Monday, 28 July 2014

The lights will not go out!

28 July 2014
                That is the usual fall back position nuclear power!  Have realized in horror that the level biology predicts life on earth will expand to encompass the organic carbon that the fossil fuels were in prehistory.
                In the Jurassic photosynthesis was not so evolved.  There was 65% more life on earth!  Resulting me sea levels were 60 meters lower.  Free carbon dioxide in the air was at twice today’s paltry two parts per million.
                So nuclear power has reverted to the fiction that the energy might run out!  That he promoted before Chernobyl incident sprayed radioactive waste over Russian.
                Ukrainian nuclear, who built Chernobyl, want to site a new nuclear plants of death in England!  With your consent.
                Around the world there is a lightening strike every three seconds.  That converts water into helium and oxygen gases-it does molecular nuclear fusion!  Down to -20° C in the arctic air.
1                     H2O+T->He+O+2.5x1030 Watts+ X ray
There is no chemical source of either helium or higher frequency X rays.  So it is nature doing nuclear fusion.  The T arises from the up flow of 100 amps-created as heavy rain does molecular nuclear fusion
2              H2O+O2+T->He2++O32-+E2+gwr
                Here the T is from the chaotic interaction of rain drops.  Which is why heavy rain forms helium and oxygen gases, massive heat and higher frequency X rays (gamma wave radiation0.
                Every 3 minutes around the earth heavy rain does so a lightning strike.  The demonstrate the needs of electoral holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  When the lightening strike touches ground, it releases the massive energy from equation 1.
                Energy with no toxic radioactive waste.  Uranium fission will forever be the most toxic industry that is ever be allowed on earth.  That causes intermittent continental toxic death.
                So no we know how nature does nuclear fusion!  We don’t need the rain storm!  If we strike up a hydrogen plasma in a glass tube we do atomic nuclear fusion direct.
2                     H++e- ->n0
3                     1H++r n0->2E3+L+gwr
A steam plasma is half as exothermic as a high Jim plasma: the electrolysis of water consumers a trivial amount of current!  0.001 Amps, releasing 6 W as it undergoes nuclear fission-into heat light and low power gamma wave radiation.
                And all around the earth water falls from the skies for free!  The plasma enriches it.  We do not need to bother.  We produce no solid radioactive waste.  And the system is basically free.  Uranium fission cannot compete!
                But we can do better than that!  Running on top of the earth’s core, is a river of water.  That forms the mantel!  Just another point that water remains liquid: 250° C 8.4 atmospheres.
                Man has never utilised this free superheated water, as it contains dissolved gold, platinum and silver.  By James Dyson gave us the answer in 1998.
                We pass it through A double helical flow investor.  This removes all solids!  So we get gold and platinum dust.  We sell on to process into ingots!  As people are gearing up to do this around the world, the price of gold is already crashing!
                Pretty soon we will bury the soft, malleable and useless metal in disused mine workings.  Just to get rid of the stuff.  The energy will always have value.  We produce unlimited amounts of electricity.
                As he earth is huge!  And the energy drives earthquakes and volcanoes today.  When man makes for his energy from this source nature will not even notice!
                So if you’ve got gold, every day you hang on to it; it will be worth less!  2 1/5  years ago gold was out 1600 UK pounds an ounce.  Yesterday he was at 718.  Today it is a 720-as gold merchants sold minuscule amounts of gold to each other-to support the price.  Which happens to be illegal!
                So we have clean steam at 240° C 8.2 atmospheres.  Ideal to generate power.  We could cool the use steam down on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.  And return the heat to the boiler room!  Consuming 2% of our generated power.  And tripling the power produced power station.
                As the price of gold continues to crash, this may be worth doing!  Basically the earth is a limitless source of superheated water.
                All the radioactive processes happen in the Earth’s core!  None of the radioactivity emerges from the deep.
                So we get limitless electricity with gold and platinum dust in!  We also get the other heavy metals.  Which are commercial value!  Gold does not.
                And a girl can only where so many gold necklaces before she needs support walking!

Jonathan Thomason

Saving the NHS

28 July 2014
                This science has been for all register doctors since it was published by the Moffitt cancer centre 2002.  13 years ago!  Since that date all biochemical treatments for the major diseases of age has been medical malpractice.
                The cheapest source of high intensity ultrasound is an ultrasound massage device: bought over the Internet!  5W 1 MHz seems to be an effective device.

                Applied to a cancerous organ, the cancer cells pop!  As the pressurised cell structure is heated up past or boiling point of water.  Pressures experience ‘the burn’ after 30 seconds.  No prescriptions ever required!
                HIUS applied to the chest, throat and nose for ½ minute to each location; cures all infective disease!  Stopping the formation of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS and schizophrenia…
                HIUS applied for the same time to each side or the head clears all developed mental health problems.
                Medics have published a paper on the application of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys totally clearing coronary heart disease: no biochemistry again!
                HIUS to the bottom right of the chest clears all science or diabetes!  In my personal experience at my church health group.  The church is as me to stop giving free HIUS, as the people stopped attending church.  Once they are healed.  And they always are!
                The development of HIUS will save the MHS from bankruptcy.

