Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Increasing life on earth

16 September 2014
                In prehistory all the fossil fuels were active biology!  This is why they have fossils from prehistoric life in them.
                Most formed at the end of the Jurassic age: when the 65% more life on earth!  Resulting me sea levels were 60 metres lower.  So today he believes in an age of denuded carbon.
                As we burn the fossil fuels, plants take in the additional carbon dioxide and converted into active biomass within 5 minutes.  So we get more plants!  So we get more animals.  Plant and animal life are in a dynamic balance.
                We do not get an increase of average global carbon dioxide in the air.  Which during the day produces enough time carbon emissions to only two parts per million!  Ma         n is a massive carbon burning extensive growing day by turn seconds.
                The climate does not see local transient carbon levels over cities.  It C’s the global average level in the stratosphere!  The carbon dioxide is a heavy gas!  It does not make it to the stratosphere.
                Through all history the weather has been created in the stratosphere-irrespective of carbon dioxide levels in the temperatesphere-where life hangs out.
                So that is have noted that the natural weather has cycles.  Of 28 years.  A 100,000 years.  And for 100,000 years.
                Basically the weather is a chaotic system totally controlled by solar cycles totally outside the implants of mankind.  Carbon dioxide levels are limited by photosynthesis.
                So they go up in natural ice ages!  The little ice age there were four parts per million.  The ice age ended and the falter global average of only 2ppm.  As realised by every physics academic on the planet.
                Here three natural Jurassic ice ages there were at 8ppm.  During the bulk of the Jurassic global carbon dioxide was at 4ppm.
                The cretaceous ended with a mass extinction, and an ice age!  The carbon dioxide levels at 10ppm.  The ice age extend over 1000 years into the Permian!
                Then photosynthesis evolved, carbon dioxide levels crash to only 1ppm-and 90% of life on earth died.  A bigger mass extinction than the death of the dinosaurs.
                Five burning fossil fuels mankind has increased active life on earth.  There are more animals and plants alive.  Coincidentally nuclear power is the most globally toxic industry mankind has ever devised.
                And kills all life indiscriminately!  It is the very definition of an ungreen industry.  Man has no control over global average carbon dioxide levels.  Since a plant this out on the Internet no scientist has argued.
                Suddenly nobody is publishing biologically stupid papers saying carbon dioxide levels have risen.  Because they can’t!  Or rather the global average level is fixed.  Price fires and volcanic eruptions give a massively are local spike of carbon dioxide levels.
                For life a sudden blow of new life arising!  Plants love it.  The the carbon dioxide level rise is hellishly transient.  No way he could ever affect the weather.
                Again the weather is made in the stratosphere!  The heavy carbon dioxide never makes he and high.  Nuclear power fault up manmade global warming to distract the world from the Chernobyl incident.
                The natural climate started cooling 1995.  Quick as a flash and the had 10 years later, nuclear power came as man made climate change!  Again based on the erroneous notion that man has any control over the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by natural photosynthesis.
                They need to go and learn high school biology.  No academic who has ever published work on man made global warming or man made climate change should have any position in education!
                They are unsuitable for information running a male friend in primary school.  They are the enemy years of education!  They are for it is a nuclear fiction.  Paid stooges to nuclear power!  The most globally toxic industry ever devise.

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No cancer research

16 September 2014
                Since 2002 all registered doctors are no longer allowed to prescribe more research biochemical treatments for cancer and the other major diseases of age.
                This invalidates all patents are obtained using such unethical research!  Cancer Research exists to fund such research!  No more!  All money is paid out to doctors for such unethical research must be returned either research funders.
                And all medical papers produced shredded!

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Cancer is researched!

