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Friday, 18 April 2014

Ultimate free heat

Ultimate free heat
18 April 2014
                Is not from burning fossil fuels!  That only does a bit of molecular nuclear fusion
1              Cm(H2O)n+pO2+T->mCO2+n(He+O3+gwr+E        T= turbulence
2              Cm(H2O)n+mO2+T->mCO2+nH2O-E
                The oxidation of carbohydrates into carbon dioxide and water takes in energy.  It is only the energy released by equation 1 that makes the net process exothermic.  Increasing pressure and eg. titanium catalyst biases the reactions towards 1.
                Pressurising a flame of oil or gas increases the heat output!  In exactly the same way that pressurise in the gases in a rocket launch increases the thrust.
3              H2+T->He+E3
4              2H2+O2->2H2O+E2
                So the Russians have nuclear fusion on earth sorted!  They just don’t realise it.
                There is a far simpler way to do nuclear fusion on earth.  We years of molecular nuclear fusion.  In a steam plasma.  I have published the equations previously/
                But a hydrogen plasma is twice as exothermic!  If this is double the heat.
                First the hydrogen gas enters the plasma, and dissociates into hydrogen ions and free electrons.
5              H2->2H++2e-
                These circulate the plasma as a chaotic mist also have atomic particles.  Protons bonded to one or more neutrons, and free electrons.  When these collide 0,1% of the time they do not annihilate.
                Positrons and electrons would.  They form the composite particle of a neutron!
6              1H++e- ->2n0
                These neutrons do not interact with the electrons.  They interact only with the hydrogen nuclei:
7              1H++r n0->1+rH+->Er3+L+gwr+s n0
                In English this means that the neutrons enrich the hydrogen isotopes to tritium and above.  These fission radioactively into pure thermal energy, gamma wave radiation, light and surplus neutrons.
                This system operates in the hygiene Corona around or young cells.  Which shine with a blue white light!  It is a most exothermic structure in the universe.  And we have setting up in a glass tube.
                The number of fissions we get is directly linked to the gas pressure.  Above two atmospheres the plasma will self sustain once initiated.  While we supplement the plasma pressure with more hydrogen gas.
                Molecular nuclear fusion is four times as exothermic as hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  Hydrogen fission is twice as exothermic as even nuclear fusion!
                And we can easily setting up in a glass tube.  We produce a hydrogen on demand by the electrolysis of minuscule volumes of regular water.
                A working steam engine does molecular nuclear fusion as we burn moist coal.  Producing a boiler room temperature of 3000° C.  The boiler does not melts due to the presence of liquid water in the boiler.
                Our problem with hydrogen fission is producing a manageable quantitiey of heat.  It wants to melt anything in contact with it!  The solution would appear to be; submerge a hydrogen fission tube in a water boiler.
                One 1 m hydrogen fission tube should run a 150 MW power station.  Doing electrolysis will consume 2 W.  The power station pumps will consume 100 W!
                We burn no expensive fossil fuel.  We produce no toxic radioactive waste.  And we utilise minuscule amounts of water.  A bottle of distilled water would run the plant for a decade.
                Suddenly burning natural gas looks a massively expensive option!  Yes carbon dioxide does boost life.  But oil prices just too high!
                A hydrogen fission tube is so close to being free I can’t even calculate the cost!  It will be in order of £10.00 a day.  To generate $120,000,000 or saleable electricity.
                That cost is in wear and tear of the engine plant.  The water cost will be UK pence a day.
                Only people with an untreated mental health problem will burn or oil and gas.  It is just too stratospherically expensive.  Present nuclear power is just too hyper toxic and economically prohibitive.
                Nuclear power has always failed to factor in the cost of storing its waste for 100,000 years.  And decommissioning the plant!  Sellafield is at 20 billion and rising!  Work done on fusion at Sheffield University department of Engineering Materials 2001.  On a Ph D into chemical and process engineering.
(ASIN: B009YX46ZE)

