Monday, 22 December 2014

Fusion is old

22 December 2014
I was taught in 1984, that waterfalls give out X rays and heat.  And produced helium gas.  This made no sense!  Until in 2000 I raid about the cold fusion work.  I have written a book about waterfalls nuclear fusion.

My Ph.D supervisor told me that the important thing was fluid turbulence!  Which it and the letter T.  After much thought, I realise water walls are doing molecular nuclear fusion.  The late professor argent fault of the name.
Helium and back to Sheffield, because of my work on radioactivity.  He thought I was smart!  Though very against nuclear power.  Anyway, I was talking about molecular nuclear fusion
1 H2O+T ->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
I am an engineer.  So there equation is somewhere between physics and engineering.  It says the fluid turbulence (above 1 W) transforms regular water into helium and oxygen gases.  With nearly a hydrogen converted into energy.  As heat light and X rays.
6 W per fusion.  And we are talking about 18,000 fusion actions a second!  Lightning demonstrates that a 1 metre by 2 cm partial steam plasma liberates 6 MW/m.  So eight 2m tubes will happily run 100 MW power station.
With no fossil fuel burn!  This is why present nuclear power was so terrified of nuclear fusion.  It is eight times as exothermic as hyper toxic uranium fission.
Actually in a glass tube.  The free electrons amalgamate with hydrogen ions.
2 H++e- ->n0 H+=p+
The hydrogen ions are basically naked protons, ammonia Malkovich when I try and we get a neutron!  Some as concentrated form a matter in the universe is a neutron star.
There are no black holes!  They have detected have spin around a vital.  Things were no dimensions can’t spin!  We are seeing non radiant brown giants.  The contract 1000 fold as the ceased to do nuclear fusion.
So the albeit the universe as intense regions of gravity!  From a distance might appear to be Dyson is pits of gravity.  As I was told in 1983, the are actually iron stars.  Non radiant, and likely to go nova as you get the and four of repulsive interstellar antimatter.
That is driven back by the light emitted from a radiant cell and.
I neutrons another it with other ions.  Oxygen repeatedly fissions, each time converting some the surplus neutrons into energy.  Making the net process exothermic.  So we get down to hydrogen!
3 1H++r n0 ->E3+L+Xray
The neutrons enrich the hydrogen ions.  Which then decay by nuclear fission.  But we break the matter apart into heat, light and X rays.  We produce no toxic radioactive waste.  This is twice as energetic as atomic nuclear fusion.  Molecular nuclear fusion is 80 per cent as energetic as atomic nuclear fusion.  The oxygen ions, as all of summer the fusion energy, to do fusion chain down into hydrogen.
Lock it was such simple!  The end result is.  All the water molecule ends up as energy light and low power X rays.  With 160 times the energy release of burning fossil fuels.
Six teen times that of hyper toxic uranium fission: which produces the most toxic wastes of any process there will never be allowed on earth.  Uranium fission must be globally prohibited-or you will kill us all!  Ask Fukushima, or Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island or Windscale.
Death is the inevitable consequence are doing uranium fission.  I am sorry I am an engineer!  The Japanese are fantastic engineers.
To make a fault tolerant nuclear plant, Uni backup systems!  Nuclear power is charged with too expensive.  And you need protection against her is crashing a small plane into the plant.  This would increase across the plant by a factor 20.
The cost of decommissioning plants is also are over 20 times larger building them-I just ears for economic devaluations of currency.  Sellafield cause 18,000,000 to build.  Answer for the cost 20 billion to decommission.  Cost still rising!
That costs must be included in the original tender documents.  Plus the cost of handling the toxic waste.  Which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
In contrast molecular nuclear fusion goes off from regular water-no enrichment needed.  It produces heat, light and low power X rays.
So we run a steam cycle!  And generate free electricity.  Oil and gas are stratospherically overpriced.  And do very little molecular nuclear fusion.
4 Cm(H2O)n+pO2 ->mCO2+nH2O-E and ->mCO2+r(He2++O2-+E2+L+Xray)
So we see the oxidising carbon fuels takes in energy.  But the molecular nuclear fusion that happens release is a massive amount of energy.  Making the net process exothermic.
The process is medically inferior to a steam plasma.  Which just hours high levels of molecular nuclear fusion/controlled by the gas pressure!  Once started, the plasma above four atmospheres will self sustain.
I noted in 2001, that a working steam engine do molecular nuclear fusion.  My supervisor could not end my Ph.D quickly enough!  Ensuring he gave me a book on Albert Einstein (sic).
This time realise that them laughing matter it give out massive energy.  He totally missed the importance of neutrons.  I do not realise until 2010 that protons and electrons are not permitted to form the composite particle of a neutron.
Electrons and positrons would annihilate!  Protons and neutrons form the densest form a matter in the universe: again there is no such thing as a black hole!  Are Stephen Hawkins noted, they are impossible due to their lack of conservation of all mental are mass.
Thickens, physicists imagination!  They are biologically and physically impossible.
Life does not care about that!  Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  If we fire up a steam plasma in a glass tube, we know with hydrogen fission.
The greatest energy it releases in the universe!  Our 160 times more exothermic than even the high pressure of combustion or gas and oil.  Higher pressure flame liberates more heat!
As confirmed by Russian space ships.  The have a rocket motor of high pressure hydrogen and oxygen gases.  There is nothing new under the sun!
Every beat of an animal heart does molecular nuclear fusion.  As the pressure waves travels through blood.  Water with other chemicals in.  This is why you breathe out helium and free radical oxygen.
Even growing bacteria do molecular nuclear fusion.  It is prevalent throughout biology.  It is the dominant energy source for life on earth.
The steam plasma tube gives them an access does clean Energy System.  It uses no overpriced ingredient.  No expensive enrichment.  The most crucially it produces no toxic end product.
It is 16 times more energetic than hyper toxic uranium fission.  When I want to make a big bomb, we explode and tonn form in a flask of water.  We the H bomb!  As we are doing molecular nuclear fusion.
So scientists have been familiar with this Energy System since the 1950s!  It is so much more energetic than burning boiling gas.
Though a fuel air bomb does do molecular nuclear fusion.  At a low level.  Which is quite a large explosion.
So mankind already utilises the scienc.  It means a steam plasma tube can replace all burning of oil and gas.  It is so energetic, it looks like a 10 CM long steam plasma will drive a lorry or car at the motorway.
With no fossil fuel bound!  No carbon dioxide production.  And no toxic radioactive waste.  We drive a small steam cycle, and generate power to C to propel Electric Motors on the wheel hubs.
So no petrol or diesel burn!  Over the life of a car, we will never have to replenish the small water reservoir.  Building and servicing the car will be the only costs.
Which leaves S.Arabia very exposed!  Is has no other significant exports.  And very Oril is the energy deficient.  The Russian Roubble has no collapsed.  Central banks are trying to sure the price of oil.
As world economy is don’t need a massive injection of deflation the rapid introduction of nuclear fusion on earth would introduce.  It will happen!  All the money invested to slow down and will vanish.
As Margaret Thatcher said ‘you don’t buck the markets!’.  They buck U.  Rushin her will rejoin the third world.  It is likely that Putin will be replaced by the oligarchs.  Watch this space!

