Thursday, 19 October 2017

8th biggest killer cured

Is caused by an inflated viral; structure left behind from a viral infection, disrupting insulin production – so it is located in the pancreas.
I use an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device. American medics proved High Intensity UltraSound cures such structures in 2002.
We want ½ a minute of external ultrasound for type 2, 1 minute for type 1. Your GP has an 8W 3MHz device, they proved cured all cancers 2002.
2013 I proved it also totally cleared diabetes: so all diabetes drugs since, defective criminal medicine. The Dr.s pay 10 million for every patient murdered using diabetes drugs.
Still alive – the hgealth centre nurse will cure your diabetes, and give you a cheque for the last 4 years of defective diabetes medicine.

Your GP is struck off for life – to face CRIMINAL trial.

Common cold CURED

In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound to cure cancer. Every Dr bought an 8W 3MHz ultrasound and validated the science. So for the last 15 years, 20th century cancer medicine has ALL been illegal.
I employ an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device as my High Intensity UltraSound source. ½ a minute clears type 2, 1 minute clears type 1 within ten seconds: so diabetes drugs are defective, criminal medicine.
It works for all cancers. AS cancers have to be inflated, to induce cells to divide and multiply. Inflated cells do Molecular Nuclear Fusion in response to ultrasound
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray thanks to my PhD supervisor for talking about micro bubble formation as you ultra sounded liquid water: you are doing Nuclear Fusion! Source of the X-rays in ultrasound scans. 5W 40kHz.
Drug companies say 'we don't under stand it – so 'WE WILL NOT USE TEH WORLD'S FIRST, TOTAL CURE TO ALL CANCERS'
Doesn't matter – Dr.s HAVE to use High Intensity UltraSound. So all other medical costs go back to the patient – plus 10 million for every cancer death. Prescribing Dr.s and manufacturing drug firms are excluded from medicine 2002.
So AstraZeneca has not been a registered drug company for 15 years. All Dr.s who have prescribed their drugs expelled from medicine for life. AZ owes families 200 trillion in punitive damages. More than the worth of the planet.
I cleared my friends type 2 diabetes 2013. And published my work on the internet – read and verified by all GPs – who had a HIUD device at hand.
So Metformin was never a legal drug! Patients get all their prescription fees back – and the diabetes cleared using the health centre High Intensity UltraSound unit.
But Salford Royal is still medicating my friend Clive – 4 years after his diabetes was cleared. A practice totally forbidden by the Hippocratic oath. All diabetic Dr.s at Salford Royal struck off – returning the last 4 years of wages. And getting no pension. Medical practice now CRIMINAL.
No legal grey area 'medicate the well, and I will strike myself off the medical register for life'

To clear the common cold, apply High Intensity UltraSound for ½ a minute to each side of the chest, throat and nose. And this will STOP cancers and diabetes. As well as heart disease and mental health problems.

Repair eye damage

I have used this safely on myself. I have also employed it to fix my mother's cataracts, and eye surgery damage.
Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

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We was 20, 1 minute sessions of 9W 1MHz ultrasound. To the closed eyes, or to the top left of the chest. This is what medics terms High Intensity UltraSound.
It clears away all organ damage – even from the heart. High Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest and kidneys for ½ a minute 3 times, clears raised blood pressure and full heart damage.
No need to see a Dr or take pills. It will even fix brain damage from an accident or illness. It clears mental health problems, in ½ a minute to each side of the head. No MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or schizophrenia.
It will fix all your organs – no transplant surgery. 1 minute of High Intensity UltraSound to the bottom right of the chest fixes diabetes – so no Dr is allowed to prescribe or research diabetes medication.
The Dr must use the 8W 3MHz High Intensity UltraSound unit, they validated clears all cancer 15 years ago. No other cancer medicine legal. Prescribing Dr.s struck off for life.

The patient gets all medical fees back, and the practice nurse uses the High Intensity UltraSound device to clear all cancers.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Diabetes drugs CRIMINAL

In 2013 I practically proved High Intensity UltraSound clears diabetes. I was using an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device for ½ a minute type 2, 1 minute type 1.
Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Brand New
  • $16.89
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Use until you feel warming. Diabetes gone in 10 seconds. You can watch the colour return to the diabetics patient's face – as the diabetes goes.
In 2002 High Intensity UltraSound was used to clear cancer: all cancers bought an 8W 3MHz device – and proved the science. Since then no registered Dr has legally been allowed to prescribe cancer drugs. Or struck off for life – mental insurance invalidated. Medical practice criminal.
In 2013 every GP on Earth used their High Intensity UltraSound device to clear diabetes. Then all chemical treatments for diabetes CRIMINAL. AGAIN ALL Dr.s STRUCK OFF, INSURANCE INVALIDATED.
Neither is any registered Dr allowed to research or teach diabetes drugs – or again struck off etc..
Today the drug companies see Metformin prescriptions plummet. So they say 'we will have better drugs out in 2 years'. How? Only registered Dr.s can research drugs.
And for 4 years no diabetes drug research has been legal. All manufacture, promotion and sale of diabetes drugs criminal.
Manufacturing drug firms, expelled from medicine for ever. 10 million for every patient killed. And diabetes was the 8th biggest killer of people.