Jonathan Thomason

Fixing leukaemia

18 April 2014
                It was her to divide and grow all infections have to have an overinflated cell nature.  This induces body cells to divide-when are infected with a virus.  When the main virus is gone, fragments of its genetic information stay behind as a viral rump.
                This shows the inflated structure and division methods of viruses.  We also see it fragments of bacterial genome in a viral nature cancer cell.
                Above 180 Watts 40 kHz body cells experience ultrasonic burns!  But the inflated nature of all cancers drops the power pressure water to only 90 W.
                So if we expose the major artery in the applied to 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound only leukaemia cells will be damaged!  They fragment explosively.
                This is one example of what medics term High Intensity UltraSound.  They are licensed beauty products to clear acne.  This is exact same process that will clear all cancers by one 30 second external application.
                The beauty market now utilises 3 W 1 MHZ.  Physiotherapists utilises 1.5 W to clear limb damage-exactly the same process!  The cheapest source of HIUS is so ultrasonic beauty massage device
                There are cheaper devices out there!  Down to under 10 UK pounds.
                If we apply the HIUS for 60 seconds to the major artery in the leg to a patient with leukaemia, the circulating inflated leukaemia cells will experience cell content boiling and fragment!
                The B cells then make an action the active human antibody to the distinct genome in the cancer cells.  If you make pills of these enzymes, then those fuels will cure other individuals of leukaemia.
                It will take two years to get certification!  And the pills will be tear down the ultrasound device above.
                So we can turn on the immune system to clear the Salford body post viral structure from the body: we cure the leukaemia.  For 20 UK pounds!  Or maybe down to 10!
                This works for all cancers!  When we apply externally to the cancerous organ.  For soft body cancers and HIV, we applying the HIUS to the major artery in the leg.
                No biochemistry involved!  All biochemical treatments are now defective medicine.  No practicing GP is a more allowed to prescribe them.
                HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears all types of coronary heart disease.  Medics have helpfully published papers about this subject.
                HIUS to the bottom right of the chest clears all science or diabetes!  This is incredible to witness.  I have a 100% cure rate!  I have even cure people in America and Canada.  Who have bought their own ultrasound device.
                HIUS for 30 seconds to both sides of the head clears Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, ms, depression and schizophrenia in my personal experience!  It should also clear bipolar and other mental health problems.
                Drug company is have no all the above since 2002 when the Moffitt cancer centre published the use of high us to clear prostate cancer at one appointment.
                They have now abandoned the world’s first repeatable cure to cancer-as they can’t make any money from it!  All doctors on earth have raid the Moffitt Paper.
                So all doctors and drug companies realise HIUS cures all 200 cancers out there.  And yet for 100,000,000 people have died from the diseases of age since then.
                He each avoidable death was a fine of $10,000,000.  And 10 years in jail.  So each prescribing Dr. now owes $1,000,000,000 and will be in jail for 1000 years!
                Drug companies will share in the $4000 trillion fine.  Though there is only $128,000,000,000,000 in world economies.  But now we all get to live.
                Biochemical treatments are totally prohibited by the Hippocratic Air oath.  Any Dr. Prescribing Bio chemistry is immediately deleted from medical registers around the world.
                No university medical school can any more teach biochemical treatments.  This renders medical degrees awarded over last 12 years totally invalid.
                All the doctors are instantly deleted from medical registers.  And are oath return of all monies they are paid to universities.
                All biochemical lecture is are also are deleted from medical registers.

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing MS

18 April 2014
                MS is caused by a viral fragments that makes inappropriate interleukin 2.  Like the fragmen that causes offer rioters and IBS.  They are located in the joints and the colon respectively.  With MS a fragment is in the brain region.
                It is left behind by a full infection!  And does not do much else except over stimulates the white blood system.  The viral rump is over inflated and hard-he’ll never condition to advance and get worse.
                As it does no cell damage, the immune system ignores is.  During another infection there’s a possibility the viral fragment may be cleared.  And the condition remit.
1mHz Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Beauty Massager Device 1mHz Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Ca...£12.29 not the cheapest device, but the same time certainly not the most expensive.
At my church health group, I happened to have a high intensity ultrasound device.  In order to clear cancer.
I realized it would not make Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, MS our depression worse, so people let me applied the ultrasound for ½ minute to each side or the head.
One lady came in with both Parkinson’s and MS.  In only a minute the shakes the characterised Parkinson’s have vanished!
I did the same to a guy who only had a MS.  After 22 seconds he felt the burn, and danced for the rest.  I then completed the treatments 20 seconds later.
It was as dramatic as I it clears precancerous cells.  Within 10 minutes he was obvious the disease had totally gone.  I only wish I had known when my girlfriend with MS was around.
MS turns out to be a really trivial post infection condition.  As he is the formation of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  No biochemistry ever required.
The world now uses the cheaper and more affective 3 W 1 MHZ ultrasound.
3MHZ Ultrasonic Ion Facial Beauty Device Face Lift Ultrasound Skin Care Massager3MHZ Ultrasonic Ion Facial Beauty Device...£9.99
Jonathan Thomason

