Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Eye alignment correction

2 September 2014
                I am still of work in progress!  I suffered a severe car accident, and was left with our eyes out off alignment.  20% horizontally, 5% vertically: despite two serious eye operations.
                Then I walked around for over a decade!  And became an author and singer.  To get my books on Lulu.com, and on Amazon Kendle.  During this time I have said about High Intensity UltraSound.
                Cancer cells show up under low power ultrasound!  They convert some the water in the pressurise cancer cells, into helium, oxygen, and X rays!  5 W ultrasound initiates molecular nuclear fusion only in the cancer cells.
1              H2Op+US->He+O+E12+Xray
                Then in 2002 the Moffitt tried out high intensity ultrasound: I presume they years 150 W 40 kHz.  As 40 kHz is the frequency used by a metallurgical ultrasound.  Where I used to work!
                I raid about this work in a charity cancer magazine 2010: I was away becoming a singer and writer-after starting a chemical engineering Ph D 2001 at Sheffield University.  They discovered I was working with Harvard University on cancer,
(ASIN: B00BR0I3II)              I immersed 2 kW ultrasound initiated molecular nuclear fusion in liquid water.  Liberating between 40 and 100 kW of steam!  We could use to generate electricity.  50 times more than the energy we used.  Search Amazon Kindle and Lulu.com for 'Jonathan Thomason' for my e-books and paperbacks.
                In 2013 I have purchased a 150 Watts 40 kHz ultrasound device: I have always been medically licensed ultrasound massage device.  Below is a 5 the the theW 1 MHz device - that I use.
1Mhz Ultrasonic Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Slim Massage Ultrasound Therapy w1Mhz Ultrasonic Skin Care Facial Cleaner...
                HIUS applied externally to any cancer clears the cancer!  I even clear late stage inoperable liver cancer.  The Moffitt have published 100 double blind trial on prostate cancer.  HIUS had a 100% success rate.  Biochemical treatments are rendered defective medicine.
                Totally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                HIUS applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears coronary heart disease!  No biochemical treatment ever required.
                I applied to the bottom right of the chest HIUS will clear all types of diabetes:  Type 1 only clears over three days.  Type 2 takes 10 years.  No more ultrasound is ever required.  Again biochemical treatments are defective.
                And then I got to my 30% brain damage.  It is hard!  As I registered for a Ph D before any HIUS use.  And I was also singing on stage.  Doing urban folk.
                The last visible effect was my eyes.  That 20 per cent of mal alignment commenced people I was seriously drunk.  My voice also has some residual damage.
                HIUS applied to the main section of the brain externally, totally fixes Crossley’s’s region.  In English, it fixes the voice.  Which it is in five people in Salford.  A 100% success rate.  I reassured people ‘it will either work, or it will not.  It will not make it worse’
                It always helped.  Applied externally to the brain area damaged by struck, multiple applications will totally repair the stroke.
                My eyes are a difficult fix.  Due to all the eye surgery I had.  I am still a work in progress.  I fault of the world should know about this work.
                It will clear all cancers!  It will also clear heart disease and diabetes.  Apply it to the head it will reaffirm all mental health problems, and head injuries.
                Applied to the spine it should repair spinal injuries!  HIUS also out the potential to be the most important medical department ever.  Applied to the chest, throat and nose for just ½ minute it will clear all bacterial and viral infections: no antibiotics ever required!
                Salford Royal has as me to consider being an adviser.  Cambridge University is interested in me doing a medical Ph.D. there.  That will be a three year delay in saving lives.  And fixing I injuries like mine!