16 September 2014
                American medics published the cure to all 200 cancers out there in 2002: using High Intensity UltraSound.  5 W 1 MHz is the cheapest HIUS out there!  Yes cancer research still want your money to research cancer cures!  After cancer has been cures for 12 years.
                Radio therapy became simply prohibited medicine 2002.  It has tried to make a comeback using focusing by low intensity ultrasound.  Charging massive money to use horrendously expensive equipment.
                A 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device is a cheapest of HIUS Equipment out there.  And can be applied at home to the cancerous organ for ½ minute.  Causing clearance only other cancer cells!
                There is minimal cell damage to body cells.  Which induces an immune action to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body.  The local stem cells replace the missing body cells in only two days/weeks.
                So radiotherapy is again prohibited medicine!  They can not be in use by any register Dr.-And certainly by nobody else.
                Apply the HIUS to the major arteries in each leg for ½ minute will clear the soft body infections like leukaemia.  And even week viral infections like HIV, SARs and Ebola.  Bio chemistry has no answer to any of these problems.
                Giving a drip of human interleukin two and four will make an action the specific human antibody to all cancers.  These include the six enzymes of the pathogen base.
                Antibody pills to these will cure all cancers and infections!  As cancer forms from left over genome from person’s previous infections.  This cannot be patented!  So cancer research has no interest in actually curing the disease.
                It is interesting it into a patent of all biochemical research for drug companies.  After all this may Cancer Research the biggest charity out there in the late 20th century.  No more!  No register Dr. Can any more prescribe defective biochemical treatments.
                To do so warrants immediate deletion from medical registers around the world.  $10,000,000 for each avoidable death biochemistry has caused!  And 25 years in jail for each other medics involved.
                And still Cancer Research bleats on about half the cancers not being cured.  To grow cancer herself an overinflated cell structure.  To cause body cells to buzz: multi cellular cells are formed at the stem cells, and are dumped into position.  They had never divide and grow.
                HIUS causes all 200 types of cancer out there to experience cell content boiling.  In the words of the Moffitt; to explosively fragment.  And be cleared by the inactive immune system.
                Clearing 100% of cancers!  Even the soft body ones.  Since 2002 biochemical treatments have led to the avoidable deaths of 400,000,000 individuals.7
                With cancer apply the ultrasound to the affected organ and any known secondaries.
                In coronary heart disease medics have published papers are applying HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear even raised blood pressure!  And all full coronary heart disease.
                HIUS to the bottom left the chest over the pancreas clears all science or diabetes.
                So no register Dr. Is permitted to prescribe biochemical treatments to clear these 3 diseases.  I have also clears asthma, arthritis, iBS, and by applying the HIUS for ½ minute to each side to the head Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, schizophrenia!
                So no register Dr. can prescribe mental health medicine.  To do so warrants immediate deletion from medical registers around the world.  HIUS has fixed my eyes! (Apply to closed eyes)

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Carbon ice age!

15 September 2014
                Plants and animals evolved.  The physical properties of gases have remained static for last 20 billion years we know about!
                The end of the cretaceous began 1000 year ice age!  The most serious glaciation in earth history.  That we know about.  The carbon dioxide levels at 10 parts per million.  In the modern epoch photosynthesis limits free average carbon dioxide at only two parts per million.
                The little ice age of the 18th century displayed a spike to 4 parts per million.  This level was last seen in the Jurassic.  When there was 65% more biology!  Resultingly sea levels were 60 metres lower.  This is known to every science professor on earth!
                Carbon dioxide levels only rise in natural glaciations.  Who ever made up and publicised man made global warming was mentally challenged!  Or had forgotten to take their mental health medication.
                Then the natural weather started cooling in 1995.  Nuclear power when frantic!  It reasoned that global warming had nearly got it new plants.  No.  It little matter of more royal commission in the UK, or judicial review around the world would have laughed at the biologically preposterous manmade global warming.
                Carbon dioxide levels have been static since the little ice age ended.  No nuclear power is busy predicting 25 years of drought.  Droughts don’t affect the sea!  Which covers 60% of the surface of the earth.
                For all the biological organisms doing photosynthesis!  Though bacteria use fluid turbulence rather than than direct sun light.  As fluid turbulence of water does molecular nuclear fusion.
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                That is right: the deep sea currents do nuclear fusion from water!  Converting the hydrogen ions into helium and heat.  Clean, safe, massive energy!  Nuclear power is not.
                So photosynthesis metabolises extra carbon dioxide within 5 minutes.  To produce and action plants (and then animal) biomass.  The only historically verified science is of carbon dioxide rises in a natural ice age.
                The limit to life on earth is circulating organic carbon.  Burning the fossil fuels increases modern life on earth.  Sucking the carbon dioxide out of the air!
                So as not one syllable of man made global warming that was either science or true.  People writing copy on global warming should so obviously not be writing for the media!  They need to go and see a Dr. as a matter of urgency.
                There will be no droughts!  Solar powered vacuum pumps will first evaporates sea water, with an meter of vacuum head.  And then pump it to high storage!  We can purifying both sea and river water.
                I must give credit ear to the late professor Argent for his seminal work on heavy metal toxicity.  The vacuum desalination removes all contaminants from water.
                How you remove the mantra of ‘global warming’ from have paid stooges to nuclear power I do not know!  After all I am only your average genius.