Most biochemistry prohibited

18 April 2014
                The Hippocratic oath prohibits prescription and teaching of defective medicine: this now includes MS biochemical treatments.
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published a hundred individual double blind trial on High Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer: straight this is only necessary for biochemical trials!
                2010 I raid the medical article on a HIUS clearing all science or coronary heart disease.  Applied to the top left the chest and also the kidneyrs.  I have validated this in my church health group.
                Coronary heart disease is caused by an inflated bacterial plaque.  This fragments and a high us.  This is also the causative structure their mental health problems.
                I have personally validated that ½ minute of HIUS to each side or the head clears Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, MS and schizophrenia.  They also seems to work with depression-and should clear bipolar.
                In my church health group I have clear diabetes in 21 individuals!  Around the world are six groups are now using HIUS for type neo diabetes.
                So university medical schools are now prohibited from teaching biochemistry for the above conditions.  It also works for a asthma, arthritis and iBS.
                No register Dr. Is allowed to prescribe biochemical treatments.  Or university medical lectures to teach biochemical treatments are instantly struck off the medical registers around the world.
                An ultrasonic massage device is a cheapest medically licensed HIUS device out there.  Search for ‘1 MHz the ultrasonic massage device cheapest’.  Ebay sells them for under 10 UK pounds.
1mHz Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Beauty Massager Device 1mHz Ultrasonic Ultrasound Skin Ca... £12.29

                Just one 30 second ultrasound application will clear the diseases of age.  You can then use the device to clear those disease is your friends and family.
                Applied to the chest, throat and nose for ½ minute it will clear all infections.  Without any recourse to the GP and of fungal antibiotics.
                The world has just changed!  And biochemistry is no longer involved.  All medical degrees awarded since 2002 torts biochemical treatments.  The Hippocratic oath renders search degrees invalid.
                All money is must be returned to the students!  He can no longer practicing medicine anywhere around the world.  Luckily there is almost no requirement for licence G P’s now!
                They are not permitted to prescribe biochemical treatments.  The hell centres O1 $1,000,000,000 for each prescribing Dr.-Who has continued his murderous prescriptions for last 12 years.
                Killing 400,000,000 people globally.  Medicine is so bankrupt!  So or university medical schools.  My E-book  
cure to age and cancer -HIFU
(ASIN: B009R00QXU)

Jonathan Thomason

Bio chemistry is unethical

18 April 2014
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in America demonstrated that High Intensity UltraSound cleared prostate cancer.  This works for all 200 cancers out there!  As I explain in my ebook
 Ultrasound - the cure to age The (ASIN: B00B9Z9GO6)
                Despite this cancer research has continued to raise money for biochemical research: but all Bio chemistry is are defective medicine.  And all work and it prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                So no register Dr. Can do such research-without being immediately struck off!
                No university medical school had a more allowed to teach it!  Bio chemistry is defective.  All lectures must immediately be dismissed!  Like Harvard have done.
                All funds raised by Cancer Research over last 12 years are simple criminal fraud: and wherever possible immediately returned to the donor’s.  The Charity Commission must dismiss Cancer Research from its list of registered charities.
                The department of health is fully aware of the infection is of HIUS.  But he insists that cancer is incurable: yet in last two years the cancer cure rate has gone up by 30 per cent!  To ¾.
                Within six months cancer, heart disease, and diabetes will be cures.  Applying HIUS to the cancerous organ, the top left the chest and the kidneyrs, and the bottom right of the chest respectively!
                All the inflated post pathogen structures causing the above conditions is cleared in only ½ minute.  No biochemistry involved.
                Its health centre nurse is cooperated in the biochemical manslaughter of all the cancer patients since 2002 areas massive legal compensation to the families.
                About one billion UK pounds per prescribing Dr.: Such individuals are immediately struck off medical registers around the world.  There would be nowhere for them to work there any way!
                There will be no biochemical drug industry into the future.  It is defective medicine.  Which kills the patient.  Though it makes a Dr. very rich!  As every Dr. realises.