Jonathan Thomason

Beating deflation

22 December 2014
                As our older members will remember all too well, deflation is death!  He will wait until they have to buy, before they do.  This was important for the stuff was made to last.
                We now live in a very different world!  Everything is designed with three year obsolescence.  So you will have to buy a replacement every three years.  The Japanese are the experts!  Three years on one day after purchase, the DVD recorder stops working.
                Like most people, I never actually use my DVD recorder.  I did check that it could record, I haven’t turned it on since.  I don’t buy DVDs.  I believe the manufacturer made a loss on it.  And so obviously did I.
                I have so many TV channels, and a hard disk recorder.  So I don’t miss it!
                So staff is designed to break down.  Would normally use.  But the words ‘deflationary spiral’ make economies break out in a cold sweat!
                And now we have crashing oil prices.  As the world realises there was a simple steam plasma tube is over 60 times as energetic as one metre row of gas burners, they will stop burning gas and oil.
                Electricity will become a stupendously inexpensive!  People will not heat their homes using gas!  Just too expensive.  Nobody will do uranium fission-too toxic and expenses.  The technology of hades.
                It is only the French for the overpriced electricity from EDF; which has prevented the company registering is bankrupt already!  Nuclear power is the enemy of life.  The world are e.g. air is a much safer place.
                Leave the uranium in the ground.  There it does no harm at all.  Enriching it is to invite continental toxic death.  Very stupid!
                A steam plasma tube does molecular nuclear fusion.  Turning regular water into heat, light and low power X rays.  The ideal heat source to run a steam cycle.
                They are may be too energetic for personal use.  So oil has crashed by 50% this year.  There was a massive support scheme to raise your price from $54.00 to $60.01.  This is wasted money.
                There is only so much oil comes can buying and stock pile.  The oil crisis of the 1970s injecting huge does are inflation into world economy is.
                The collapse of the world price is injecting them asset deflation into world economies.  But as I have already explained, stuff isn are designed to wear out.  Stimulating future demand.
                Still the U.S. has consider it necessary to embark on a massive quantity eassing.  Which any economist would explain to you is massively inflationary!  All through recent economic history.
                So the U.S.  Is trying to stave off the inflation.  By stoking inflation.  Within a year no money wall by burning oil to produce power.  They will be using steam plasmas to generate energy.
                Well all the world manage this dose of devolution impression.  We shall see.  The Middle East will become a much safer place.
                As the oil dollars vanish!  The economy will be reduced to levels last seen in the early days of the industrial revolution in Europe.  The Middle East wall once again the that all of the developed world with a begging bowl.
                They will obviously eradicate terrorism!  As if they don’t, they will get no money.  The oil years have been a massively negative time.  The action of the steam plasma was first published in the 1980s.
                But ignored at the behest of nuclear power-and still doing toxic uranium fission.  They did not consider that the steam plasma tube was totally replace the toxic business.
                Clean free power!  Are you listening EON and Scottish Power.  Nuclear power is toxic history.  Hence EDF bought British nuclear from Scottish Power.  And then sold it back to them.
                But by then they have changed the world!  Are you sure that everybody here is about the efficacy of the steam plasma.  As they should have been working in education-and not free to think and publish stuff on the Internet.
                Nuclear power ended my PH D.  What a mistake to make!  They made a very educated & thoughtful enemy.

Jonathan Thomason

The death of oil

22 December 2014
                Saudi Arabia is a rich country!  Could afford to buy gold him a £1,600 the Krugerrand.  I was 1600 UK pounds.  It was at 726 pounds yesterday.  Or oil high crash to $54.00 a barrel.
                OPEC was totally toothless!  Fracking produces near limitless natural gas.  One of my ideas water passes through a honeycomb titanium catalyst.  So we get Petroleum Oil!  Now America is a net oil exporting country.
