Friday, 30 January 2015

Sack those consultants

30 January 2015
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer at one appointment.  Since that date no medically licensed academic has been ethically allowed to teach biochemical treatments-which are defective medicine.
                All hospital consultants were well aware that high as clears all cancers on that date.  Bio chemistry represents 60% of a medical degree.  All graduating students automatically have had their Hippocratic oath invalidated.
                They are entitled to our 100% reimbursement of their university fees.  And are prohibited them from ever working in Health Service.  Until a complete another medical degree.
                Hospital consultants have supervised the avoidable deaths of 400,000,000 people around this planet.  HIUS applied externally clears all cancers.  Consul science knew about the effectiveness of theHIUS.
                In 2008 the work started appearing on diabetes and HIUS.  I confirm that 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound applied externally to the lower right of the rib cage will clear all types of diabetes.  This will also clear all cancers.
                2012 medics published the use of HIUS externally to the coronary arteries and kidneys to clear coronary heart disease.
                Again consultants to advise G P’s prescribing defective biochemical treatments.  Four their patients to die screaming in agony, from multi organ failure was suddenly from the three major              diseases of age above respectively.
                HIUS applied for ½ minute to each side or the head externally will clear all mental health problems: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, schizophrenia and other mental health problems are all cleared at one appointment.
                All stresses mental health hospitals are duty bound to applied HIUS to the patients.  And cure them.  Again there consultants have not applied the Hippocratic oath.  So there are no longer allowed to supervise G P’s.
                How much jail time and the fine is a matter for lawyers to sort out: 25 years and 10,000,000 pounds seems a reasonable number.  For the 16,000 patients they have supervised the death of.
                The is a most serious criminals and recorded history.  And they are still killing!  And the massively over paid to do so,
                Collectively this will save the energy is budget over 98.5%!  The avoidable killings were blatantly amount to three times the economic wealth of the planet.
                Will be the most bankrupt group in history!
Jonathan Thomason

Changes in medicine

30 January 2015
                It is the greatest change over in medicine.  The age Bio chemistry is over.  Unfortunately previous medical courses were 60% biochemistry.  All this training totally superfluous.  Only radiologists have useful training.
                High Intensity UltraSound clears all the diseases of age totally.
1                     HIUS applied externally to the cancerous organ will totally clear the cancer.  Biochemical prescriptions on application are defective medicine-prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Wanting immediate striking off of the involves medics.
2                     HIUS applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears all coronary heart disease.
3                     I fault ultrasound clears diabetes.  It now appears high us to the bottom right of the chest and the pancreas and also the kidneys clears all types of diabetes.
4                     HIUS to the chest, throat and nose for ½ minute clears all infective disease.  A prescription for fungal antibiotics is similarly prohibited medicine.
There was controversy in the news today about doctors be up to take up Medical Service the year after graduation.  They he will have been trained in High Intensity UltraSound.
Wish to be honest can be taught in a week.  Our present doctors and consultants applied defective medicine and must instantly be retired.
                The application are defective Bio chemistry has killed 400,000,000 people around the planet.  Six million in the UK alone.  He each death in care a legal fine of 10,000,000 UK pounds.
                The total find is three times the total economic wealth of the planet.  It is a matter of urgency that all present doctors and consultants who insist on applying defective Bio chemistry are retired.
                They are most prolific mass murderers of history!  And the killing continues.  A&E around the world also busy as all present G P’s are taking the opportunity for early retirement.
                A suitable HIUS device is a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device.  Search is bought from Amazon or Ebay.  ½ minute of external application will clear all diseases.
                Removing any need to see a GP or hospital.  Present Health Services are all going bankrupt.  Which will bring to an abrupt end the avoidable homicide is caused by inappropriate biochemical application.
                And there is no Bio chemistry which is not inappropriate!
Jonathan Thomason

