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C02 does not affect anything

Plants on land and sea take in extra C02, and converted into extra plant life within 5 minutes. There was 85% more life on earth during the Jurassic. And most of the fossil fuels formed at the Jurassic mass extinction.
So photosynthesis sucks C02 from the air down to the modern limit of two parts per million. There was 4 PPM in the Jurassic – in the warm periods.
With three natural ice ages! There C02 spiked at 8 PPM. There was 85% more life on earth during the warm periods, compaired with today. We live in a time of denuded organic carbon, too little CO2, and resultingky little life.
You burn the fossil fuels, and get more active life on earth today. No possible weather effect. C02 is capped at two PPM around the temperate earth today. 200 PPM is biologically impossible.
In an ice age, or above the polar ice In winter, we have 4 PPM in the air today. With an air temperature of -50° C! Twice the carbon. 70° C cooler! The idea of the global warming gas came from 'Soylant Green' a science fiction novel.
So never actually real science! After Chernobyl nuclear clear power were scratching around for a reason to exist. And fell upon your idea of CO2 warming the air. Don't know why, nucleaer power does not understand the carbon CYCLE.
If you look at the history books, warm periods were not a problem! Ice ages were! In a warm period you get more evaporation from the seas, and more global rain.
So more rain and lower seas. What is the problem? More plant life – like in the Jurassic you could walk from the UK to Europe on land.
Nuclear power uses concrete to build its power plants. Releasing in two years the C02 from a conventional power station emits in 20. Nuclear power stations are demolished and rebuilt every 25 years.
Factor in the staff transportation and other energy uses, and nuclear power is it the biggest C02 producer in the energy sector. Now the climate change people conceed C02 is not the climate: as their major funders are nuclear power! Which is why they do not publisize the idea.
Nuclear Power have just been mede aware they are not carbon zero. They toyed with nitrous oxides. Which are natural plant fertilizer. Capped at four parts per billion around the temperate earth.
8 PPB above the arctics in winter. So not a global warming gas. Why am I talking about global warming? Well they have never decided how climate change differs from natural weather. A naturally changing climate.
Nuclear Power has a great desire to say climate change really means global warming. If only the natural climate would not stop cooling! What we need now more natural a global warming maybe!
Every power plant, including nuclear plants emit 900 MW of heat for every 100 MW of electricity generated. But they are just too miniscule an area to have any global significance.
The only global climate former is sun light! And the sun has short term periods of warming and cooling, lasting 28 years. The climate started cooling 1993. Exactly on the natural cycle.
So C02 and NO2 are capped by natural photosynthesis. SO2 levels are falling as we scrub the acid emissions out of engine exhausts. At great expence, using ADBLUE. For no reason.
So we are left with a nuclear power saying 'burning fossil fuels warms the climate!': ignoring the warming effect of nuclear power plants. The climate appears to be artificially warmed, for no reason. Nuclear power produces stratospherically toxic plutonium and strontium. Which it sprays above the continent every 25 years, as a nuclear power plant experiences a triple core meltdown.
Think Windscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima: and constant radioactive leaks from EDF. Proof that the French are the worst engineers on the planet! And yet we let them build the most toxic engineering structures ever.
After Fukushima the required annual insurance to run a nuclear power plant reached 100 billion. Nuclear plants carried just 50 million. Criminally insufficient insurance.
The whole nuclear power industry is totally criminal and illegal! And they bought off the nuclear regulators, using petty cash.
Nuclear power is well on the way to year eradicate all life on earth. When will be your turn?

