Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Smart meters DON'T work

 British Gas phone up to say 'We are in your area, when can we replace your meters?' Simple answer, 'The day after Hell freezes over'/ This is not Soviet Russia – it is a free country. How about asking us if we mind putting our gentiles in a bacon mincer, before you turn the handle?
My friend was bullied into getting a smart meters. He could not net less interested in hispower usage. Smart Meters save British Gas on metering – but we are totally dependant on their acuracy for our bills. And who programs them? British Gas.
So British Gas can phone up your meters any time of day or night, to move your tarrif – to a triple rate one reserved normally for defaulters. And not tell you.
Bill was proud he was on the road to the future. Then his metr broke. These things happen – it was nearly 6 months old. 6 months no heat or power, and a day off work to get a new meter.
He must have got the bad meter. Then 3 months later, the new one broke. No heat or power for a month in the spring. He lived in the l;ocal pub – which is why he is now a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Being in the future was beginning to look like not a good idea. British Gas didn't even have time to play with his tariff without telling him, when the new meter broke.
His marriage is over. He is back with his parents, and the kids are with his ex-wife, at her parents. Which make me wonder, doe he have a legal claim against British Gas. Probably, for £400,000.
We are havig so much troubling getting a solicitors name to sue from British Gas.
Oh I had better own up! Somebody on the Internet was on his 3rd Smart Meter. I am not certain British Gas can mess with your tarif – check before you get one fitted.
Would broken gas and power meters cause divorce? Possibly.  The cold callers - on commission.  Get their name to sue, if the meter breaks.

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