Monday, 7 May 2018

Clear heart disease

Medically published 2012, and verified by every practising Doctor, using their 8W 3MHz device.
Medics found hear disease could be cleared by 1 minute of e.g. 8W 1MHz ultrasound to the top left of the chest and kidneys. Verified at St Clement's heart health group 2013 – where I cleared 100% of heart patients of their disease.

Ultrasound Cavitation Skin CareTherapy Machine Ultrasonic Slimming Massager TOP

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 No pills, prescriptions, Doctor and hospital. Published on the internet, verified around the world. Heart medication became defective, criminal medicine. Striking off the Doctor, and their clinic.
Patients get return of all medical fees for 6 years. The Doctor struck off for all medication. A medically licensed beauty device – safe for non supervised home use.
Yet 2018, and the main income for health services, is defective, criminal cancer drugs.
Statins add 4 days t oa heart patients life – surely the least effective medicine ever. AstraZeneca has not been a licensed drug firm since High Intensity UltraSound was used to clear cancer 2002 – and AZ totally ignored best medicine, to carry on making and selling defective cancer drugs.

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