Now totally cured for 4 years: though YOUR GP has continued to prescribe criminal drugs. Not a registered doctor for 4 years – medical practice criminal. See a lawyer, about an open and shut case for medical malpractice.

GPs not Dr.s

The Dr.s Hippocratic oath says 'I promise to be aware of, and use bet medicine: never using defective medicine.
If I ever use defective medicine, I will REMOVE MYSELF from the Dr.s medical register.
Struck off Dr.s receive no wages or pension. Their health insurance is invalid, and medical practice criminal. In 2002 the Moffitt published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to totally clear cancer at 1 appointment.
As every Dr is aware, the ultrasound sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
The source of the X-rays all 200 types of cancer give off to 5W 40kHz ultrasound scans. Dr.s have used ultrasound to do Nuclear Fusion in cancer cells for 70 years. Physics can't do Nuclear Fusion, Dr's do it every day.
X-rays mean we are doing nuclear fission and fusion – and the micro bubbles scans of cancer biopsies produce in cancer cells means Molecular Nuclear Fusion in cancer cells.
Best medicine every day. So for 15 years all GPs have prescribed defective caner drugs: knowing they are killing the patient for money. They even have an 8W 3MHz ultrasound device in the nursing office – they have personally validated clears all cancers.
And yet they murder for money. No longer registered Dr.s, without health insurance for 15 years. Medical practice is criminal.
There is no 'I'll carry on killing for money until I retire'. You had to legally stop doing medicine 15 years ago. So your GP is an illegal medic.
The Health Centre staff must escort the 'Dr' from the premises – and never allow his entry again. All hospital medics, NOT REGISTYERED Dr.s. Medical practice criminal FOR 154 YEARS.
Get an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage unit -0 clear your cancers, heart disease, diabetes and mental health problems totally in under 1 minute. See my other posts for details.
Ultrasonic Slimming Massager Cavitation Skin Care Cellulite Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasonic Slimming Massager Cavitation Skin Care Cellulite Ultrasound Machine

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Half a minute of HIS to each side of the chest totally clears HIV: get all your medical cost back – since this work was published 2012: Dr.s should have confirmed this work 2002.
High Intensity UltraSound for ½ a minute to each side of the chest, throat and nose totally clears ALL infections. Stopping cancers and the rest.

Families get all drug costs back, plus 10 million for every patient murdered by the Dr, using defective medicine – like cancer drugs.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Your Dr is killing you!

2002 3 medical professors at the Moffitt used High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer. The ultrasound sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the pressurised cancer cells.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray source of the X-rays from ultrasound scans.
So this causes all cancer cells to pop – clearing the disease. This year 80% of cancers are being cured as people use High Intensity UltraSound. Up from 5% in 2001.
I have found an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device is 100% effective on all cancers – in under 1 minute.
So Dr.s bout an 8W 3MHz ultrasound in 2002 and confirmed the science. The totally ignored the world's first, total cure to cancer.
They stuck with cancer drugs – that kill in only 2 years. Not allowed. Their Hippocratic oath removes their medical registration on their first prescription 2002. Subsequent prescription are illegal – and no pharmacist can fill them – or they are struck off for life.
No nurse can assist – or they are also struck off for life. Dr.s have pulled the shutters down, and killed 300 million patients for money. If you have cancer, your GP is killing you! AN EXPENSIVE, AGONISING DEATH.
All drug companies are constrained by the Hippocratic oath – so could not manufacture or sell cancer drugs for 15 years.
Dr.s have decided to carry on killnig for money. As nobody else would understand, cancer has been cured. Metallurgical ultrasound is my academic past – and I wrote a book about this. Which is being printed as you read this.
Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

Brand New
  • $16.89
  • or Best Offer has an early, print on demand copy. Explaining why Dr.s can't legally prescribe fatal cancer drugs. Ask your GP about High Intensity UltraSound.
Ultrasound cures cancer...By Jonathan M Thomason
Paperback: £6.51 (excl. VAT)
Prints in 3-5 business days
High intensity ultrasound will clear all the diseases of age! Saving 22,000,000 lives a year on earth

Not to have confirmed the work 2002 was to cease to be a Dr. He has the 8W 3MHz device in the nursing office – clear all cancers in under 1 minute. No drugs legal.