                So OPEC no longer have is a monopoly cartel and energy.  Fracking produces fantastically inexpensive natural gas.  Which the company is are now selling at over inflated prices.  That is an opportunity missed.
                Was every 3 minutes around the earth there is a lightening strike.  That produces five terms of helium gas.  Of which there is no chemical source.  Nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                Of 5000 volts we get a lightening strike!  20 times an hour around the earth.  This is a massive terrestrial nuclear fusion.  From regular water.  I spent a year thinking about this.
                In a glass tube nuclear fusion would give us a continuous 6 MW/m.  But produce helium gas.  But in a glass tube we get different physics.
                The hydrogen ions and free electrons form to form neutrons.  These cause the repeated nuclear fission of oxygen ions!  He each fission halving the molecular mass of the end products.
2              O+s n0->2B+t n0+E1->4He+u n0+E2->8H+v u0+E3
                This works very complicated!  It isn’t.  We get an in fall of neutrons, formed by the amalgamation of protons/hydrogen ions and electrons.
                This makes the heavier atoms radioactive.  And then undergo nuclear fission.  Converting some the surplus neutrons into energy.  So making a real link are fusion chain exothermic-releasing energy!
                So all the water molecule ends up as hydrogen ions and free electrons.  We then get the most exothermic process in the universe: hydrogen fission
3              H++T->E3+L+Xray
                He releases twice as much energy as atomic nuclear fusion.  I have was actually on the Corona of every radiant sun in the universe.  Hydrogen fusion builds heavy elements.  And only releases half the energy.
                So the steam plasma in a glass tube tops into the greatest Energy System in the universe.  A steam plasma in a glass tube is high school physics!
                It take some calls the current 0.01 amps at 2000 volts.  Above four atmospheres itself sustains.  Converting regular water into massive energy!  Plus light and X rays.
                We can employ eight such tubes, to run 100 MW power station!  Utilising a thimble full a regular water a decade.  No fossil fuel burn!  At $54.00 a barrel of crude oil, so it Arabia employed its gold reserves.
                And fault up or oil!  Inflating the prize to $60.10.  But nobody will ever wants to burn or oil again.  Getting a steam plasma system of and working is an afternoon’s work.
                And engineers talk!  No manufacturing company has any interest in keeping our prices inflated.  They are going to tell their friends and colleages have easie a steam plasma system is.
                And for those companies their friends, I have published all the relevant scienc on the Internet!  Accessible for free from around the world.
                So no gas or oil burn!  And absolutely no hyper toxic uranium fission: I hate nuclear power, as the pressurise Sheffield University into ending my chemical injuring PH D.  For having the audacity to formulate molecular nuclear fusion.
                Stop the researching it!  OK.  And now busy writing and singing music.  So I can afford to give molecular nuclear fusion away to the world.
                So gold prices are again crashing.  The earth’s core contains 411 million tonnes of gold metal.  The are pressurised water the orbits the earth, dissolves heavy metals as it solidifies the earth’s mantle.
                So is a source of every river on earth!  Mostly gold is precipitated out.  So the easiest way to get out gold, is to ground sonar to locate a fluid filled mantle pockets.
                We drill down to this, and enter from below.  So we get up an endless stream of superheated water with gold in it.  They pass it through a Dyson dry cleaner.  And get them a gold dust.  Also platinum, silver, copper-been metals.
                We sell the dust on to process into ingots.  And use lives a water at 8.2 atmospheres 240° C, to run a steam cycle.  We now have no boiler room.  And get an infinite amount of free electricity.
                We pump the condensed steam to a local river source!  But distilled water has massive value anyway.  And that is what we get!  Plus free electricity and gold.
                No oil burn!  No hyper toxic uranium fission.  Once again we get infinite free electricity.  And this time we get gold and platinum!
                So all the gold reserves Saudi Arabia has, it will probably spend!  As the gold price is crashing as to the lower the value of lead.  My degree at Sheffield was into metallurgy!
                This stuff is first year undergraduate metallurgy.  So not hard!  Oil has amazingly little value now.  It is totally unwanted for power generation.  Natural gas is suffering the same price crash.