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The climate is nature

15 September 2014
                Nuclear Power was so pleased with itself for inventing an increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air, it massacre was one almighty shock wave realise global photosynthesis converts additi         onal carbon dioxide into extra life on earth within 5 minutes.
                Sucking the carbon dioxide out of the air.  It is now forecasting droughts in America for the next 25 years.  The best scientist on earth cannot get weather forecast right for the next week!
                Nuclear Power imagined that droughts on land would increase average in atmospheric carbon dioxide.  It really is biologically stupid!  Photosynthesis powers life in the seas.  If there is less life on land, we get more life in the seas.
                The only increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide I historical record is during natural ice ages: this is exactly wrong for global warming!  Carbon dioxide levels do rise –four years into a natural glaciation.
                During a warm periods carbon dioxide levels are reduced to the global average during the growing day.  During the modern epoch that is 2 parts per million.  The static level since before mankind’s industry.
                So magazines are entitled to the return of all money they get academics to write papers about man made global warming or climate change: all are total nuclear nonsense!
                Global warming was meant to be science led!  The all the scientists abandoned the area in 2003.  Since when only scientifically na├»ve and stupid people have continued write copy of the carbon dioxide and the climate.
                During a period when carbon dioxide levels are static!  They were last twice as high, in the little ice age.  There at that level during the Jurassic.
                When there was 65% more life on land, the seals were 60 metres lower.  During the cretaceous and Permian ice age, which lasted 1000 years, carbon dioxide level were sat 10 parts per million.
                We can now use vacuum desalination to free is the most amounts of pure water, was sea or river water.  Using only a solar powered vacuum pump.  No MS and his research is manmade climate change-or certainly nobody familiar with high school biology!
                Manmade global warming has made professors of physics look terminally stupid.  So they have all now retired.  Uranium fission is the most toxic process that will ever be allowed on the face of the planet.
                If we wish to continue living on earth nuclear power must be halted!

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Infinate free clean pure water

