Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Clearing food poisoning totally!

We use a high intensity ultrasound device.  Medically proved to clear all cancers 2002.  Subsequent prescription of cancer drugs was fatal and criminal medicine!  Striking off the involved doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals and drug companies.
So every nursing office in the world has a personally validated HIUS device.  An 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound purchase from the Moffitt cancer centre.  Used to confirm the Moffitt Paper on cancer!  All the doctors were struck off, subsequent medical practice criminal!
I use an 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device as my medically licensed home HIUS unit.  1 minute of external HIUS will clear all 200 cancers out there.  No Dr., Hospital or drug company involvement required.  All cancers cleared!  As has happened!


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In only 10-15 minutes daily, you`ll see and experience dynamic changes in your face: your skin will appear more youthful, smooth and healthy with this intense form of care. Ultrasound Beauty Massagers...
NHS doctors who have continued to prescribe defective cancer drugs, are not registered doctors from June 2002.  They must repay all wages, get no pension but stand criminal trial for 17,000 cases of first degree medical murder.
The Moffitt Paper also stated that HIUS would clear all viral infections.  2012 my contact in New York confirmed ½ minute of HIUS to each side use chest cleared his AIDs.  A total one session cure, to eradicate this week virus totally from the body.  Simples!
If a person has food poisoning, they have an active viral infection in the stomach.  1 minute of external HIUS to the top left to the chest and stomach, will cause the viral cells to pop!
The patient may vomit, but the fear pausing is totally cleared!  How is it then that in 2019, patience in NHS hospitals had died from food poisoning?
Because there doctors will not use a medically proved HIUS to save patient lives.  They prefer the money from drug prescription, and C their own patients die horribly!
These are the most serious psychopathic killers in history.  Who got bored, we just killing cancer patients!

Dementia all cured

Dr.s love your
2002 and the Moffitt cancer centre used an 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound device, to totally clear cancer in 1 session.  I used an 8 W 1 MHz device, clears even late stage inoperable never cancer in 1 minute of external body application.


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In only 10-15 minutes daily, you`ll see and experience dynamic changes in your face: your skin will appear more youthful, smooth and healthy with this intense form of care. Ultrasound Beauty Massagers...
This is my version of the Moffitt centre is high intensity ultrasound device.  It is actually a medically licensed beauty device - use it safely at home to clear all 200 types of cancer out there.
In 2012 I got a contact in New York to apply such a device for ½ minute to each side use chest, and totally cleared his AIDs!  He HIV is not a hard virus to clear.  Just Bio chemistry will never cure AIDs!  Patience get cures by the practice nurse in the health centre using their HIUS device.
And then get the return of last seven years of AIDs medical expenses.  Family is get $16,000,000 for every family member medicated to death for HIV.
2013 I had the device at my church heart health group.  And found ½ minute of HIUS to the top left to the chest and the kidneys totally cleared coronary heart disease.  As medically published 2012.  And practically confirmed by every registered Dr. on earth.  Statin and other heart medication prescription then criminal!
The same year three people came into the group, with MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and schizophrenia.  I found ½ minute of HIUS to each side of the head totally clears the mental health problems.
I've published my results freely on the Internet.  Downloaded and read by every registered Dr. on earth.  Who is then prohibited from researching or prescribing mental health medication.
They had to use the health centre HIUS device!  Which they hate.  As HIUS does not paid drug royalties.  All dementia is cleared at one session, for free.
Patients get return of all mental health drug expenses for the last six years.  Family is get 10,000,000 UK pounds for every family member medicated to death from mental illness.
The Dr. is struck off and barred from medical practice for life.  Returning the last six years of wages.  And getting no pension.  But a criminal trial for first degree medical murder.  For each patient deliberately medicated to death.