Jonathan Thomason

Oil is over

22 December 2014
                Pundits are at a loss!  The sudden avalanche of oil prices, cannot be explained!  By a simple market volatility.  They are scratching around to invent reasons!  And now someone on the lower economic activity around the world.  Which has been going on for two years!
                Heavy rain turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases, with massive energy!  Every rainstorm on earth produces He2+ ions and O2-ions.
                This science was taught to me in 1984.  I got back to think about it in 2000, on the chemical engineering PH D.  The positive charge collects above the clouds.  The negative charge falls to ground.
                At 5000 volts, A partial steam plasma links up electron holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  When it touches the ground, we get the up rush of 100 amps of charge electrons.  This date is not that exact!
                It equates to 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  Liberated as light, sound and other electromagnetic radiation.  There is no chemical source of visible light or X rays.  Worse still, he each lightning strike produces 5 tonnes of helium ions.  Again no chemical source!
                This is nature doing nuclear fusion on earth.  Which goes off from the turbulent flow of molecular hydrogen-usually water molecules.  Regular 1H2O.  So no duty or ME or tritium required.
                This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is plant growth.  Which limits global carbon dioxide to only two parts per million: the static level since before industry.
                I made global warming and climate change was biological fiction, invented by popularised by nuclear power: the most toxic Energy System that will ever exist!
                A lightning strike is 1.5 kilometres.  So we get 6 MW/m.  Is a lot of energy!  I advocate in matzinger a steam plasma tube in water, to stop the boiling!  Just a steam train engine’s have a local television or 3000° C in the smoke filled fire tubes.  Which also do molecular nuclear fusion.
                Let us think about what we’re doing here
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                Nearly half of the mass of the hydrogen ions, ends up as free energy etc..  Regular water.  No enrichment required.
                Above four atmospheres the plasma will self sustain: for starters a jolt of electricity at 2000 volts.  Well we augment the water pressure, the cheap shines with heat and light!
                No carbon dioxide or fossil fuel bound.  That is why coal prices crashed!  The seen investors rush in, trying to be a sign of price pounds.  They are ignorant of basic physics.  This was taught to U
in high school!
                The steam plasma turns hygiene ions and free electrons into neutrons.  These enrich the oxygen ions.  Which repeatedly fission.  He each fission action converting a neutron into energy.
                So making the type fission of oxygen and low atomic weights atoms, exothermic.
2              16O2-+s n0 ->8Be2++E+4e-
                We get repeated nuclear fission, until we get 16 hydrogen ions.  We then it gets hydrogen fission
3              H++r n0->2E2+L+Xray
                Spice as exothermic as atomic nuclear fusion.  So cover the whole the water molecule, into energy, light and electromagnetic radiation.  No solid radioactive waste.
                An operating conventional steam turbine does molecular nuclear fusion today.  So we are familiar with the emission of X rays, and as I was reminded in 2000; the production of helium.
                With eight times the energy of uranium fission: again the most toxic science or will ever be permitted on the earth.  So here we have had totally clean Energy System.
                Converts regular water into energy.  The we can use to drive a steam cycle.  How long does it take to make working system?
                Probably a quiet weekend.  The cyan so there plasma and lightning is readily available over the Internet.  Any water source water!  The physics is simpler for distilled water.  Sea water will do equally as well.
                The economic activity and has no bearing on basic science.  Which dictates that burning fossil fuels is a massively over expensive way he to do molecular nuclear fusion
4              Cm(H2O)n+T->CO2+nH2O-E and CO2+n(He2++E2+O2-)
                I was also told her into more than double the energy production of burning fossil fuels.  Again at Sheffield University 1984.  We titanium plate the engine body.  Or we play in the flame on to titanium plated boiler plate.
                We then favour the molecular nuclear fusion rain we are doing.  Which is at massively exothermic!  As just oxidising carbon fuels would take in energy.
                So burning fossil fuels does molecular nuclear fusion.  At a low level!  That in any case is half as exothermic as hydrogen fission.
                I did the calculations, and a steam plasma tube produces 16 times the energy of a row of gas or oil burners.  And water falls from the skies for free!