Oil - energy deficient

30 January 2015
                When you burn oil, you do low levels of molecular nuclear fusion
1              Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+(n-r)H2O+r(He2++O32-+E+Xray)
                The production of X rays and helium gases are on scientific record.  There is no chemical source of either.  We are doing well levels on nuclear fusion from a compound of hydrogen.
                As I have been publishing papers about this, the price of oil has collapsed.  To below $50.00 per barrel.  Within six months they will drop below $20.00 a barrel-average level in Saudi Arabia cannot extract oil profitably.
                To double the heat production from a flame of oil or gas, we only need playing the flame he is to titanium surface.  Even a titanium plated boiler plate, or a titanium plated internal combustion engine body.
                Present uranium nuclear power converts eight neutrons into heat energy.  It is 60,000 times as efficient at conedverting mass into heat.  Burning fossil fuels converts one neutron per ion of hydrogen convert into heat.  The oxidising carbon compounds takes in energy.
                More importantly uranium fission is a most toxic process that will be permitted on the surface of the earth.
                Far more efficient is a steam plasma.
2              1H++e- ->n0
3              1H++r n0 -> 3+H+ ->E2+L+Xray+2n0
4              16O2-+ s n0 ->161H++32e-                then 16x equation 3
                This is our high level physics notation.  Emission it mains: the hydrogen ions and free electrons to the bond to form the composite particle of a neutron.  These neutrons enrich other hydrogen and oxygen ions.
                The oxygen ions repeatedly fission, and so we are left MS 16 hydrogen ions and 32 net electrons.
                The hygiene ions are enriched, and undergo nuclear fission into energy, light, X rays spitting out the surplus neutrons.
                We are interested in using a steam plasma tube to run a steam cycle.  As lightning strikes demonstrate that a two metre a partial steam plasma, their rates are constant 12 MW of heat.
                So 10 2m steam plasma tubes will drive our 100 MW power station, with no fossil fuel bound.  We use 2% of the generated power, to drive a Carnot heat system.
                This condenses the steam, and returns 85% of the heat at higher temperature to the boiler room.  This means we may only need three steam plasma tubes.  Which consume a thimble full of regular water a decade.  No oil or gas or coal.
                With eight times the firmer electric efficiency of hyper toxic uranium fission.  In contrast we produce no solid waste at all.  The neutrons could not escape a plastic bag.
                The light and X rays are contained within the power station.  The massive energy drives a steam cycle.  With no boiler room!  No use of uranium fission tubes.  No enriched uranium.
                No solid radioactive waste.  So present nuclear power could convert over to molecular nuclear fusion in a week!  And stop producing utterly no toxic nuclear waste.
                And eight times the energy efficiency other power plant.  Converting mass into energy.  With no toxic waste product.  All fully scientifically published in the 1950s.
                We should not be using uranium fission: just too toxic!  Causing a multi core meltdown and spray radioactive waste over a continent every 25 years: 3 Mile Island, Windscale, Chernobyl and Fukushima.
                Not an aberration.  An inevitable consequence of this masterly toxic radioactive cycle.  Now had totally superfluous to our requirements.  There to life on earth is available organic carbon circulating the environment.
                So as to burn fossil fuels were active life on earth increases.  The carbon dioxide level in the air is fixed as an average level of two parts per million.  Is preindustrial level.  Levels spiked briefly at four parts per million, in the little ice age.
                When I was less global photosynthesis.  Carbon dioxide levels historically have only risen in natural ice ages.  In warm periods there are fixed at the level required for photosynthesis.  In modern times the two parts per million.
                In the Jurassic that level was 4ppm.  There was 65% more life on earth.  And three natural ice ages.  When sea levels were 60 metres lower.  Before mankind and fossil fuel burning evolved!  The fossil fuels were active biology.
                So removing her time a static over one carbon dioxide.  Static trace gases affect nothing.  As realised by every scientist on earth.  Individuals who have ever published work about manmade global warming or climate change are not scientists.
                And should not be employed in education at any level.  But now we have molecular nuclear fusion: which nature is done naturally in lightning strikes home for 3.8 billion years.
                Fixing the organic nitrogen which is essential for life!  So you are only a line because nature does nuclear fusion on earth-from compounds of hydrogen.
                The free, nontoxic Energy System.  That does not produce any carbon dioxide.  No plutonium or strontium.  No intermittent continental toxic death.
                Using no enriched uranium.  Employing them the regular water.  Which our steam plasma enriches!  As it does molecular nuclear fusion.
                Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  Including you.  Which is why you breathe out helium and methane gases.  And emit X rays in time with your heart rate.
                As molecular nuclear fusion occurs on your arteries and around the heart.
5              CO2+3H2O ->CH4+He+O3+2O+E2+Xray+L
                Fire up to friend’s house in light flashes from a beating heart.  And a Geiger counter has recorded the emission of X rays.  And gas analysis hes shown the production of methane ozone.
Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The biggest free power on earth