American medics cure diabetes

Ultrasound - cancer cure

Paperback, 326 Pages 
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Ultrasound - cancer cure
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Prints in 3-5 business days
High Intensity UltraSound 150 W 40 kHz or 8W 1MHz applied externally for 1 minute, from a massage device, just once will cure all the diseases of age!
So the primary cancer cells or popped!  This also clears pounds the structures causing heart disease, diabetes, HIV aids, mental health problems and all infections.
And to ultrasound scans, the inflated cells do a little molecular nuclear fusion, giving off X-rays!  Which can be used to detect the infection centre.
All registered doctors bought a HIUS device from the Moffitt cancer centre, and confirmed the new medicine.  All they were struck off the same day, losing Health Insurance so continued medical practice was doubly criminal.
This is why cancer rates have crashed!  But supposedly registered doctors are still prescribing defective cancer drugs.  Which is why the conditions persist!  The doctors within the NHS are addicted to the income from cancer drugs.  So are quite prepared to C or patients die in screaming agony!  For profit.
When the curative HIUS device is personally validated, and say it's unused in the nursing office.  Specialist cancer hospitals use HIUS, under a smokescreen are still prescribing chemo or radio therapy, or doing cancer surgery!
Defective and criminal medicine for 17 years.  1 minute of external HIUS will clear all cancers.  Even from an 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device, A medically licensed home beauty device!  Which works as a fantastically inexpensive HIUS device.

The inflated bacterial structure causing coronary heart disease is on the coronary arteries all around the kidneys.  The inflated structure shows up under ultrasound scans.  And is cleared by ½ minute of HIUS to each area.
As Berkeley University has noted, Statins are massively defective medicine!  There prescription is criminal.  Striking off the Dr., Hospital, pharmacists, nurse and drug company involved in making and applying the defective medicine.
So cancers and heart disease cleared!  Contest if heart disease responds to 1 minute of HIUS to the top left of the chest.  Just once!
Drug company is are going frantic!  They are financially induced doctors to still prescribe the defective medicine, until the patient is dead!  The Dr. receives a fine of 10,000,000 UK pounds for every patient medicated to death.  And 25 years in high security prison without parole!  The most serious psychopathic killers in history.
The final income disease of Health Systems around the world, is diabetes!  2013 I have personally validated at saint clement's church Salford Quays that ½ minute of HIUS to the bottom right of the chest over the pancreas, totally and for ever clears type two diabetes!
The Hippocratic oath then dictates the Dr. takes them off all medication!  No Metformin prescription legal.
My American friends reported this did not work for type one diabetes.  I was thinking about this, my hair back from the and after three days, that there diabetes had remitted.
The HIUS engage the immune system, and this cleared the viral altered cells in the pancreas causing diabetes, over the course of three days.
To 16 I can't two patients with type one diabetes.  The usual forms in America.  In the UK we have type two diabetes.  1 minute of HIUS totally clears type one diabetes.
A single application total clearance of the eight biggest killer of mankind!  A forever and total cure.  Using their HIUS device every registered Dr. Has in the nursing office.  Since they proved the cancer cure 2002.
The device to clear all cancers!  Personally validated.  The Dr. has he ignored for 17 years!
Medics published 2012 that ½ minute of HIUS to the top left to the chest the kidneys, totally clears coronary heart disease.  Every registered Dr. had to read the paper, and then use the science.  Or be struck off.  All medical practice then criminal.
Doctors are more concerned about the drug royalties than a about medical ethics, the law and patient death.  You can clear your own heart disease at home!  For under 20 UK pounds.
Diabetic patients can totally clear their own diabetes, as home using a medically licensed beauty device.  The diabetes people in the UK are going frantic!  Publishing articles on her diabetes is increasing.
Diabetes rates are crashing.  That has been reported in the medical press!  But the diabetes drug companies don't make money from a cure.  So publish rubbish papers on diabetes!  Which is being totally cleared globally.
Childhood diabetes clears quicker than addled diabetes.  Using the same HIUS device!  The event then no longer has to a Mr. Metformin or inject insulin.  The clearance of diabetes happens instantly!  You can sit there and watch the cellar return to a diabetic person's face.
It is that easy and instant to clear!  And the Dr. has a licensed HIUS device in the nursing office.  And has to use it!  Or same day is struck off from all subsequent medical practice.  Metformin an issue are criminal prescriptions!  All over the world.
Medics have tried to buy a new diseases they can medicate patients to death from.  Prescribing defective medicine over the years.  Watching their own patients die in agony!
They hit on dementia.  Which use to kill one in eight of the population.  2013 I have personally used ½ minute of HIUS to the head of people with MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and schizophrenia.
And sore there disease remit in real time!  The idea also works for all vascular dementia.  All dementia is characterised by inflated viral cells in the head region.
Just like cancer cells, they pop on application of HIUS.  No mental health medication has been a legal prescription for six years.  Prescribing doctors must remove them cells from medical practice!
They ceased to be registered medics six years ago air.  But there again, they still want to prescribe defective cancer drugs.  Which have been criminal medicine for 17 years.
No academic medic could ethically research biochemistry and disease since 2002.  Or they are also are removed from health systems.  No academic work on biochemistry has been legal for 17 years.
But still doctors' will happily medicate their own patients to death from mental health problems.  After all dementia was cleared 2013.  Doctors are arrogant!  And ignore medical law.  That dictates they have to use HIUS, or be struck off.  For life.  Repay all wages to 2002.