                Transporting of fossil water in shore is massively inexpensive!  One bottle of distilled water will drive the whole of Europe for six months.  No oil or gas burn required.  No carbon dioxide production resulting.
                Uranium fission fences and gas by doing today.  And massively more toxic!  Causing intermittent continental toxic death.  Uranium fission drives a steam cycle.
                The a steam cycle does molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is less exothermic than hydrogen fission.  The world has just changed!  The fossil fuels it irrelevant.
                Any decent engineer laboratory can get a working steam plasma tube set up in the weekend.  No prohibitively expensive fossil fuels require.
                Uranium should be left in the ground unenriched.  Where it does no damage!

Jonathan Thomason

Diseases is cured

22 December 2014
                A single application of High Intensity UltraSound is all viral and bacterial infections: including rump infestations which coals the diseases of age.
                In my experience 150 W 40 kHz is affective ultrasound-I applied from an ultrasonic massage device purchased over the Internet; for just 30 sections.  On its highest power setting.
1Mhz Ultrasonic  Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Slim Massage Ultrasound Therapy w

1Mhz Ultrasonic Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Slim Massage Ultrasound 

                HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears coronary heart disease.  HIUS to the heart body will clear angina and other heart diseases: have no heart Dr. Is allowed to ethically to prescribe defective biochemical treatments.
                All biochemical treatments are defective!  High as clears the condition at one session.  No a descent into death!
                I now utilises 5 W 1 MHz-though physiotherapists prefer 8 W 3 MHz.  And have spent last 30 years writing academic papers about the effectiveness of that HIUS.  5 W is cheaper!  Every registered GP on earth there has to buy and use a 5 W machine.
                Applied to the chest, throat and nose for just ½ minute, it will totally clear all viral and bacterial infections.  Symptomatic biochemical treatments are now prohibited by the Hippocratic oath every Dr. Takes on entering Medical Service.
                I have had spectacular success was totally clearing all types of diabetes.  Again no biochemistry is permitted!  Or required.
                HIUS externally will clear any cancer from the organ.  I also apply the ultrasound to the armpits and liver.  The local lymph nodes would be a good idea.
                High us to the chest for a minute totally clears asthma: the condition that has a history of causing seven patient death.  We can now had totally clear it!  So Astra Zeneca has no ethical business left.
                HIUS to both sides of the head clears all types of mental health problem.  I have personally cleared Parkinson’s.  Altzheimer’s, MS, schizophrenia and depression.  Every mental health hospital on earth is are required to give its patients a session of HIUS.
                Sectioned patients may take multiple applications-I do not know.  Every application cost 3¢ to administer.  Significantly less than one course of biochemical doubles.  Which again are globally prohibited.
                Since the Moffitt cancer centre published the use of HIUS in 2002 to totally clear cancer one appointment, G P’s have continued to prescribe defective biochemical treatments.  Producing 400 million avoidable deaths.
                Each death in care is a legal fine of $10,000,000.  And 25 years in jail for each other medics involved.  I doubt many doctors will return to work after the Christmas break!
                A single application of HIUS will clear all viral and bacterial infections.  Symptomatic biochemical treatments are now prohibited!  He each biochemical prescription resulting in the immediate disqualification of the qualified medic.
                So over 99% are GP visits are no longer required.  Here in the UK, the temperate doctors will contract over Christmas, report the biggest weekend on record.  Why?  No cancer, heart disease, diabetes or infections.
                Quite what are the doctors dealing with?  HIUS also clears all fungal and viral infections.  In other words, all infections!
                There is no such thing as a genetic cancer!  All cancers share six enzymes with infectious disease.  Cure the infection-no more cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                My thanks to Dr. Polly MatZinger.  The cleverest person I have ever met.  She reflected the compliment.  Then transferred each of are so Weiner at Harvard Medical school.  The biochemical Dept of Harvard has now shut down!
                How many avoidable deaths deep Bio chemistry cause?  And is still causing.  Though doctors are no longer air thickly allowed to prescribe it.