Jonathan Thomason

Best medicine

28 July 2014
                The Hippocratic oath requires every registered Dr. to know about and disseminate the best medicine.  Then every registered Dr. on earth is required to administer ‘best medicine with no financial favour’.
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in America published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to cure cancer at one appointment: 5 W 1 MHZ is one description of HIUS.  So is >1.5 W 3 MHz ultrasound, emitted by the physiotherapy unit every health centre owns.
                This works for all 200 cancers out there!  As I explain in my ebook on Amazon Kendle.
 by Jonathan Thomason (14 Oct 2012)

                So every Dr. Is required to use such a unit.  Half the cancers out there are being cured, which means a large percentage of doctors are using such a unit.
                And five to the coronary arteries and kidneys high as clears coronary heart disease: as medically published and raped by every practicing Dr. 2012.
                Applied to the bottom right of the rib cage I have personal experience of 26 people are being cured all science or diabetes: a 100% cure rate.
                The Manchester churches have stopped me applying free HIUS: as it totally cures people!  Who then are disinclined to attend church.  The church is the largest health organisation on earth.
                They know how to cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, iBS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia…
                So every American Dr. Prescribing biochemical treatments is knowingly killing their own patients for money!  Americans are a legitimate culture.  Solicitors need to locate one person with the same cancer etc., and demonstrate the death of their clients was avoidable.
                Each such death was a legal fine of $10,000,000 and 25 years in jail.  Shared by the Dr. & health centre or drug company.

Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Get Concorde flying again

27 July 2014
                The incident in France was very sad.  It should never have happened.  The thing that really killed off Concorde was the belief that CO2 affected the weather!  All the fossil fuels used to be active biology in prehistory.
                Within 5 minutes global photosynthesis has converted additional organic carbon back into active life.  Even at night, the air circulates and is converted back into carbohydrates!  A static trace gas affects nothing!
                Super charging him with aviation fuel does lower levels of molecular nuclear fusion
1              Cm(H2O)n+pO2->CO2+nH2O or ->CO2 +n(He+O3+E+gwr) gwr= the high frequency X rays
                But if we have a ring of Venturi nozzles at the jet exhaust manifold, we get molecular nuclear fusion as a liquid water boils
2              H2O+T->He+O+E2+gwr
                This is a much more affective way of inducing nuclear fusion!  The common cold will fly at hypersonic speed.  And produce only 10th of the carbon dioxide would journey that a conventional jet would produce.
                It will also apply he at mark 10.  The Concorde lead member will have to be produced a higher temperature carbon composite-to avoid melting!
                So we fly faster and earn less aviation fuel than a conventional jet.  Regular fresh water will allow us to supercharge the jet exhaust.
                A massive price saving!  And better technology.  Already published in engineering books.

Jonathan Thomason

Fresh water for England

27 July 2014
                The British isles is surrounded by sea water!  He says Rivers flowing from the high ground into the sea.  This water is reused repeatedly, and consequently polluted.  The answer to turning this water into fresh water, is evaporation.
                But heating the water is very energy intensive!  A far better idea is to apply vacuum.  Only one metre of vacuum head causes even ice to evaporate into water vapour.
                This is a basic definition of the enzyme system.  This level of pumping can easily be supplied by a vacuum pump during the day.  During the night off peak electricity is the cheapest answer.
                We pump the water vapour to high storage!  And vented above the reservoir: this requires 1000 times less pumping power than transporting liquid water.
                The water loses all contaminants and salts: it is basically decelerated water.  Plants will love it!  They will grow fast, taking in the trivial amount of carbon dioxide released by man burning the fossil fuels.
                Which all used to be active biology in prehistory: global photosynthesis caps free carbon dioxide at only two parts per million.  All extra carbon dioxide is converted into plant biomass within five years.
                A static trace gas has no effect on anything!  Professors who have written papers on man made climate change being coals by increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the global air; need to retake high school biology!
                Carbon is fixed by biology.