Monday, 17 June 2019

The total cure of Alzheimer's

I was in my church health group 2013.  Or three feeble came union with MS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.  I gave them 30 seconds of high intensity ultrasound to either side of the head.  And totally cleared the problems!
Using an 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device.  Medically licensed for safe home use!
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Nuclear fusion by a hydrogen plasma

This idea was taught to me by Professor Zimmerman 2001. Heat production by a non fossil fuel burn system!
Thermonuclear fusion - Wikipedia
Thermonuclear fusion is a way to achieve nuclear fusion by using extremely high temperatures. ... In a deuterium–tritium fusion reaction, for example, the energy necessary to overcome the Coulomb barrier is 0.1 MeV. ... In stars heavy enough, after the supply of hydrogen is exhausted in their cores, their cores (or a shell ...
Scientists are wrong! A hydrogen plasma at two atmospheres pressure does nuclear fusion. Safe and nontoxic power!
1 2H++P+PL->He2++E12+L+X-ray PL=plasma
We need the plasma to generate turbulence above 1 W! The energy at which hydrogen atoms fuse to form helium.
In physics, the Navier–Stokes equations (/nævˈjeɪ stoʊks/), named after Claude-Louis Navier and George Gabriel Stokes, describe the motion of viscous fluid substances.

These balance equations arise from applying Isaac Newton's second law to fluid motion, together with the assumption that the stress in the fluid is the sum of a diffusing viscous term (proportional to the gradient of velocity) and a pressure term—hence describing viscous flow. The main difference between them and the simpler Euler equations for inviscid flow is that Navier–Stokes equations also factor in the Froude limit (no external field) and are not conservation equations, but rather a dissipative system, in the sense that they cannot be put into the quasilinear homogeneous form:

{\displaystyle \mathbf {y} _{t}+\mathbf {A} (\mathbf {y} )\mathbf {y} _{x}=0.} {\displaystyle \mathbf {y} _{t}+\mathbf {A} (\mathbf {y} )\mathbf {y} _{x}=0.}
The a hydrogen plasma has hydrogen atoms and free electrons in chaotic flow.
1 p+.n0+e- ->n02 we generate duoneutronium. Which it has 1/2 life of 1000th of a second.
2 n02 ->E2+L+X-ray massive heat with light and X-rays. The conversion of matter into waves.
So in not hydrogen plasma we are forming 3He ions, but also duoneutronium.
3 3He2+n0 ->2H++E3+L+X-ray
So we toggle the helium back to hydrogen ions. Convert into neutrons into massive heat!
One neutrons converts into 1015 J of energy. This is a huge amount of power.
The main energy release from a hydrogen plasma is from hydrogen fission. The hygiene ions and electrons bond to form neutrons, and these decay into light heat and X-rays. No messing around the nuclear fission or fusion.
The system is ideal to study in the laboratory. We fire up the plasma using the electronics from a fluorescent light. And measure the heat light and X-rays we get off.
A hydrogen plasma is 10 times more dynamic than a steam plasma. Locally nature does the experiments for us here! So we can be fairly sure a 1mx1cm hydrogen plasma at four atmospheres will release a constant 24 MW of heat. From A fantastically miniscule volume of regular hydrogen.
The plasma will enrich the hydrogen isotopes, and do a plasma burn! Converting the matter into heat light and X-rays.
4 H++e-+PL->20(E2+L+X-ray)
This is a very dynamic system! Running at two atmospheres will release a only 5(E2+L+X-ray)
So a hydrogen plasma will maintain a chamber filled with hydrogen at 750o C. Ideal for running a steam cycle! We draw off some of the plasma gas, and pass it through the fiat use in the boiler.
After we call the gas down, we are left with a little gas! Which is helium. A gas with a higher price weight for weight than gold! As it is in a high demand for welding.
The scientist think helium will run out! The action of steam in turbulent flow in the deep, generates helium and oxygen gases. As he does or operant molecular nuclear fusion.
4 H2O+P+TU->He2++O++3e-+E2+L+X-ray
Nobody is there to observe the light! The production of helium and X-rays, plus free radical oxygen gas by the date is on geographical record. The river of geothermal water that's cicles the earth has no problem doing nuclear fusion on earth! We should go and look and see how it works!
Theresa May he will be overjoyed, as the hydrogen plasma tube releases 24 MW of heat. A hyper toxic uranium fission two only releases 250 kW. And releases stratospherically toxic plutonium and strontium! Hence every operating nuclear power plant needs, but can;t buy 100 billion of annual insurance. They carry a criminal 50 million. All nuclear power illegal!
A hydrogen plasma tube uses a regular glass tube. The electronics from a fluorescent light. It should self sustain at only two atmospheres. We a steam turbine will generate 12 MW of mains electricity. With no emissions.
My thanks to Professor Zimmerman for giving me this idea 2001. But he decided never to follow up his blinding insight. That generates emission free electricity! But no research money from criminal nuclear power.
Academics are not allowed to take research grants from criminal industries – like nuclear power has been since 1986 – the year of Chernobyl. So all the work on global warming must be shredded and deleted.
With no fossil fuel burn and no handling of radioactive isotopes. Safe, clean and non-toxic, using science from the 1930s. Before nuclear power was developed.
We even produce the helium gas wanted by welders. The system is stupendously simple and safe to study in the laboratory.
Academics have chosen not to, as there is no funding from nuclear power for a clean non radioactive Energy System. The world wants it! The world deserves it. The emissions free future is here.

Non nuclear carbon zero power

Waterfall Fusion

Paperback, 64 Pages 
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Waterfall Fusion
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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

Every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike, that does molecular nuclear fusion. Set up by heavy rain or snow also do molecular nuclear fusion.
1 H2O+TU+O2+P ->3He2++O3++X-ray+E2 E2=2.5x1030W
The relativistic conversion of the production of five tonnes of helium ions.
The helium is lost to space, the ozone forms part of the ozone layer. Which she was multi cellular life from the ravages of solar radiation.
So setting up a steam plasma in a chamber filled with steam for, heat it up past 3000° C, and uses helium. More valuable weight for weight than gold!
We use a Carnot heat pump to transfer the heat to a steam turbine boiler room. And collect up the light helium ions! This is a useful source of helium for welding.
So a steam turbine runs of nuclear fusion. Utilising no radioactive elements! Producing no radioactive waste.
Present uranium fission nuclear power, builds its plants from concrete produced using a fossil fuel burn. This makes present nuclear power the fourth largest source of man made emissions on the planet.
C02 is converted into plant biomass within 5 minutes. The afternoon air all across the temperate land and sea has a preindustrial two parts per million C02. Nitrous oxides at four parts per billion. (NOx=NO+NO2 is static). It is plant fertilizer and has no other effect on anything.
If we a fire up a steam plasma in a glass tube, we have a strand of lightning bolts! Doubled. As the heavy atoms no fission into hydrogen ions then heat light and X-rays.
2 H2O+P+TU->2E2+L+X-ray 2.4 MW of emissions free heat.
We utilise the electronics from a fluorescent light, to fire up the plasma. Which self sustains at four atmosphere pressure.
Nuclear power is very very stupid, making all that fuss about emissions. Without realizing it was the fourth biggest manmade source of emissions.
Nuclear power is so toxic, since Fukushima every operating nuclear power plant has needed annual insurance cover of 100 billion. No insurance above one billion available. ERGO all nuclear power has been running illegally since 1986: the year of Chernobyl. Required insurance a paltry 40 billion a year. Never had!
So a plasma burn turns regular water into massive heat, and so light and lower power X-rays. Emissions free heat! A small steam turbine will convert into 1.2 MW of mains electricity. Carbon zero power!
This was my PH D area at Sheffield University 2001. Then I devised the steam engine and did molecular nuclear fusion, they ended my PH D!
So at 2050 carbon zero year. Wny? Plans converts extra C02 and nitrous oxides into plant biomass within 5 minutes. There is no gradual builder of C02 in the air possible. Man made climate change was the nuclear fiction, after the world cooled naturally from 1995.
A steam plasma tube will generate free electricity today. Carbon zero. From regular water with no emissions. Cost free power!
By the 2050 there will be no fossil fuel burn and uranium nuclear power. We allow all that utilises a safe and nontoxic plasma burn.
The climate change people on about carbon zero. The world has moved on and left that nuclear fiction by the size of the road. Academically stupid, nuclear funded rubbish!
Nuclear power should be more concerned about getting valid insurance. Otherwise every nuclear plant in the world has three days to shut down and totally. Oh I remember. There is no fossil source of that level of insurance.