Tony Blair the criminal

The families of soldiers who died in the Iraqis' war started by Tony Blair, who died due to insufficient equipment, would argue that uses greatest contribution to death on earth.
I it would take them to differ.  It was is nuclear activities.  Margaret Thatcher, who approved Sizewell B never dared privatize British nuclear.  Since Chernobyl in 1986, British nuclear plant needed insurance of 40 billion per plant every year.  Not available commercially!
So in 1996 he sold British nuclear for 16 billion UK pounds.  And on that date, every nuclear power plant needed annual insurance cover of 40 billion.  What a bargain.  Somebody paid him money!
Is nuclear plant needed decommissioning, and the cost of 18 billion at the end of the planning life.  Which Hinkley Point, Dooray another plans have hit.  The mean just nine in operation.
So that is 900 billion of annual insurance required.  Not commercially available.  They carried just a paltry 50 million.
When I met the more power station regulator in 1984 (this is my area) he told me that any power plant without insufficient insurance must do an immediate stop.
So every nuclear power plant in the UK should have shut down in 1986 - the year of Chernobyl.  Which is why the Japanese have now lost interest in Hinckley Point and Sizewell as areas for new nuclear power plants.
Sizewell B is interesting.  As a serving prime minister had a legal powers only to prove extensions and improvements to nuclear power plants.  So 2006, size or eight was demolished.  Taking with it the planning consent!
Sizewell B never had its own royal commission and planning consent.  It is always been an illegal engineering structure.  What have the government lawyers being doing?  What have the nuclear regulators not been doing.
Every year of illegal operation sentences all involved plant managers or nuclear regulators, to 10 years in jail for every year of illegal operation.  And there has been 23.  Four Sizewell allow them.
And it is still operating outside planning consent.  Totally criminal!  Nuclear power used to scream 'global warming!'.  Then the natural climate started cooling for 1995.
So now they scream 'climate change'.  Which is basically natural weather.  An active nuclear plant building programme is the fourth largest source of man made C o2on the planet.  Nuclear power is so not carbon zero!  20 years of emissions from a commercial power plant, in two years of plant construction.
Over the life of the plant, nuclear power it releases more C02 and burning oil, coal or gas.  Is has never quite decided what climate change means!  But no concedes it is not cause by C02 all nitrous oxides.  It is a way inventing new science fiction!
So all nine nuclear plants in the UK are illegal engineering structures.  The total legal fine pair of all life Chinese nuclear, is 22.7 trillion pounds.
And every nuclear plant must stop operation immediately.  And all the plant managers share a lifetime incarceration in high security jail.  Along with the nuclear regulators.  He is so totally failed to do their jobs.
So within two years of Sizewell B starting operation, we had Chernobyl.  And all British nuclear power plants ceased to be legal structures.  I repeat, nuclear power, due to its use of concrete, is 1/4 biggest source of man made CO2 on the planet.
My engineering essay 1984, covered the failure of nuclear power to take account of decommissioning costs.  Chernobyl and Fukushima had not yet happened, so I did not know about the insurance required or 40 and 100 billion.
My old metallurgy professor said it was the most insightful essay ever by a second year undergraduate.  Maybe.  I copied it from a pamphlet I read from Greenpeace.
Who now have been taken over by nuclear power.  And so do not push the issue of the missing plant insurance.  UK law firms can demand to see the insurance documents for nuclear power plants.
And when they do not have annual insurance cover of 100 billion, they can get the plant shutdown.  And get a pavement of one billion, for every nuclear power plant they shut down.
If as in America I would get legal rolls fears of 100,000,000 per plant shutdown.  I will not hold my breath.  It is more important to be shut down nuclear power, and save the lives of everybody on earth.

Tony Blair made British Nuclear criminal

Or British Nuclear was a state controlled industry, the UK government picked up the insurance the nuclear power.  They carried plant insurance of 50 million per power plant.
Then Tony Blair to British Nuclear private.
In 1996 the UK's eight most advanced nuclear plants, seven advanced gas-cooled reactors and one pressurized water reactor, were privatised as British Energy, raising £2.1 billion.  Plants are of global death!  There is nothing advanced about it.
Suddenly nuclear power had to pay for its own insurance.  Since Chernobyl in 1986, the required insurance was 40 billion.  No insurance above one billion was available,
So all nuclear power plant operation in the UK, became criminal 1996.  Eight decade after Chernobyl, demonstrated uranium nuclear fission was not a safe process!
The nuclear industry is heavily regulated.  The first job of a nuclear regulator, is to ensure that every operating nuclear plant has valid insurance.
From 1996 non did.  This is why the Japanese have lost interest in new nuclear plants in the UK.
Since Fukushima 2010, the required insurance has risen to 100 billion.  No nuclear plant could ever get an operation licence without valid insurance cover.  Existing nuclear plants carried on, as they lapsed into illegality.
Sizewell B never had its own royal commission and planning consent.  It was an illegal extension to Sizewell A.  This is an I've use of planning.  So Sizewell B became a totally criminal injuries structure
31 December 2006
Sizewell A Nuclear Site (hereafter Sizewell A) ceased generation of electricity on 31 December 2006. The site has now, in line with government policy, entered a period of decommissioning.
Any Hinkley C would you need a fall planning meeting.  Which is automatically conclude 'hell No'to any more illegal nuclear power stations in the UK.
All nine operating nuclear power plants are in the same problem.  They have illegally insufficient level of insurance.  There is no facility for reprocessing or storing the radioactive waste.  That is a separate issue!
So that is a great legacy of Tony Blair.  To bequeath are totally criminal nuclear industry to the UK.  Which government lawyers must instantly get shut down.