Free company power

Nuclear power said their game was over when people did Nuclear Fusion on Earth. Nature has for 3.8 billion years. While there has been liquid water on Earth, there has been rain and snow.
Heavy rain and snow do Molecular Nuclear Fusion: Nuclear Fusion at an air temperature of -50oC. What have academics been studying for the last 60 years? Nothing important, so Nuclear Fusion gave them money.
Every 3 minutes around the world, heavy rain sets up for a lightening strike.
1 H2O+TU->He2++O++3e-+E so heavy rain warms the air, and sets up a 5,000V potential between the cloud tops and the ground.
We get a lightening up strike, which collects the positive charge. Then a 1.5km 2cm steam plasma – the lightening bolt.
2 H2O+PL->He2++O++3e-+L+X-ray
We know we are doing Nuclear Fusion, as there is only one source of X-rays in the air – Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
This generates 5 tonnes of He gas: of which there is no chemical source. So nature gets 1040W of power, from Nuclear Fusion on Earth every year.
In a glass tube we do the twice as energetic plasma burn
3 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray no radioactive materials. No target for a terrorist dirty bomb.
Blowing up a Thorium reactor scatters Plutonium and enriched Uranium over the continent. Wiping out life on the 4 nearest cities. Companies are not licensed to handle Plutonium or enriched Uranium, so Thorium nuclear reactors are illegal fast breeders.
So a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres release a constant 2.4MW, of free, carbon 0 heat. From regular water. No radioactive waste.
A commercially sourced thermoelectric generator will turn into 288kWE of carbon 0 mains power: power from 5x10-17cc of regular water a decade. 7.6 million UK pounds as income from the national grid.
From a single 50x1cm steam plasma tube. Companies will run 3 1mx1cm steam plasma tubes, and get 38 million from the national grid. For 1.2MW of carbon 0 power.
Бесплатная мощность компании
Ядерная энергетика заявила, что их игра закончилась, когда люди сделали ядерный синтез на Земле. Природа насчитывает 3,8 миллиарда лет. Хотя на Земле была жидкая вода, там были дождь и снег.
Тяжелый дождь и снег делают молекулярный ядерный синтез: ядерный синтез при температуре воздуха -50oC. Что изучали ученые за последние 60 лет? Ничего важного, поэтому Nuclear Fusion дал им деньги.
Каждые 3 минуты по всему миру сильный дождь настраивается на молнию.
1 H2O + TU-> He2 ++ O ++ 3e- + E, поэтому сильный дождь нагревает воздух и создает потенциал 5000 В между облачными вершинами и землей.
Мы получаем световой удар, который собирает положительный заряд. Затем паровую плазму 1,5 км 2 см - молниеотвод.
2 H2O + PL-> Не2 ++ ++ O 3e- + L + Рентгеновский
Мы знаем, что мы делаем Nuclear Fusion, поскольку в воздухе есть только один источник рентгеновских лучей - Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Это вырабатывает 5 тонн газа He, из которых нет химического источника. Таким образом, природа получает 1040 Вт энергии, начиная с ядерного синтеза на Земле каждый год.
В стеклянной трубке мы делаем в два раза более энергичный плазменный ожог
3 H2O + PL-> E3 + L + рентгеновские лучи без радиоактивных материалов. Нет цели для террористической грязной бомбы.
Выдувание ториевого реактора рассеивает плутоний и обогащенный уран над континентом. Уничтожение жизни в 4 ближайших городах. Компании не имеют лицензии на обработку плутония или обогащенного урана, поэтому ядерные реакторы Ториума являются незаконными быстрыми селекционерами.
Таким образом, паровая плазма размером 50x1 см при 4 атмосфер выпускает постоянную 2,4 МВт, свободной, углеродистой теплотой. Из обычной воды. Нет радиоактивных отходов.
Термоэлектрический генератор с коммерческими источниками превратится в 288 кВт электроэнергии от электросети 0: мощность от 5х10-17 см3 обычной воды в течение десятилетия. 7,6 млн. Фунтов стерлингов в качестве дохода от национальной сети.
Из одной паровой плазменной трубки 50х1 см. Компании будут запускать 3 1xx1cm паровые плазменные трубки и получить 38 миллионов от национальной сети. Для 1,2 МВт энергии углерода 0.