28 January 2015
                We burn the fossil fuels you converts some the mass into energy!  By doing molecular nuclear fusion.
1              Cm(H2O)n+(r+m)H2O+rO2 -> mCO2+(n-r)H2O+r(He+O3+E+L+Xray)
                Converting two hydrogen ions into one neutron, converts one proton and two neutrons into energy.  But oxidising carbon fuels takes in energy.  So this is a very week Energy System.
                Hyper toxic uranium fission those says he is 20,000 times more exothermic.  As a converts eight neutrons into free energy.  A neutron is a proton bonded to an electron,
                Uranium236 was converts about 1/64th of its mass into energy.  The creates hyper toxic plutonium and strontium.  The uranium fission nuclear power was originally devised to free is plutonium for only atomic bomb.
                Is energy production was only utilised later!  And is the most toxic method mankind has ever devised to generate electricity.
                Your body has published the fiction of helium by heavy rain.
2              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                So here we have nature doing nuclear fusion on earth continuously!  The rain acting as a massive battery.  No source of any chemistry, or nuclear fission here.  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion.
                Incidentally fixing all the organic nitrogen which fertilise is life on earth.
3              N2+tO2+E->2NOt             
                No life on earth would exist without molecular nuclear fusion.  Even bacteria utilising the sulphur cycle, also do molecular nuclear fusion.  The most important life support system is photosynthesis.
4              m(CO2+O2)+nH2O+UV->Cm(H2O)n+(He2+2mO32-+E2+Xray)
                Before molecular oxygen existed, by the liberation of free radical oxygen.  Which for my study into molecular oxygen and ozone.  Today we form ozone.  Which builds the ozone layer, which facilitates multi cellular life on earth.
                It is interesting to C that molecular nuclear fusion on earth is so integral to life on earth.  The UV light initiates the nuclear fusion, but the production of helium is the main energy source.
                You might argue that the only doing one nuclear fusion for every carbohydrate the build.  But the number of photosynthetic operations which occur around the earth, makes this the meant the most important energy source on earth.
                What becomes of the electrical build up we get between cloud tops and the ground.  The positive charge rises to above the clouds.  The negative falls to the ground.  Hence the electricity refill from heavy rain.
                Well we get a potential builder of 5000 volts we set up a lightening down strike.  That links up electron holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  This takes ½ MW of power.
                We then get the up rush of hundred amps of charge electrons.  Through a partial steam plasma.  This makes five terms of helium gas.  And releases 2.5x1930 Watts of energy.  All the physicists which have missed the nuclear fusion going on in the air, have chosen to dismiss all the evidence of geography and biology.
5              H2O+T ->He2++O2-+E3+L+Xray+K               K= sound.
                This happens for three sections, every 3 minutes around the earth.  For free.  The helium is lost to space, and ¼ oxygen we breathe in is produced by nature doing molecular nuclear fusion from water.
                Molecular nuclear fusion also produces X rays from ammonia or ethanol refineries.  The turbulent flow of steam also produces of energy and X rays.  As with air raid helium and oxygen gases.
                All through nature!  The venting steam power is volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.  How obvious do nature have to be.  No scientist on earth would argue that volcanoes are driven by nuclear processes.
                Again venting steam does molecular nuclear fusion.  The steam is produced as water same as on the earth’s mantle all around the globe.  When it fires a share to the surface, we get an eruption, earthquake or tsunami.
                Geography has but the emission of X rays and production of helium on academic record.  Physicists do not bother to read it.  The production of helium.  Of which there is no chemical source.
                Nuclear fission in the deep can only account for 20,000th of the natural production of X rays, and production of Alpha particles: charged helium nuclei.