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Clearing skin cancer

2 September 2014
                The Moffitt cancer centre in America prove the efficacy of High Intensity UltraSound on prostate cancer 2002: why medics have never used this science I do not know!
                HIUS applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys totally clears coronary heart disease: in one 30 second application.  This being the standard treatment time to clear all the diseases of age.
                I applied to the bottom right of the chest it clears all types of diabetes: though Type 1 takes three days to totally remit.  No more ultrasound required.
                Applied to both sides the head it clears all mental health problems!  Parkinson’s, Altheimer’s, MS, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar in my personal experience.  I have a 100% clearance rate.
                It should also clear stroke damage!  We apply repeatedly externally to the area of damage.
                Apply it to a skin cancer, the pressurise cancer cells fragment!  Clearing the disease throughout the body.  HIUS also clears breast, colon and liver cancer.  Basically all cancers!
                Every GP on earth have raid the Moffitt document.  The Hippocratic oath prohibits biochemical treatments-which are now defective medicine!
                To do so invokes the striking off other medics involved.  Since 2002 400,000,000 people around the world had died from a major diseases of age: all know totally clearable.  Utilising an ultrasonic massage device!  It took me six months to find a source of HIUS.  Cheaper than the $10,000 the Moffitt wanted to charge for each device.

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Proving fusion

2 September 2014
                Is within the problems of every high school in the world!  We have a 2 kW ultrasound emitter a long flask of water!  We have thermonitors and Geiger counters position to measure the heat and radiation output.
                We fire up the ultrasound emitter.  This sets off molecular nuclear fusion:
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                There is no source of X rays!  We also get bubbles of helium and oxygen gases: which we might choose to collect, and analyse.
                The tube reaches boiling in ten seconds (at a guess).  We then produce the steam to turn a steam turbine.  We use a mains back up generator 5.2kw Electric Start Silenced
£1,654.80 Justoffbase
                This synchronises is AC power with the mains voltage and frequency.  I would recommend a school or garage scientist uses an outhouse!  We can block the emission of radiation using a 1 MM shield of iron oxide.
                My best guess is that this system would produce 40 MW.  This generator is only for 5.2 kW. 27.5kw 1500rpm ... £7,849.20

will handle a greater power generation.  400 MW we really want 100 MW mains backup generator

                These devices will convert the steam into D. C.  and then alternating current.  We have no fossil fuel burn.  Carbon dioxide stimulates plant growth!  So we will create no life enhancing carbon dioxide either.

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Infinite free energy

2 September 2014
                My experience of metallurgical ultrasound was up a 2 kilowatts ultrasound source produced 100 bubbles of helium and oxygen.  He also caused the rapid boiling of the ultrasound media in the free winter air.
                This represents an energy release of 10 kW!  In other words, we get a surplus 8 kW!  A house uses and are 80 kW.  During the teatime energy surge!  So there 20 kW ultrasound source would drive a small steam cycle to generate all the electricity the house needed.
                We are going to sell 60 kW on average to the national grade.  At 2p/kW hr.  We are producing 100 kWh.  The daily income of 2000 pounds.  750,000 UK pounds a year.  Which presumably we will invest in more ultrasound Power Equipment.
                This is a totally huge income!  Producing free electricity.  Burning no fossil fuels and doing no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium: which produces most toxic waste in recorded history.
                We will produce a whiff of helium and oxygen.  The helium is lost to space the same day.  The oxygen is like that produced by the countryside!  Totally harmless.
                So we get every fifth house producing electricity.  We produce a national surplus of electricity!  From regular water.  Using an ultrasound emitter.  And I have proved it all practically works!
                At Inco Allied Products 1983.

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Falling seas

1 September 2014
                Ice is less dense the water!  So when it melts ice contracts!  This is why the freezing central heating systems crack central heating radiators are open.  He ice expands as increases!
                The arctic seas go down to -20° C.  The maximum density of water is at 3° C.  So as ice melts and nose into the seas, it really contracts!  Three years ago air we had an Antarctic ice maximum!
                For last 200 years global photosynthesis has limited free daytime carbon dioxide levels in the air at only two parts per million!  Burning of fossil fuels has increased active life on earth.  It is not affected the gas composition of the air.
                This is O level physics and biology!