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing heart problems

27 July 2014
                I have talked about my friend Charles before.  He is a state registered nurse working for the MHS.  2004 he had a heart attack.  He was put on statins, ace inhibitors and beta blockers: beta blockers interfere with the division of bacterial structures.
                Six months later he had a second heart attack.  I received a 150 Watts 40 kHz massage device through the post.  He was persuaded to let me try ultrasound applied to his heart.  This was eight years before medics published articles on High Intensity UltraSound clearing heart disease.
                I was just chatting to his father in law about my success in clearing Altzimer’s using HIUS. ‘doesn’t work!  No effect at all’ he argues.  Charles would have been dead four years ago with emit my application of ultrasound.
                He has been taken off all heart medication by local HS hospital.  In exactly the same way that Jeff has there been taken off all medication for schizophrenia he no longer has.
                Charles was about to argue. ‘without HIUS you were dead’ I reminded him.  He went inside. ‘do you have the device?’ asked his mother in law.
                ‘yes I do’ I replied. ‘but look it up on the Internet, and a your own device’. ‘applied to the chest, throat and nose it will cure all infections’ I elaborated. ‘than will stop Cancer, heart disease and diabetes’
                So Charles realises years is life to HIUS.  But wants to do his damnedest to stop other people getting the same benefit.
Jonathan Thomason

Proving the cure to cancer

27 July 2014
                Medics protest that they do not know about ultrasound!  Yes continue to use lower power ultrasound to highlight every cancer on earth.  Also the structures causing diabetes, heart disease and mental health problems.  So the inflated structure is also cause arthritis.
                So here is an idea!  Use the health centre ultrasound to image the cancer.  Lower power ultrasound actually induces molecular nuclear fusion in the pressurise cancer cells.
1              H2O+US->He2++O2-+E2+X-ray
                The power level of HIUS is set to be benign to body cells!  Which are more flexible and are pressurised.  Pressurised cells experience cell content boiling.  First of all the emit X rays.
                X ray emission is beyond the power release of chemical reactions.  There is no biochemical source.  So medics do routinely four professors of physics can’t!  Nuclear fusion on earth.
                Every biological organism on earth they excrete helium and emits nuclear radiation as there cell mitochondria do molecular nuclear fusion.  Answer that occasion of HIUS the health centre ultrasound scanner will show the total removal of the hardened cells which characterise the diseases of age.  Proving the efficacy of HIUS.
                Read about this during a PH D into chemical and process engineering.  I was staggered!  Low power ultrasound was gently warming cancer cells.  I suggested higher power ultrasound.
                The next year the Moffitt cancer centre publisher hundred individual double blind trial on high us and prostate cancer: now deleted, only after it had been read by every medic on earth.
                The Moffitt is now researching high intensity focused ultrasound: after he realized in horror that ultrasound was outside biochemical patent protection.
                How do you produce HIFU?  You emit HIUS through a 10cm guide cylinder.  It is a less effective than HIUS!  As it made me is primary cancer cells.  So is totally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Which demands the Moffitt should work on HIUS.
                The Middlesex Hospital in the UK is also working on this technology.  Are taking your own 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massager provides you with her medically licensed ultrasound device.
                Applied externally it will cure all cancers!  Once you have purchased the £20.00 device each subsequent use costs only 0.001 UK pence.
                Physiotherapists have spent last 25 years publishing medical documents on high power ultrasound: they are favour 3 MHz 1.5-8 Watts.  This is HIUS.  So each medical practice has are medically licensed high us device on site.
                Applied externally to any cancer for ½ minute will cure it!  The Hippocratic oath prohibits any register Dr. From prescribing biochemical treatments: expensive, unpleasant and fatal medicine.  Totally prohibited.
                Medics published the use of HIUS to the top left the chest and also the kidneys, varying coronary heart disease!  All types.  So again the air oath taken by every medic as he enters medical practice prohibits biochemical treatments for heart disease.
                Demanding instead application of ½ minute of HIUS to each area.
                Drug companies are then looked at diabetes as their major income stream.  HIUS to the bottom right of the chest just once clears all types of diabetes: again no biochemical treatments are required.
                High us prevents diabetics living a horrible life, and dying from multiple organ failure.  No register Dr. Is allowed to prescribe biochemistry.
                They must advocate use of the health centre high power ultrasound unit.  Your own personal 1 MHz ultrasound massage device will act to clear diabetes.
                3 W does work-but takes a full minute!  Carry on until you feel ‘the burn’.  I first came across this in a patient with MS.
                After 20 seconds, he asked me to stop the 1 MHz device.  10 minutes later he let me give him the full 30 seconds.  My cleaner always describes it as a Zen moment!  He has experienced hair regrowth.  And darkening.  Here is the answer to male pattern baldness.  And alopecia.
                I have just been dancing in church with Ann: I cleared her diabetes and arthritis.  I have also found HIUS effective against Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, depression, schizophrenia and mental health problems.
                Half a minutes of HIUS to either side or the head.  Ultrasound massage devices are sold with the medical licence.  For unsupervised human use.  As they are totally safe.
                As mentioned above every health centre has a physiotherapists high powered ultrasound unit.  Which will act as a HIUS unit.  Clearing all the diseases of age-without any biochemical prescription.
                All register doctors are constrained by the Hippocratic oath: ‘apply best medicine with no financial favour’.  Biochemistry kills expensive an unpleasant ways.
                From conditions routinely cleared by application of HIUS.  Cancer research is familiar with my work.  And he is under a moral obligation to publicise the use of HIUS.  And abandon biochemistry.

Jonathan Thomason