every Dr. Layer realises that high as cures all infective disease, as well as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                So prescribing biochemical treatments for cancer is medically unethical!  Every Dr. or consultant around the world who have done so over last 12 years immediately be struck off!
                You can read about this in my ebook
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Jonathan Thomason

Monday, 21 April 2014

Creating immune danger

21 April 2014
                Dr. MatZinger was buried by her idea of cancer not looking dangerous to the body!  I used to work in metallurgical ultrasound.  And I was intrigued that medics were using low power ultrasound.  This give out nuclear radiation and cancer cells.
                The ultrasound initiated molecular nuclear fusion in the cancer cell
1                     H2O+US->He+O+E+gwr
So we are doing molecular nuclear fusion at room temperature!  Physicists had never even thought this was possible!  Likely the natural world had other ideas.
                Biologists have noted that arctic fish give off nuclear radiation down to 120° C.  So doing nuclear fusion in cancer cells does not seem that strange!
                We return to the point and professor fossil 2003, but all cancer cells are pressurised.  Just like pathogens cells!  Body cells are never pressurised.
                So here we have A cancer specific way to initiate nuclear fusion only in cancer cells!  The cancer cell heats up past 60° C, at which stage it is biologically dead!
                It goes right up to 120° C, and fragments explosively!  As the cell contents boil.  The body cells within a two cell radius are damaged!  Eureka.  Cancer is dangerous!
                The immune system then launches an immune action to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body.  Most of the primary cancer cells will be history!  All the remaining cancer cells will be removed by the immune system.
                Irrespective of cancer variety!  All cancers are overinflated.  Just like all pathogens are.
                Here I am indebted to Chris Mayer SRB RMN, he told me that diabetes shows up under low power ultrasound.  Medics have also recorded the coronary heart disease is caused by a bacterial plaque on the coronary arteries or around the kidneys.
                They published an article about high us clearing all coronary heart disease 2012!  To be totally ignored by the medical world.  They have continued to prescribe expensive, unpleasant and fatal biochemical treatments.
                My mother’s present husband suffer from coronary heart disease.  And that is experienced the slight stroke!  I presume they did not use HIUS!  A profit is not recognised in his own land!
                My mother also housed under active thyroid.  Thyroxin some plants are defective medicine.  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  I have experienced a staggering success clearing diabetes.
                It only takes 30 sections to the lower right of the rib cage.  Thyroid problems are similarly cleared by HIUS to the centre left base of the rib cage.  Over the thyroid gland.  The pathogen rump turns off Thyroxin secretion.  It will be cleared by 30 seconds of HIUS.
                Mental health problems are caused by a similarly inflated bacterial plaque in the central nervous system.  I have cleared Parkinson’s, MS and Altzimer’s by 30 seconds of HIUS to each side or the head.
                All 200 varieties of cancer are cleared by local external application of HIUS.  The cheapest suitable device is a 1 MHZ ultrasound massage device.  Which can be purchased over the Internet for under 13 UK pounds.
                Was an individual has such a device they can clear all the diseases of age.  For themselves, their family and their friends.  Resultingly G P’s are taking early retirement.
                There their Bio chemical prescriptions have resulted in the avoidable deaths of 400,000,000 people since 2002.  When the Moffitt published the use of high us to clear prostate cancer.
                If medics have properly equipped themselves with robust HIUS Equipment, they could have cured all the diseases of age.  And then cured by three infections everybody alive gets every year.
                This is $158,000,000,000 industry.  Now people are going to market via an ultrasound device, they can cure theMN colds for free!
                It thei is all for charity medicines are those defective!  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Similarly all fungal antibiotics are defective compared to human antibodies.  Which cannot be patented!
                I really cannot see how the biochemical industry could survive.  It owes $4000 trillion for all the avoidable deaths is biochemical treatments have caused.
                I am indebted to Sheffield University for teaching me about metallurgical ultrasound!

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing cancer using ultrasound

21 April 2014
                All viruses and bacteria have to have an overinflated nature in order to cause him disease.  During the disease they share genome, by handing round strips of RNA.
                When the main infection is gone, this can stay behind as a viral or bacterial rump.  A viral rump causes cancer and diabetes.  A bacterial one causes coronary heart disease and mental health problems.
                Because they are overinflated they are susceptible to what the Americans term High Intensity UltraSound.  Body cells are not affected by ultrasound below 180 Watts 40 kHz.  HIUS can be 150 W 40 kHz.
                The beauty people utilised 150 W to give ultrasonic massages.  Removing wrinkles and acne!  So medically licensed to remove bacterial infections from the skin.  They also remove viral and bacterial rumps.
                External application of the highest power ultrasound externally to any cancerous organ, causes the cancerous cells to fragment explosively.  Inducing an immune action to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body.
                Applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys.  No cell structure causing coronary heart disease.  Applied to the bottom right of the rib cage it clears the viral rump responsible for all types of diabetes.
                The rump has turned off insulin secretion by the body.  When there cells are removed by the sound system snaps back on.  The diabetes is gone.
                A suitable device is 1 MHZ 3 W machine
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Jonathan Thomason

Curing antibiotic tolerance

21 April 2014
                To grow and divide in the embody, all infective bacteria are to avoid doing any cell damage for three days!  With cell damage the dendrites would make an action the human antibody.  Which would cure all infections.
                Giving fungal antibiotics stimulate antibody production by the B cells.  And also stops all bacterial replication!  As if you cells mistaking replicate  the bacterial genome and give it a minimal cell wall.
                Once the new cells see the fungal antibiotic, the bacterial infection is on the way to being cures!  But bacteria have learned how to block this recognition process.
                There is a far simpler idea!  To divide and grow the bacterial cells must be overinflated and hard.  Body cells are more placid!
                For the Moffitt cancer centre turned ‘high intensity ultrasound’ causes pressurised cells to heat up, until above 120oC they fragment explosively!  The body it sees this as cell damage.
                They then make an action the human antibody!  So HIUS applied to the chest, threat and nose for only ½ minute each location, will cure all viral and bacterial infections.
                The stimulates production and activation of the human antibody.  They can have a more drug manufacturers cannot wave factor pills of these drugs, and produce an infection specific tablets.  This technology cannot be patented.  So American drug companies have no interest!
                This renders fungal antibiotics are defective medicine.  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  The cheapest HIUS device out there is a then ‘ultrasonic massage device 1 MHZ cheapest’
                They are medically licensed for unsupervised human use.  Such devices also clear all cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
                In heart disease apply the HIUS to the top left the chest and also the kidneys.  For diabetes apply to the bottom right of the chest.
                This renders all biochemical treatments and surgeries for cancer etc. defective medicine.  Again totally prohibited!
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Jonathan Thomason