                Molecular nuclear fusion converts 2/3 of the mass of hydrogen atoms into free energy.  The three hydrogen ions amalgamate with free electrons to form neutrons.  These bond with the hydrogen and oxygen ions.
6              H++e- ->n0
7              16O2-+s n0 ->16H++32e-
8              1H++r n0 ->1+rH+ ->E3+L+Xray
                The neutrons enrich the oxygen ions, which undergo nuclear fission into 16 electrons.  He each fission converting a neutron into energy.  Making the net process exothermic.
                The hydrogen ions are enriched by other neutrons, this time fission NG into energy, light and X rays.  No hyper toxic radioactive waste.  Just eight times the energy of hyper toxic uranium fission.
                The ultimate free, clean, simple Energy System.  Any engineering workshop can work out the details of steam plasma tube in the lunch break.
                They all find that a one metre steam plasma tube will liberate 6 MW of heat: data are extrapolated from lightening.  So this is for 2 cm wide steam plasma.  The and 60% nitrogen gas.  Which dumps down the process.
                A pure steam plasma should liberate 40 MW/m.  So a 50x1 cm steam plasma should liberate 24 MW.  Five of these tubes to drive our 100 MW power station.
                Previously I have only calculated on the partial steam plasma!  Sorry.  A pure steam plasma is a lot more exothermic.
                But it generates no toxic radioactive waste.  It uses an energy, light and X rays.  No hyper toxic radioactive waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years: my present uranium fission.
                Which is massively toxic, he’s is fantastically expensive enriched uranium.  And sprays radioactive waste across a continent every 25 years.  The technology of hades.
                We utilised regular water.  A pulse of electricity at 2000 volts 0.01 amps will initiate the plasma.  Which above four atmospheres will self sustain!  A power station boiler room was and eight atmospheres naturally.
                So we immerse them he can replace all burning of oil and gas.  Which is why the price of fossil fuels has crashed recently.  So commercial power generation is no cheaper than hyper toxic uranium fission.
                Power companies have kept the money!  Burning boiling gas no undercuts uranium fission.  And produces no toxic waste.  And the carbon dioxide-which increases life on earth.
                Photosynthesis has ensured there is no builder of this gas in the air.  Which never makes it to the stratosphere.  So there is utterly no possibility of carbon dioxide ever affecting the weather.
                Historically it’s levels only rise in natural ice ages.  When there is less photosynthesis.  It does not make the weather.  He reacts to it!  Going up in natural ice ages.
                The little ice age saw global carbon dioxide at four parts per million.  The level in the cretaceous, when there was 65% more life on earth.  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                Since the little ice age ended carbon dioxide has been limited to global average of only two parts per million.  Diesel engine exhausts are converted into active biology within five minutes.  The average carbon dioxide level in the air has been a static two parts per million, for all recorded history.
                We have to look at the mineral record to deduce of carbon dioxide level in prehistory.  I repeat carbon dioxide is static!  Any scientist has ever published documents about manmade global warming or climate change is a dangerous moron.
                And should not be employed in education.  They are being paid nuclear stooges.  They are not scientists.
                The so now we know how nature does nuclear fusion on earth.  And also how mankind can do nuclear fusion on earth.  And it is trivial!  He fires up a regular steam plasma.
                And gets eight times the power density of five toxic uranium fission.  And produces no toxic waste.  Basically for free!  Which present nuclear power definitely is not.  It is the technology of hades without question.
                I told Sheffield University this in 2001.  The eight professors and the department no longer exist.  Because I was so obviously right.  They didn’t see fit to give me the PH DI deserved.
                Devising molecular nuclear fusion deserves the noble prize at the very least!  The money of present nuclear power will ensure that I am never awarded it.

