Sunday, 7 January 2018

Dr.s must cure cancer

2002 Dr.s confirmed the Moffitt paper on High Intensity UltraSound curing cancer. They bought an 8W 3MHz device to confirm the work. And then were legally bound to use High Intensity UltraSound.
They did not. So lost medical registration, health insurance – and medical practice then criminal. But drug companies bribed the AMA/GMC etc., to allow continued prescription of cancer drugs.
Now defective, criminal medicine. So in the last 15 years, medics have murdered 300 million people through prescribing defective, 20th century medicine. I have only saved 20 million – an 80% cancer cure rate. Up from 5% in 2010.
Our lives are in their hands – which is why 1/3rd of a billion patients have ended up dead. Prescribing Dr.s are no longer legally able to do medical practice – YOUR GP struck off. All prescription legally invalid for 16 years – get your money back, plus punitive damages up to 16 million for lethal prescriptions.
I use an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device to clear cancers, and fix heart disease, diabetes and head/spinal injuries - see my other posts.
So Dr.s HAVE to use High Intensity UltraSound – but don't. Medical practice criminal. You can buy and use your own High Intensity UltraSound device.
It does not interact with any medication. 1 minute will clear any cancer: I also do the liver 1 minute, and half a minute to each arm pit and side of the head.
That is why Dr.s WON'T use it. It does not require a Dr or hospital. 100% effective. Do it at home. The devices take 5 days to come from China. 1 application and no cancer.
½ a minute of High Intensity UltraSound to each side of the chest, nose and throat, and 20 seconds each side of the lower torso will cure all flu: included Australian flu. I had published my work on the internet – read and confirmed by every Dr.
Yet last week 5,000 people died of Australian flu in the UK. As Dr.s would only prescribe defective drugs. They are no lnoger Dr.s. Those hospitals now expelled from the National Health Service.
Australian flu is bad – 4 days off work. But then totally cured. No death or serious illness involved.
Jeremy Corbyn advocates defective, criminal biochemistry for cancers: just how much money did the drug industry bribe him with? Cancer drugs are defective, criminal medicine. They may give loads of nursing jobs, but they kill the patient.
This man is already taking bribes, and he isn't in power. Or alternatively, he is very stupid. I am waiting to be sued 'I am pig shit' he will protest. I do not know that he took bribes. I know he advocates illegal medicine – to kill you. Vote Labour, he will still cause you to die in avoidable agony.
Cancer was cure 2002. Confirmed by all Dr.s, included your GP. Who has to use High Intensity UltraSound – even if you don't demand it. Biochemical treatments, chemo and radio therapy, plus surgery all defective and criminal – no Dr can prescribe.

Flu leads to cancers, heart disease and diabetes. No flu, no premature early death. Also no GP sat like a praying mantis, ready to prescribe defective drugs.

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