Saturday, 6 February 2016

My eyes

I had my car accident in 1988. I got on a PhD at Sheffield in 2000! As I suffered mid left sided temporal lobe brain damage. So I had to learn to do most everything again.
I now work as a writer and singer in Salford. Which has really helped my voice – as prof Zimmerman can attest to!

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Massager - Face toning massage anti-aging system - Vibration massage

by TechAffect
It left me with very bad eye alignment damage. I obtained a High Intensity UltraSound device – a 8W 1 MHz ultrasound massage unit from Amazon: a medically licensed beauty device.
Physiotherapist have used HIUS devices for 30 years, to repair muscle damage. So I tried it externally on my eye muscles – and fixed my squint. This is important science for the world to know.


Fix squints

Fix squints
Following a car accident in 1988, my eye muscles were damaged – and my eyes were 20% divergent. This did not stop me preparing to do a PhD in 2000 in chemical and process engineering at Sheffield University.
They thought I should be studying cancer at the N IH. They wasted me with a science PhD, so I ended up being a video reporter, writer and singer in Salford.
In 2010 I read about the seminal work on using High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer at one appointment – but the Moffitt cancer centre. Who reverted to fatal biochemical treatments – to make money – though kill the patients.
I decided after some research, the cheapest medically licensed HIUS unit was a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage unit, bought from Amazon. I now use an 8 W 1 MHz device.
So I bought one, and used it externally on my head injury. I found it cleared Alzheimer's, Caparison's, MS and Schizophrenia. And published the results on the Internet. Read and verified by every GP on Earth. Who is required to abandon biochemical treatments.
Both for cancer, heart disease and diabetes – see other blog files for details. Repeated use fixes head injuries! Though this is a slow fix. It will even correct for brain surgery – included frontal lobotomies. Why was the Nobel awarded fro this medical mutilation?
Any Dr prescribing mental health drugs instantly ceases to be a Dr! The AMA and GMC should strike off all medics applying defective biochemical treatments. Or the lawyers will strike them off. The British Council should see to this one.
Then after 2 weeks, I applied the ultrasound to my eyes muscles – with closed eyes. HIUS will clear scaring – this I have done on my own eyes. It will also clear cataracts – I did it on a Husky dog, who make such a fuss of me now.
I also fixed the leg of Charlie Parker – another dog friend. Who had been hit by a car. I use ½ a minute of 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound – repeatedly.
My eyes shaped back into alignment with the week! After 30 years. See my older blog files for proof.


So my work is familiar to all surgeons on Earth – who are prohibited from giving defective eye surgery.

Clearing Dimensia

I have been publishing this idea on the Internet for the last 10 years: It has been read by every Dr on Earth. It is best medicine – so every doctor has promised to use it.
Rather than see their own paying patients die in astounding agony: no correction, they prefer the biochemical money, and the patient's death.
All practically confirmed at my church health group – until pressure from the biochemical drug companies got it shut down.
½ a minute of 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound to each side of the head, clears MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia and other serious mental health problems! My friend K no insists that he never had Schizophrenia – though the GP gave him powerful drugs for the condition for 10 years. Behaviour strictly prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
I recommend 3 times – though it seems to clear dimensia on the first time. No GP has ever asked me how I am curing the incurable.
My page on Facebook about MS suddenly disappeared – so I wrote a new one. This condition is now totally curable. I use a 8 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device purchased over the internet.
Applied externally, it clears all cancers: fro soft-body cancers and all viruses and bacterial infection, apply the High Intensity UltraSound to the chest, throat and nose for ½ a minute.
Zika would appear also to want the HIUS for ½ a minute to either side of the head. This is safe for pregnant women, and will clear the infection for the unborn child.

HIUS also clears all types of diabetes, heart disease, IBS, Arthritis, HIV, Ebola ...