Jonathan Thomason

Where are all the GP’s?

28 January 2015
                In 2002 the world leading Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated that High Intensity UltraSound cured prostate cancer.  It actually is sets off molecular nuclear fusion only in pressurised cell types like cancer.
1              H2OL+US ->He+O+E2+Xray
                This is a source of X rays that medics have used to detect cancers since 1860: they are the world experts on ultrasound.  This is so ultrasound at 5 W.
                The Moffitt use ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz (presumably) and no rather than just heating up cancer cells by 16° C, the cell fragments explosively.  Plasma converts the regular water into helium and oxygen gases.  Were loads of heat.
                All cancers heart he pressurised in order to grow.  So all cancers respond to HIUS.  Biochemical treatments and cancer surgery are now globally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Which demands the doctors employed the best medicine.
                A one appointment cure is obviously so much better than a fatal, unpleasant treatment.  This works for all 200 cancers out there.  Certainly no money should ever be using prostate surgery ever again.
                To do so since 2002 is medical malpractice.  All cancer surgery since 2002 is medical malpractice.  One external application of high us and the cancer is gone.
                The cheapest source is the Internet.  Search for ‘ultrasound massage device 5 W 1 MHz cheapest’.  This is 30 times cheaper to apply than a 150 watt device.  The affected MS is given by the power frequency product.  So far is far greater than 1 W.
                Physiotherapists prefer >1.5 W 3 MHz.  And have written this year’s a medical papers about such devices clearing scarring and limb damage.  Which turns out to be the result of molecular nuclear fusion in cessated cells.  1 MHz devices are cheaper to buy.
                Every health centre on earth owns such a high us device.  Your G P’s have continued to prescribe biochemical treatments.  Such individuals have killed 8000 of their own patients for their own financial gain.
                They have accumulated a millennia in jail, and $1,000,000,000 fine.  So they have all retired in panic.  As medicine has now lost cancer.  Their big cash cow.
                2012 medics published the use of high us to the top left the chest and the kidneys, to clear all types of coronary heart disease.  Just ½ minute (the standard treatment time) will clear coronary heart disease and raised blood pressure.
                HIUS for the same time to the bottom right of the rib cage over the pancreas, will clear all types of diabetes.  Medicine is very anxious to stop people getting cure for diabetes.  As there running out of town or fatal conditions secondary.
                HIUS to the chest for a minute clears asthma.  Asthma inhalers are now globally prohibited.  Their prescription writing the striking off of the medic involved.  And a truly massive legal fine on chemists selling biochemical treatments.
                Ultrasound for ½ minute to each side or the head clears all mental health problems.  Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, schizophrenia and depression.  It mental health hospitals around the world will instantly empty.
                As all the patients get better.  HIUS also clears arthritis, lupus, and IBS.  Applied to the lungs it clears all viral and bacterial infections.  Including HIV and Ebola.

Cancer cure-HIUS
Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Worst murderers in history

27 January 2015
                GP numbers are directly related to the number of biochemical prescriptions they write out.  They have promised to apply best medicine, but only a apply biochemistry.
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre publisher hundred patient double blind trial on high intensity ultrasound clearing cancer totally at one appointment!  That you take in energy could not have been less interested.
                In the world’s first total cure to cancer.  As a single appointment.  A suitable device is a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device purchased from Ebay or via Google
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                Doctors hate this.  People can use their own are medically licensed beauty device, and clear all 200 cancers out there.  That share the same inflated nature.  The ultrasound sets off molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray
                Under low power ultrasound all cancers give off X rays.  There is no chemical source of X rays.  And no source of nuclear fission.  If we turn up the power, we get cell content boiling only are pressurised cell types like cancer.
                150 Watts 40 kHz is what the medics term High Intensity UltraSound.  The efficacy is the power frequency product.  So 5 W 1 Hz is also HIUS.  As is >1.5 W 3  theMHz.
                The latter is emitted by the medically licensed physiotherapy device, that clears all limb damage and scarring.
                It also clears all cancers and wrinkles.  Have you noticed of late, all the doctors are looking so young.  As they use the health centre physiotherapists ultrasound, to clear their wrinkles.
                At the same time writing out knowingly fatal biochemical treatments for cancer.  Although fully aware that the health centre HIUS machine will clear all cancers.
                2012 medics published the use of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys to clear all coronary heart disease.  In that year the world’s biggest killer!
                2008 it was farm of HIUS applied to the bottom right of the rib cage over the pancreas, clears the inflated structure causing all types of diabetes.  That shows up, like cancers, under low power ultrasound.
                ½ minute application of HIUS will show the pressurised cells are being cleared.  Blood test will demonstrate that the sugar levels in the blood on their normalised!  Way it below the 8 mg/ml that not see onset of diabetes.
                Medics couldn’t care less!  They recite the mantra that diabetes is incurable, and care ideal for the biochemical treatments.  All 30 year of my people have been cleared of diabetes.  Once had his insulin pump removed.
                But the medics insist on injecting slow release of insulin every month.  Another has gone nil by mouth twice, demonstrating the diabetes type two is totally clears.  Yet they keep right on prescribing insulin.
                The people on their Ruddy faced, and do not walk around like members of the living dead!  They are healthy and red.  As the carbohydrates are transported into cells.  To be metabolise to mitochondria.
                The Hippocratic oath dictates that any medic who continues to medicate a patient who is now well, he is instantly struck off.  The GMC has failed to implement this.
                No register Dr. can any more research biochemical treatments for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  High as for ½ minute to each side or the head clears all mental health problems.
                My friend with Alzheimer’s is starting around so helpfully.  I have cleared the MS are two people.  The disease that killed a girl friend of mine.
                There is now accepted biochemical treatment for schizophrenia.  ½ minute of HIUS to each side or the head totally clears the condition in my practical experience!  It took Salford Royal two years to fully discharge my former schizophrenic friend.
                People trust the Dr..  But he is an a string defective medicine for is own financial gain.  Remember the number of registered doctors is that the proportional to the number of biochemical prescriptions they write out.
                Two conditions fully cleared by a single application of HIUS.  And every health centre in the world has a physiotherapists ultrasound unit in the nurse’s office.
                And they are fully aware he will clear cancers, heart disease, diabetes, schizophrenia, MS and depression.  I recently had an e-mail from America today.  HIUS also other alter immune diseases.  Which are caused by a pathogen fragment making inappropriate !-2 without linked I-4.
                This causes and over stimulated immune action.  That causes MS, asthma and arthritis.  So asthma inhalers are now also are defective medicine which are globally prohibited.
                Writing out just one biochemical prescription for the diseases of age are once immediate striking off of the medic involved.
                The Hippocratic earth prohibits research are defective medicine.  So no university medical school can any more research or teach biochemical treatments.
                Since 2002 the biochemical prescriptions of G P’s in the UK has avoidable he killed 6,000,000 people.  A 10th of the UK population!  There biggest peacetime homicide over.
                Around the world G P’s have avoidable he killed 400 million people.  These are the most dangerous psychopaths in history!  They killed massively for money!  These are not nice people.  He should not be in the Health Service at all.
                Is your GP using drunks to murder you?  By your own ultrasound device.  Cure yourself.