15 September 2014
                By definition atmospheric pressure water boils with a one metre of vacuum head!  So if we pump sea water up a metre.  It boils!  Losing all salts and contaminants.  River water also loses heavy metals and contaminants.
                We get pure fresh water!  We have a pipe line of polyurethane tubes.  We use solar powered vacuum pumps!  So during the day the water is raised a metre.  And the water vapour pump to a high storage reservoir.
                As we vent the water vapour, it condenses as water droplets!  Which fill the high reservoir.  Non other day enjoy expense of higher pressure deceleration!  All the energy intensive nature of water boiling.
                Reducing the pressure on water takes a trivial amount of energy!  Supplies by a small solar panel.  It sucks pure water so sea water!  This is actually the way nature works!
                It uses the partially evaporation of sea water.  To lose all salts, even ice four was a small amount of water vapour.  By reducing the pressure on water, we boil of 100% of the water!
                We use of an open bottomed cylinder is in the sea.  So we get a down rush of cold brine!  And a continuous sucking in a fresh warm sea water.  That is where all for fresh water comes from.  The evaporation of sea or lake water.
                Higher pressure deceleration takes eight atmospheres of pressure!  And he is very dangerous.  Low pressure deceleration takes one atmosphere pressure.  And is safe!
                If we get a leak, we have a hissing at being in the cylinder: no we loses arms or legs.  And it only needs a lower amount of pumping!  Provided by a small solar panel.
                OK the system doesn’t work during the night!  We are now use a small amount of mains power, or that the reservoir are doing is natural thing!  Rising during the day.  Falling during the night.
                There will never be a drought again on earth!  There nuclear people are busy predicting a terrible year drought in America.  So that photosynthesis on land would not converts the additional burned fossil fuels back into active biology.
                They have forgotten about the seas!  Where life grows, until there is only two parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  The static trace level of carbon dioxide since before industry.
                A static trace gas affects nothing!  The natural climate has been cooling since 1995-never explained.
                They treat climate change as if it means global warming.  The natural climate is cooling!  Carbon dioxide levels are already static.
                We can simply bend all droughts all over the world.  Nuclear power is the livid!  Is has have repeated this all science or there carbon dioxide warming the weather.
                Avalanche of the a static trace gas affects nothing.  All fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.
                In the Permian photosynthesis had not yet evolved!  The had 10 parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.  And 1000 year ice age!  The most serious close emission in earth history.
                In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less evolved and today.  There was four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  65% more life on earth!  Resulting me sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                Except during the three natural ice ages.  Free carbon dioxide was then at eight parts per million.  Carbon dioxide is a climate follower!  Its level is are affected by the weather.
                In the little ice age carbon dioxide levels doubled to four parts per million again.  So carbon follows an ice!  For years after the glaciation stops.
                As Harvard University put on record August 2010 in New Scientist magazine the matzinger epoch passing carbon dioxide limited at two parts per million.  Except during the little ice age, when they spiked at twice this level.
                This circulating organic carbon based life on earth.  In the Jurassic there were far fewer fossil fuels. (the deep coal dates from the cretaceous).  But I said there was 65% more active biology!
                So satellite global warming: except the exact opposite!  Carbon dioxide rises in natural glaciations.  During a while.  Biology expands to leave only 2ppm carbon dioxide in the global air.
                In cities carbon dioxide levels spiked to in the rush hour!  We do not suddenly get a wash of heat.  The snow continues as ever!  Says he is have the same environment as the countryside.
                Global warming predicts a one bubbles of air over cities.  But people are believed in manmade global warming by the pay of nuclear power-or barking mad.
                Do not forget windscale, 3 mile island, Chernobyl and Fukushima.  This conclusively demonstrate that uranium fission is toxic death, causing intermittent continental death.  The least green industry ever!

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Fixing head and spinal injuries

15 September 2014
                In 1988 I suffered 30% brain damage in a car accident.  But in 2000 I was doing a Ph D!  Making legal and medical history!  Thanks to my old professor at Sheffield University.
                Man was quite realized how amazing my recovery was!  Not even when I left my Ph D to go singing on stage Lowry theatre in Salford.  I am now an urban folk lyricist and singer.  Singing on theatre stages in Salford.
                In 2010 I was at Salford royal hospital and raise a medical magazine!  Describing the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear prostate cancer.  This works for all 200 cancers out there,
                Only 30 seconds of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound from an ultrasonic massage device bought from Ebay clears all cancers.  Every Dr. on earth has promised to use this medical advance!  None do.  As it cures the cancer totally.  And they make no money.
1Mhz Ultrasonic  Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Slim Massage Ultrasound Therapy w

1Mhz Ultrasonic Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Slim Massage Ultrasound Therapy w

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                I bought an ultrasound massage device, and applied externally to my historic head injury.  But as I stated above, I am a it the world’s best recovery!  So it was hard to see any improvement.  I was told it helped low voice!  Very useful for theatre singer.
                I then applied its to my closed eyes.  Clearing the corneal scarring which has resulted from eye infections during my hospitalization.  I left all Medical Care 1993.  With significant eve damage.
                He corrected by 20% eye misalignment.  I am also sure it will cure all head and spinal trauma.  Applied externally, at least 20 times for ½ minutes.
                As the world ages head and spinal injuries are increasingly important.

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