Jonathan Thomason

Cancer will soon be history

18 April 2014
                In the 1980s 45 per cent of people die from cancer!
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published the total cure prostate cancer using one application of high intensity ultrasound.  The beauty people have got an ultrasound massage device licensed.  150 W 40 kHz.
                After six months work in 2010 I idea divide this is a cheapest source of High Intensity UltraSound in the world.
                Things move on.  They now utilises 3 W one MHZ.  These devices can be purchased for under 10 UK pounds.
                Personally my last unit cost £26.00.  I advocate using a 5 W machine.  8 W machine is are also sold.
                These machines can be used alongside Bio chemistry!  Apply externally to the cancerous Horgan: or cancer surgery is medical malpractice!  Strictly prohibited.
                Your next GP appointment the Hippocratic oath demands the Dr. discontinue or medication and discharge them.
                HIUS’ applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys for only 30 s (the standard treatment time) clears coronary heart disease.  I have a 100% success rate here
                Ultrasound applied to the bottom right suggest clears all types of diabetes!  Both here in the UK and also in the Americas!  So all around the world.  All types of diabetes
                Sinc this work was medically published 2002 biochemical treatments have resulted in the avoidable deaths of 400,000,000 people around the world.  People who died in agony for the doctors financial gain.
                Suddenly we are seeing record numbers for the doctors and consultants leave the Health Service.  They are the big ticket tissue of the NHS.  In last two years there funding has increased by 15%.
                Just as cancer cure rates have risen from 45% to 75%.  Cancer represents the 98.5% of health centre income.  Suddenly we are seeing record numbers of hell centres get into financial trouble.
                Way he is the money going?  Not on doctors will uses all in paid to hell centres.  It is collecting a central NHS administration.  In other words not an patient care!
                As people are cleared of cancer using an ultrasound massage device, they eternal A contacts pre-cancer.  So cancer clearance rate is going up exponentially.
                So within four months all cancers will be cures.  HIUS applied to the chest, throat and nose cures all infections.  Stopping the development of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                Doctors on their reporting a spike in people developing cancer.  There was no winter flu epidemic.  The pre-cancer to a small increase in cancer rates.
                There is no reason the cancerous some way to increase!  And they’re not.  They are falling exponentially.  All the doctors are lying this change in human health and panicking!
                They have become immaterial to human health.  Biochemical treatments are increasingly irrelevant to anything.  The drug company is are filing for chapter the Xi bankruptcy.
                And Jeremy Hunt MP is getting more money for the NHS.  Just as the demand for doctors services is decreasing.  This is why the GMC is seeing a dramatic decrease in Dr. Numbers.
                Jeremy Hunt should be asking exactly what is the NHS doing will warm the money.  The deep use of blackmailing all the political parties into for ever increasing their budget.
                Within 4 to 6 months for all cancers will be cures.  There will be no reason for cancer research.  Already biochemical treatments are defective medicine!  No register Dr. Can any more do biochemical research.
                Cancer research serves no useful purpose!  And must repay the last 12 months monies to donors.  As it has done no useful work!  Cancer has been cured around it.  And

Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Consultants prescribe death

17 April 2014
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in America demonstrated that high intensity ultrasound causes only cancer (heart disease and diabetic) structures to fragment.  The pressurised cells convert the ultrasound into heat.
1              H2O+US->He+O+E+gwr                only where the cell is pressurised
                Medics do not understand ultrasound!  There fail to grasp over last 40 years that low power ultrasound initiates molecular nuclear fusion in cancer cells.  They were happy enough to do not figure is shown location cancer cells.  But they are distinctly unhappy with the knowledge base technology can selectively destroying cancer cells.
                As 180 W regular body cells experience ultrasound burns.  At only 90 W pressurised cells fragment explosively!  The beauty people have got an ultrasound massage device licensed.
                Initially they utilised the 150 W 40 kHz.  Which destroyed wrinkles and acne!  Coincidentally external application of this High Intensity UltraSound destroys cancer cells.  The small amount of bystander cell damage induces an immune action to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body.
                So for the last 12 years they cure to cancer has been medically published!  And no jury pressing GP and consultant on the planet.
                Consultants have continued to prescribe biochemical treatments: which are no rendered defective medicine.  And prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  That every Dr. Takes before entering service.
                This is the biggest culpable manslaughter in human history.  Consultants have continued up with this murderous actions for their own financial gain.  This is culpable manslaughter!  Within what is so supposedly the most regulated market in the world.
                They GMC and the AMA have never issued guidance not to use fatal Bio chemistry.  So doctors have carried right on!  Killing 400,000,000 people around the world.
                From cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                With cancer apply externally to the affected organ.
                In coronary heart disease applied to the top left the chest and also the kidneys for just 30 seconds: the standard treatment time.
                In diabetes apply to the bottom right suggest.  I have cured to ensure people personally.  And sex groups around the world are using HIUS to clear diabetes.
                It is so simple!  The consultants have carried on motoring their own patients for their own financial gain.  Lawyers will levy a fine of $10,000,000 for each avoidable death.  And sentenced the consultant to 10 years in custodial jail.
                This amounts to a total legal fine of $4000 trillion.  Shared between the Dr. and the drug company.  The drug company is are most bankrupt organisations in history!  As are privatized Health Centres who have murdered their patients for naked profit.

Jonathan Thomason