Cancer is not random

Ultrasound—Cancer Cure: Cheap Home Cure to All Cancers

Paperback, 92 Pages *****
Ultrasound—Cancer Cure: Cheap Home Cure to All Cancers
Price: £13.41 (excl. VAT)
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ultrasound—Cancer Cure explores a perspective and revolutionary new treatment for cancer: high-intensity ultrasound, a noninvasive but promising new treatment that is being studied as a way to treat all cancers and could even cure in just one application. Author Dr. Jon Thomason shares research from the Moffitt Cancer Center, which pioneered research into this application of ultrasound, and he explains both how ultrasound works and how, more importantly, it can be used to as a treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy and surgery are not the only options for patients suffering from cancer. Ultrasound is a promising new alternative that could offer a noninvasive treatment without the debilitating side-effects of radiation and surgery. Certificate of registration The US library of congress has just registered 'Ultrasound – Cheap Home Cure To All Cancers' TX 8-659-428
Some work at Cambridge University about eight years ago, proved all cancers have six enzymes copies from infective disease.  This is not random!
Active illness is copied out there genome as strands of RNA.  When these get into a cell, they progressively build cancer at the end of your DNA.
So we want to cure all infections very quickly!  Fungal antibiotics to clear viral and bacterial infections, but imperfectly!  They stimulate the immune system to clear a fall bacterial infection.  No direct action!
Both viruses and bacterial infections must have and overinflated cell nature in order to divide and grow: so yes, affect you've bacteria to have a cell structure!  Loose bacterial RNA is cleared automatically by the inactive immune system.
All infections cluster around the chest, as this is the easiest way to spread infections!  So if we apply high intensity ultrasound for ½ minute, to each side of the chest, throat, nose first 20 seconds each side of the lower torso will cure all infections ten seconds.
This stops the formation of cancers, heart disease, diabetes and mental health problems.  ½ minute of e.g. 8 W 1 MHz to either side of the head will clear all dementia and mental health problems.  My consumer version of HIUS!


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In only 10-15 minutes daily, you`ll see and experience dynamic changes in your face: your skin will appear more youthful, smooth and healthy with this intense form of care. Ultrasound Beauty Massagers...
Staggeringly affective!  Clears all infections on demand.  No trip to C a Dr. or pharmacist.  No nurse interaction required.
The infection is gone: and no cancers and the diseases of age form.  No reason ever to see murderous Dr.!  There are symptomatic treatments have led along to the formation of cancers, heart disease, diabetes...
This is why doctors say cancer is random!  As a have realized for 70 years, there are symptomatic treatments lead on to the diseases of age.  The Dr. causes cancer!
The Dr. even charges for giving you cancer.  The Hippocratic N warrants every Dr. Prescribing symptomatic cures is struck off.  10,000,000 UK pounds for every patient who goes on to the that cancers and the rest.  And 25 years in high security prison.
Cancer is not random!  The Dr. causes it.