Friday, 11 May 2018

Radio therapy is defective

2002 and a world leading cancer hospital, the Moffitt, published the use of HIUS to clear cancer. e.g. 8W 1Mhz ultrasound sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the pressurised cancer cells
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
Ultrasound scans caused cancer cells to give off X-rays. High Intensity UltraSound causes cancer cells to pop as they boiled. Confirmed by every Doctor – or they are struck off. Using the 8W 3MHz device they bought as a HIUS device.
Biochemical treatment, chemo therapy and radio therapy all defective, criminal medicine for 16 years. All Doctors have promised to strike themselves off, if they ever used OR RESEARCH defective technology. This includes medical academics.
I blogged about High Intensity UltraSound from 2010, and 2014 the drug companies refocused their research work on chemo therapy: problem – their researchers all Doctors, who are legally prohibited from defective research.
The 3 medical professors from Manchester University who work on chemo with the Christie – no longer medically registered. Their papers must be shredded and deleted from record. Barred for life from medicine. I HIUSed my step father, on chemo from the Christie, and he got better from colon cancer. The other patients all died.
All graduating medical students from Manchester University, struck off – never registered Doctors. Medical schools that researched cancer drugs from 2002, also expelled from medicine.
Now drug companies are focused on radio therapy: sorry guys – forbidden, defective, criminal technology. No registered Doctor has been able to work on it for 16 years.
Drug companies can't research defective medicine. And no Doctor can use it. Drug companies insist ultrasound is for imaging only. Trouble is, High Intensity UltraSound causes ALL cancer cells to pop. Tell
Ultrasound causes the inflated cells to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion, from 90W 40kHz, or 5W 1MHz. Body cells do Molecular Nuclear Fusion above 180 W 40kHz. 32W 1MHz. Very unpleasant. Deep tissue burns.
Cancer cells have to be inflated, and have viral RNA to cause body cell to divide and grow – they bud off intact stem cells. Cancer is locked out of.
So all causes are cured using a medically licensed beauty device. No Doctor, Hospital or drug company involvement. Cancer drugs criminal for 16 years.
Drug companies have still bribed GPs to murder 8 million British people. This is high law – it is up to my friends at the British Council, and the House of Lords – both have legal authority over the GMC – who are totally bribed by the drug industry.
They are meant to regulate the drug industry – they are active in. This is legal non sense. Which explains why nobody regulates the drug industry.
Apologies to the MMU if they don't do ultrasound research. The email I got today just said MMU ultrasound.  The Manchester Metropolitan University is not Manchester University - they are 5 miles apart.  It was Manchester Polytechnic.

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