Why burn or oil, coal and gas?

Waterfall Fusion

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Waterfall Fusion
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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
Usually to produce heat especially for power generation. But we can fire up a steam plasma that does a plasma burn: converting the water into massive heat, A little light and low power X rays. Like we get from a beating human heart.
1 H2O+P+PL->He2++O++3e-+L+E2+X-ray
At four atmospheres a 50x1cm steam plasma produces 2.4 MW of heat. And once started, using the electronics borrow from a fluorescent light, will self sustain.
A 1 metre row of oil or gas burners only releases 45 kW of heat. A 50cm steam plasma at two atmospheres, it hasn't external current of 125 W. And will only release 600 kW of heat.
To drive a car we want a 25x1cm steam plasma at four atmospheres. All started you will self sustain, and again and produce 600 kW of heat. A commercially sourced automotive thermoelectric generator will produce 75 kW of DC electricity. We convert into a speed linked AC.
45 kW will drive a small helicopter. So we'll fly between cities at 500 MPH. The world has just become a much smaller place.
We use the lower power the steam plasma, in place of burning fossil fuels. To get carbon zero heat!
Interestingly enough an active nuclear power plant building programme, is 4th largest source of man made carbon dioxide. When they realise this, they changed their invective to nitrogen oxides. NOx=NO+NO2

 I pointed out that C02 is plant food. NOx plant fertilizer. Extra CO2 is converted into plant biomass on land and sea within 5 minutes. Above the poles in winter C02 levels double. Air temperature -50° C. The global average C02 level across the temperate earth is a pre-industrial two parts per million.
NOx is plant fertilizer. Capped at a global average of eight parts per billion. Static trace gases affects nothing! Have nuclear power not learnt anything since 1986 - the year of Chernobyl, and the genesis of the summer's fiction of manmade global warming.
So we generate 75 kW of free electricity in every home in the world. It uses frighteningly little regular water a year.2x10-16cc at a guess.
We then use an 20 Watt fan, to drive the exhaust gas still at over 2,800° C, into fire tubes in the central heating boiler. And get all the heat we can have a dream of for free! Most of of hot the air we will exhaust into a chimney.
So free heat and power, from regular water. Using science devised in the 1950s. Oil and gas burning looks like such archaic 20th century science.
The Thorium fission cycle, uses for Th and plutonium, to produce 236U - and you do uranium nuclear fission. Which requires annual insurance cover of 5 billion, for a domestic power unit. Not available!
It produces stratospherically toxic strontium are plutonium. For which you need special radioactive material handling licences. Like Oak Ridge have - who developed the Thorium nuclear cycle.
It is illegal outside specialist nuclear facilities. The scope for a terrorist high explosive device to produce a radioactive apocalypse across the country, is just too huge.
A steam plasma tune involves no handling of radioactive materials. And produces no radioactive waste. A terrorist bomb will produce a water splash!
Thorium reactors are not even legal to research.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Only nuclear is not carbon free