Jonathan Thomason

Diabetes Type II

27 January 2015
                Is caused by an inflated post viral structure in the pancreas.  Like cancer, it shows up under low power ultrasound scans.  5 W 40 kHz.
                Cancer is cleared by High Intensity UltraSound.  This was medically published in 2002.  Since when doctors have continued to prescribe biochemical treatments.  In direct contravention to the Hippocratic oath.
                Register doctors are not allowed to research, teach all prescribe defective medicine.  All doctors who have continued no biochemical work on no longer doctors.
                More importantly they have killed a turn for the population around the world.  For their own financial gain.  The biggest mass homicide in human history.  We are talking in excess of 400 million people.
                The bacterial plaque causing coronary heart disease is on the coronary arteries or around the kidneys.  Application of high us to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears all types of diabetes.
                A lower power ultrasound will show the removal of this bacterial plaque.  A simple blood pressure tests will confirm this disease is clearsed.  At which stage no register Dr. Can prescribe any medication.
                High us to the bottom right of the rib cage over the pancreas clears all types of diabetes.  Type II clears within 10 minutes.  No like cancer is cleared, medics are desperately trying to find any disease again failed to cure!  Diabetes is cured.
                Type I only clears in three days.  As the liver clears the antisense enzyme produce by a viral rump in the pancreas.  The HIUS has obviously removed the structure instantly.
                This idea has worked in Canada and Hong Kong, as well as in 30 people in the UK.  Medics are continuing to our minister diabetes medication.  Despite a lower power ultrasound scan and confirming the diseases clearsed.
                The blood sugar levels are normal!  19 people has gone nill by mouth twice.  But the GP who fuses time it that she no longer happens and Diabetes II.
                Continuing to administer medication warrents striking off other medics involved.  The local GP continues to prescribe biochemical treatments for blood pressure.
                The GMC has no legal discretion.  This individual is no longer a registered Dr..  He is guilty of admi string defective medication.
                So we get back to the point of registered doctors have avoidably killed a third of the world population for their own financial gain.
                The next hope of medicine was mantle health trouble.  I have had ministers HIUS for ½ minute to each side or the skull.  And cleared Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS.  Schizophrenia and depression.
The biochemical answer so all these diseases was imperfect.  High as totally clears all these problems.  My friend’s father had Alzheimer’s.  He never doesn’t.  It turns out this disease is really trivial to cure.
A suitable device can be purchased over the Internet.  Search for ‘5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device cheapest’.  By obviously make no money from this idea.  Unlike doctors who generated and 98% of their income by prescribing fatal biochemical treatments.
½ minute will cure all the major diseases of age.  High us for the same time to the chest, throat and nose will clear all infections.  Without any need to see the GP.
Stopping the demand of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s..  Today he I am trying HIUS on clearing the liver schleroses that result from long-term alcohol abuse.
I have already the mandated that it fixes head and spinal injuries.
Jonathan Thomason