Jonathan Thomason

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Nuclear fission in fluorescent lights

21 December 2014
                A new fluorescent tube has only Na gas in.  But as we fire up the glass tube, it emits light and X rays.  There is no chemical source of either.  As electrons descend an electron shell, we may get the emission of infrared light.  Not visible light and X rays.
                I will of course of its life, that you loses pressure!  As the Na is converted into heat, light and X rays.  We get the chaotic interaction of sodium ions and free electrons.
1              18Na++e->19Ne
                Na has isotopes from 18 to 37. 23Na is stable and 19Ne has a ½ life of 17.2 seconds.  Thing is to not work out exactly.  It is over to physicists here!  If the nuclear fission of sodium weren’t exactly smoothly
2              19Ne->9Be+n0 ->3He+4 n0
                Each nuclear fission converting neutrons into free energy.  Taking the fission process exothermic!  The nuclear fusion on stable isotope, would take in energy.  Four we are dealing with radioactive isotopes.
                So now process is
3              Na+s e-+T-> 73H++t n0
                So the infall of chaotic electrons, converts some other nucleus protons into neutrons.  Which leaves us with a radioactive isotope!  Which fissions into lower atomic masses.
                Converting neutrons into free energy.  So making the process exothermic.  So exothermic we get light, heat energy and X rays.
                As a materials scientist, he reprocess that emits visible light is symptomatic of major electrical interactions around electron levels..  Or nuclear processes!  We might argue that there are major electrical actions here.
                But the two loses weight, as the gas pressure drops before I sent you senses to me resor light.  At the end of its life, the two data are to warm up!  Is only when warm up the gas pressure increases.
                The final interaction is hydrogen fission
4              H++T->E2+L+Xray              this only takes 1 W of fluid turbulence.  Waterfalls do it!
                This process turns at twice as energetic as atomic nuclear fusion.  I only happens in those kitchens and the developed world.  The years and fluorescent light.
                And are probably unaware that you get off X rays.  And does nuclear fission!  Gradually converging researching gas into low atomic weights.  Until we end up with massive energy light and X rays.
                And most chefs in the dark, does hydrogen fission!  No expensive equipment.  Nor 100 billion a year at of the Great Hadron Collider.  So safe we did it in a food preparation area.
                I favour a steam plasma tube.  As we cause the nuclear fission of oxygen, into lower atomic masses any with hydrogen.  The hydrogen ions do 4.  It is so much more simple and energetic than a Na plasma tube.
                It converts regular water into heat and light with X rays.  We can use 8x2m steam plasma tubes to run a 100 MW power station.  To generate basically free electricity.
                We just immerse the steam plasma tubes in the boiler room water.  Within 10 minutes, we are at temperature!  And commence generating electricity.  No fossil fuel bound.  No hyper toxic uranium fission.
                We utilised ¼ thimble full of regular water a year.  We can transform a distilled water bottle to the plant, and drive it continuously, mantle of plant needs replacing!  No oil or gas.
                Pressure is so exposed!  Is has failed to use the oil gas money to diversify into other industries.  And no fossil fuels and very nearly useless!  The production around the world will now be 10,000 times greater than demand for the recounts!  So it’s value will be insignificant.
                To drive a car requires 20 kW.  For a family saloon and on the motorway.  Body wide kilowatts will drive a personal helicopter.  A 10x1cm steam plasma will generate 120 kW: as a one metre x 2cm partial steam plasma generates a constant 6 MW/m in a lightning strike.
                But all the rates resor light and X rays!  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion again.  So our 10 cm steam plasma will easily produce electricity to drive a car at supercar performance levels.  But no petrol or diesel burn.
                Italy utilised so little water, and the water reservoir will not need replenishing, before the car needs replacing.  Now that any trips to a service station for fuel.
                No radioactive isotopes will be utilised!  Or produced.  The world has just changed.  And oil is no longer important.