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Free earth power and gold

1 September 2014
                We have to remove the gold, platinum and silver before the water that runs over the earth’s mantle can be used to generate free electricity.
                The water from the seas and Rivers of the earth percolates down until it meets the earth’s core.  There it forms the mantel!  And the earth spins around this water, which is at 250° C and 8.4 atmospheres.  Just liquid-because of a higher pressure.
                In places this metal heavy water collects in underground mantle pockets are only 10 metres below the surface.  At this depth of the metals are not yet started precipitating out-to form ore deposits.
                This water forms the source of every river on earth.  Any care is some gold dust with it!  Which is why panning for gold works.
                We use ground sonar, to tracking the underground river source back, until we find a liquid filled mantle pockets at least 10 meters below the surface of the earth.  We drill down for this water.
                It goes up to the surface, we of metal dust in it!  Here the gold is a pollutant we would rather was not here.  No big problem!  We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner, and this extracts all the heavy metal powder.
                Which we sell on to process into ingots.  40% gold!  Within two years will end up varying it in disused mine workings-as it will have no value or use!
                Mankind has extracted 0.5% other goals from the deep, through his mining and gold panning.  We can double Lewis in only two years!  There are already 12,000 trial geothermal mining plants around the world-which is why the price of gold is crashing!
                It will never increase ever again.  We are outstripping the demand for gold by a factor of 10,000.  I am not interested!  An induces in the power.
                We pass the clean steam through a steam turbine, and generate electricity.  We use a tiny fraction to drive a Carnot heat pump.  To condense the steam into liquid water, and return 85% of the system heat to the inlet steam.
                The more steam we extract, the more gold we get!  But I prefer steam have 1000° C rather than 240 to generate electricity.
                Free electricity and gold!  We have no fossil fuel bound.  We produce no carbon dioxide.  And definitely no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium: the technology of hades.
                I great grandchildren27 will still be paying for the folly of the 20th century allowing nuclear fission to produce electricity.  And toxic waste which will remain lethal for 100,000 years.  The cost of handling the radioactive waste will be 200 times the cost of generating electricity by conventional power.
                But here we use earth power.  Free at source.  We gold and platinum in it’s superheated water!

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Nuclear fusion by ultrasound

1 September 2014
                I first started writing about 18 months ago.  Since when no way he has commented!  All professors of physics are at much money writing fictitious papers about the weather-though they know nothing about metrology.
                They do know that photosynthesis limits free carbon dioxide in the air to only two parts per million in a warm period.  Modern plants turn the burned fossil fuels back into active biology!  Sucking the carbon dioxide out in the air.  Man could an increase of carbon dioxide level if he tried!
                This goes back to 1983, Inco Bleabavon.  I was doing metallurgical ultrasound.  And life was noted that you could a line of gas bubbles of have a crack in the forging.
                If you analyse these bubbles, he welfare and oxygen and helium gases.  The ultrasound media steam and in the winter air.  Something was producing a lot of heat!
1              H2O+US->He+O+E1+Xray
Note the production of X rays!  Which is outside the energy emitted by chemical reactions.  There were actually doing molecular nuclear fusion!  From their hydrogen ions in a water.  He missed out on the biggest scientific discovery ever.
It crack acts as a stress raiser, which catalysed molecular nuclear fusion.  In the arctic air in Wales!  At -6° C.
Each fusion reaction releases 6 W of energy: 5.8 from the relativistic conversion! E=mc2
                We were getting 100 bubbles from a 2 kW ultrasound device.  So really we want 2x200 kilowatts ultrasound devices.  Which will give us our 120 MW.  Ideal to run 100 MW power station.  With no fossil fuel burn!  Now use of natural gas.  Which now is stratospherically overpriced!  Nearly as overpriced as oil or hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.
                We have a crank handle which elevates a weight.  This starts a small ultrasonic fusion device.  This shares its energy, the steam raising accumulators, and starting 100 MW power station.
                Once running the plant needs no oil or gas.  He consumers a minuscule amount of liquid water!  A thimble full a decade.  Only obviously does no hyper toxic uranium fission.
                It generates electricity for very nearly zero.  The Capital Equipment will be paid for within a year, and then the electricity cost is all profits!  The cost to the consumer will win the cost of running the electricity network.
                And paying the profits to the energy producer.  So no oil or gas!  No carbon dioxide production-though that only increases the amount of active biology on earth.
                No radioactive waste.  All taught to me 32 years ago at Sheffield University.  I mentioned molecular nuclear fusion to my supervisor in 2001, and he could not end my chemical injuring PH D quickly enough!
                Too much of academia is subsidized by hyper toxic nuclear power.

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