Cancer Is Cured

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Fusion today

I learned about this 1983, btu could not understand it. When steam rounds a bend in a pipe, it gives out X-ray radiation.
Since then I did some PhD work, and cold fusion was out. We are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU ->He+O+E2+X-ray TU =turbulence.
My thanks to Dr Z, for high-lighting the importamnce of turbulence to do nuclear fusion. I also found out that geothermal steam venting into high pressure waer in the deep gives out X-ray, as it produced He, O, light and X-rays.
If we pump H gas up a helical pipe, the heat generation rises exponentially wuith gas pressure.
2 H+TU->E3+L+X-ray
The X-rays and light are contained in the local area. We have turned H gas int oheat! No CO2, no toxic radioactive waste.
So we use an 8 W pump, top circulate H gas – made via the eelctroysis of regular water. 0.0025cc of H a year!
We get clean free heat! We gain H from space, so the energy system will last longer than the Earth. And it is basically free. Which makes oil and gas burning just stupid! And nuclear power looks expensive, polluting and toxic.

Free heat

As steam passe sthrough the fire tubes in a boiler, it reaches 3,000oC, as it deos Molecular Nuclear Fusion. If we pass H gas through a tight metax helic, the temperature we get rishes exponentially with the pressure. 2 bars should give us 1,500oC. Which we can use to heat a boiler reom. We have more H tubes in a superheat room, to give us an operating temperature of 1000oC, for the steam which drive the turbine.
The H gas does hydrogen fission
1 H++e- ->n0 the hydrogen ions interact with the valency elctron for other H atoms, to give us a neutron. We do get H+ on H+ interactions
2 H++H+ ->He2+ but the these interact with the neutrons
3 He2++t n0 ->2H+ some of the neutrons end up as heat here
Our main energy system is H fission
4 H++u n0 ->Eu3+L+X-ray this heat drives the steam cycle.
We want 18,000 H fissions to run a steam cycle. H ions have a volume of 10-12. So 10-8 L will drive a 100 mW power station continuously.
We are talking about 0.025cc od regular 1H per decade! We we make via electroysis – using a miniscule current.
So we circulte the H gas through fire tubes in the boiler, then pump it back around the helix. 14 W produces a continuous 100 MW, with no CO2, or toxic radioactive waste.

We gget a H plasma in the helix – which is how the sun shines. Why the hot smoker – that is how nature uses a steam plasma to light up the dark sea: and support massive ecosystems.

Replacing petrol

Fossil Fuels burning is a very week form of Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 CmHn+TU+P+pO2+x ->(mCO2-E1)+(n-r)H2O+r(He+O3+E3+X-ray) x=spark
So burning the C takes in a lot of heat. The Molecular Nuclear Fusion provides massive heat. If we Ti plate the cylinders and cyclinder heat, we double the power of the engine – halve the Fossil Fuels burn.
A much better iudea is to use a steam tubine..
2 H++e- ->n0
3 O2-+s n0 ->8H++10e-
4 H++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray Er3=600 kW/25cm
This is from a 1.5kn lightening bolt releasing 2.5x1030 W. And H fission is twice as energetic.
So a 25x1cm glass tube filled with steam at 4 bars will produce a constant 600 kW of heat: utilising 0.027cc of regular water in 3 years.
So we run a little steam tubine, and get off at least 80kW of electricity. We convert to variable frequency AC, to drive eelctric motors on each wheel.
A small helicoptor only requires 25kW – s owe run a hypercar at 500km/hr on the German autobans. So no trips ever to a service station. No fueling coasts.

And it can be retro fitted to all cars.

Besting Zika virus

An ultrasound massage device, e.g. 8W 1 MHz, is a fantastically inexpensive High Intensity UltraSound device. Doctors use an 89 W 3 MHz device to clear limb damage! My HIUS device will clear all limb and joint damage.
They will also cause a pressurised viral cell to experience cell content boiling, and fragment! Clearing the virus.
This works for HIV, Ebola and the common cold– apply the HIUS for 1 minute to the chest, plus 1 minute to the liver and half a minute to the arm pits.
An entrenched Zika infection will be removed by a similar HIUS regime, with ½ a minute e to either side of the brain.
This even works with pregnant women, or babies born with a shrunken brain: head size will return to normal within 2 years.
Application externally to any body organ, will clear all cancers. HIUS to the top left of the chest and kidneys is medically proven to clear heart disease. With no Staten use! Statins are defective medicine – no registered Dr. can prescribe.
Dr.s can not prescribe chemo, X-ray or radio therapy, biochemical treatments and cancer surgery.
All surgeons are registered Dr.s, and are thus prohibited from cancer medicine.

So all Zika cases around the world can be cured using an ultrasound massage device.I used my HIUS device last week, to remove the birth mark I have walked around with for 50 years.

Ultrasound - cancer cure

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