9 Jan 2019
Nuclear power invented the idea of carbon dioxide affecting the climate, after Chernobyl conclusively demonstrated that nuclear power was the most toxic industry ever!
After Chernobyl every nuclear plant needed insurance of 50 billion: not commercially available! They still carried just an insufficient and criminal 50 million.
The world can go over to doing a carbon free plasma burn, my PH D. at Sheffield University was a ended after pressure from nuclear power. I naively thought universities were meant to protect their students from outside commercial interests. Obviously not!
Every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike. Driven by heavy rain or snow and doing molecular nuclear fusion.
1 H2O+P+TU->He2++O++E2+X-ray
This evening goes on down to -50° C around the arctics in winter. As the magnetic poles set of words on nuclear fusion in the snow and rain clouds.
Interesting! Carbon free energy. That involves no fossil fuel burn or handling of radioactive materials.
If we scale this down to a 1 metre x 2cm steam plasma tube we do the twice as dynamic plasma burn.
2 H2O+P+PL->2(E2+L+X-ray) 8.6 MW of heat.
As opposed to just two and 50 kW for hyper toxic uranium nuclear fusion, A process so toxic, every nuclear power station needs the above mentioned insurance, of 100 billion per our power plant.
Plasmas are 80 times as dynamic! And totally non toxic. Your own beating hearts produces the same lower power X rays.
No enriched uranium! It goes off from regular water. This starts the plasma using the electronics from a fluorescent light. At four atmospheres itself sustains!
Needing the water pressure to be topped up with 3x10-15cc of regular water a year. No, we couldn't measure it either! We had to calculate it.
So all power plants in the world stop burning of oil and gas. Which are only releases 45 kW per metre of burner. And colon to doing a plasma burn. Producing carbon free electricity.
Nuclear power bills its plants using concrete. So that is a is 4th largest source of man made C02 on earth. But now we had taken power after the carbon plants, so nuclear power is now at the third largest source.
Then we get to air travel. Initially we pump air through a chamber with three steam plasma tubes in. As the aircraft forward motion builds up we feather out the Air Fan. And run as a scrum jet.
The air is heated by the plasma tubes, and emerges at 1,200° C. Pushing the plain at super sonic speed. No aviation fuel burn required! So promoting nuclear power to be the second largest source of man made carbon dioxide.
And then we get to car travel! The world is already going over to electric car propultion. Needing frequent mains charges. There no mains power is supplied by carbon zero power stations.
We can actually use a 25x1cm steam plasma tube, which releases a constant 600 kW of heat at four atmospheres. A thermoelectric generator will turn into 75 kW of DC. By electronics will turn into a speed linked AC.
A small helicopter only needs 45 kW. So we motor around the town or city, and fly between cities. Using IT to navigate the car, and radio are to locate other vehicles and all planes and cars.
Which now all these nuclear power there as the an insurable major cause of emissions C02 on the planet. In horror, they announced C02 was not the climate. They meant nitrous oxides (NOx=NO+NO2)
Photosynthesis Free C02 at just two parts per million. The people piblishing C02 readings of exactly 200 parts per 1,000,000, were publishing fiction on behalf of nuclear power. Nature does not do exact hundreds!
High school biology teaches could told them, that photosynthesis on land and sea around the temperate earth, there is C02 to a Prix industrial two parts per million. 200 PPM? Total nuclear fantasy published by idiots and the mentally unwell.
NOx is limited by global photosynthesis to eight parts per billion. 400 times less than C02 and again a static trace gas.
So what causes global warming? Predictable solar cycles. Which is why the earth has been cooling since 1995. To slide every nuclear power station on earth throwing 900 MW of heat constantly into the air, for every 100 MW of electricity generated.
There are national nuclear regulators. His legal imperative is so shut down every nuclear power plant on earth. As they are under insured and hyper toxic! Static a bombs waiting for a core meltdown.
Sizewell B will suffer heavy rain and a local earth tremor. And radio eight all England, to be uninhabitable for all future time. Forcing the British economy at least 5 trillion.
So friendly nuclear power is a most toxic and least green industry that will ever exist. At least burning fossil fuels increases plant growth around the world. And has no affect on the climate.

Fracking turns carbon deposits into natural gas

As we inject a highly pressure solvents and water into carbon deposits, we form methane.
1 2H2O+C->CH4+O2
So we form a mixture of natural gas and oxygen. A massively explosive mixture! We must avoid using iron compounds and till we separated these two gases.
We must use copper, electro plated with titanium.
We then run a Carnot process - powered via a steam cycle run on natural gas and oxygen. To separate out the methane as a liquid! They us with loads of oxygen gas. We collect and use.
Part of me thinks the injection process is a waste. We can drill down to carbon deposits in the sea, and sandown a charge of high explosive. When we detonate it, we open our loads of pathways to the geothermal rover that's circles the earth.
So at nature will inject higher pressure water for us. And as we are offshore, there is no problem with earthquakes, medically as he separate the methane and oxygen gases.
Nuclear power are livid! Just as north sea oil runs out, Fracking is developed.

Diverticulitis now cured

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