Jonathan Thomason

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Saving lives

20 December 2014
                It is the most important science ever!  It allows the absolute cure all cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, HIV and Ebola.  In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre applied High Intensity UltraSound to prostate cancer, and got a one appointment cure.
                It selectively destroys pressurise structures.  Such as all cancer cells, the bacterial plaques causing coronary heart disease, and the viral fragment causing diabetes.  It also cures all viruses-which share our non native inflated cell structure.
                I used to work in ultrasound, and Italy six months to figure out what HIUS was. It includes 150 W 40 kHz, 5 W 1 MHz, >1.5 W 3 MHz.  Efficacy is given by the power frequency product.
                So the 8 W 3 MHz is why physiotherapists is less affected by on the planet.  And they have spent 30 years publishing medical papers about the subject.
                I have found 150 W is affective in ½ minute.  Applied externally to any cancer, to the top left the chest and the kidneys for heart disease, and the bottom right of the chest for diabetes.
                I now utilises 1 MHz, which is a very effective than the devices are cheaper to buy over the Internet.  I have found Ebay or Google are good sources.
                Since 2002 biochemical treatments have avoidable he killed 30,000 people a year in the UK alone.  400 million avoidable deaths all over the world.  The result of GP prescriptions!
                And yet G P’s have given a solemn oath to apply only the best medicine.  They realized they can make no money out of HIUS, so I spent last 12 years are killing their patients for money!
                All that drug companies are totally aware of the effectiveness of HIUS.  But that he could make them no money.  So they ignored the hundred individual double blind trial in Florida.
                I have cured 100% patients who came into my church health group.  With cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Only three cancer patients.  Six heart patients.  30 diabetics.
                Drug company is are particularly frantic to disguise the fact that diabetes can now be cleared.  In only ½ minute.  No multi organ failure and death are any more going to happen.  Diabetes has been cured.
                I have also cleared Parkinson’s, Altzheimer’s, MS, depression and schizophrenia.  All mental health problems!  ½ minute of HIUS to each side or the head clears the viral structure causing these diseases.
                Medics never mention the cancer has been cures.  12 years ago!  And he is carried right on prescribing fatal biochemical treatments.  Four their patients to drop down dead heart disease.
                Coronary heart disease is simple to clear.  Burning and John Air requires high us to the heart body.
                I am also use HIUS to clear limb damage in a pet dog.  It will also clear all infections, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all are terminal problems from our pets.  No trip to the bac required.
                I suggested HIUS wrong with trying Office of Sheffield university.  There was doing a PH D into chemical and process engineering.  I ended my PH D to allow me to go to Harvard to study cancer.
                Neither Cambridge nor Harvard were interested in me without the science PH D.  Even with one, I have the required the following wind.  I am still in discussion with Cambridge University about doing any immunology PH D.
                The simplest source of HIUS is an ultrasound massage device of the above description, purchased over the Internet.  Which will totally avoid the need ever to C a Dr. Again.
                And save 30,000 lives a year in the UK alone.  Yet no UK National Paper which used to carry stories on this life saving technology.  Not even the Daily Express!  Who first got me interested again in the subject.
                I had gone off writing songs and sing on stage.  The Daily Express reconnected me with my work in 2001 om ultrasound.
                High intensity ultrasound is a most important medical department ever.  There will save 30,000,000 lives a year around the earth.  Doctors will change to using ultrasound to cure all infections.
                They will cease to prescribe a fatal biochemical treatments.

Jonathan Thomason