Thursday, 7 June 2018

Global stupid

In statistics at university, we were told how to fake cancer. Not that we ever would. So we could detect when it had been manipulated. Rule one: nature does not do exact hundreds.
But the global warming lobby decided CO2 was at 400 parts per million. 0.0004%. Effect on the info red properties of air happen at 8%. No effect at 0.0004%. Who were the idiot fakers? Paid by nuclear power.
Photosynthesis on land and sea caps CO2 at a pre-industrial two parts per million. 2ppm. But global warming people are engineers and physicists, in the play of nuclear power. They do not do biology.
When challenged about the 2ppm limit imposed by nature, they down graded their data to 200ppm, and shut up. Still no date or time or location given. Still an exact number of hundreds. Nature doesn't do exact hundreds.
Biological nonsense. CO2 does increase to 4ppm naturally, above the Arctics in winter. Air temperature -50° C. The only firm data for increasing CO2, is above the ice sheet. Where no plant life exists.
In the Jurassic life was less evolved. There was 4ppm CO2 as a global average. But was 85% more life on earth. Sea levels were 60 metres lower.
CO2 does double in recent times. In the little ice age, mineral records show the average global CO2 was back at 4ppm. Higher CO2 - must be ice.
CO2 tracks the wax and wane by of plant life on earth. More CO2, more active plant AND animal life on earth. Not more CO2 in the air. That is biological nonsense.
All the academics who have written learned scientific papers on the money increasing CO2 in the air. Biological impossibility – how embarasing. Totally impossible on a planet with photosynthesis.
Climate change. Another name by natural weather, with globally static CO2. Since 1995 it has been global cooling.

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