Tuesday, 2 January 2018

British Gas are getting desperate

They signed up loads of electricity and gas customers, when their only competitive was nuclear power and the old electricity companies.  Now they are pushing Smart Meters, as a way to lock in its customers.
British Nuclear is interesting: since Chernobyl, every operating nuclear power plant needed insurance of 40 billion a year. No insurance of that level available.
So all 21 nuclear plants in the UK ILLEGAL: under the legal noses of the British nuclear inspectorate – they bought off. Buying off lawyers is so dear – it is basically cooperate corruption. The regulator gets struck off, and spends the rest of his natural in prison. High Security Prison they will not enjoy.
You get your toothbrush out of a locked safe, brush your teeth, then have to return it. Clean underwear is on a 2 weeks cycle. You shit yourself – shitty pants for 2 weeks.
When I last saw the regular 1983, you got fines 10 million for every year of illegal operation. Missing insurance, you make up for the insurance. 33 years at 40 billion is a lot of money.
But in 2010, as I was in Brazil, Japan suffered Fukishima. The insurance went up to 100 billion a year – and nuclear power has never managed to persuade Japan or Germany to do uranium nuclear power ever again.
The US and France both have 200 nuclear plants. So Russia must have around 100. So Russia alone is lacking 1 trillion dollars in insurance. Ukrainian nuclear knows only too well the cost of a nuclear incident. Not an accident – they happen every 25 years. Windscale, 3 mile Island and Fukishima. EDF in France has constant radioactive leaks: don't buy French fish.
The US is lacking 2 trillion insurance a year – an open and shut court case to close every nuclear power plant in the developed world. Its plant building program makes nuclear power the 4th biggest emitter of CO2 in the world. Reduce CO2 – shut nuclear power.
Lawyers get 10% of a court case – so 100 billion per power plant. In non contested actions.
The amount of life on Earth is limited by the circulating CO2 in the global air. The Jurassic had 85% more active life: the fossil records tells us. 65% of hat life died at the mass extinction.
The Jurassic had 3 natural ice ages with 8 parts per million CO2 in the global air – 4 times photosynthesis leave in the afternoon air around the world.
CO2 levels spiked at 4ppm, in the Arctic winters today. So CO2 rises in the cold. Global Warming devise by physics professors, who ignored their high school biology and carbon CYCLE. They should so obviously never have been in education. Their papers need shredding – wages reclaimed and pensions cancelled.
You want carbon 0, non nuclear power? Loads of options, Sucking heat out of the oceans using a heat pump, increase the pressure, and use the hot gas in place of burnt Fossil Fuels. I told this idea to Sheffield University 2000. They never told anybody!
Censoring the truth? Come on Sheffield, after 16 years, tell the world: Global Warming was biologically impossible fiction on behalf of nuclear power. The world climate has been cooling 22 years.
Or use the power of lightening. Every 3 minute around the world, a 1.5km x 2cm steam plasma produces 5 tonnes of Helium and associated ozone.
1 H2O+PL->He2++O++3e-+E2+X-ray here X-rays are a sure sign of Nuclear Fusion.
I sent this idea to Sheffield 7 tears ago – to total silence. Prof Zimmerman did suggest a H plasma did Nuclear Fusion
2 2H++PL->He2++E2+X-ray+L 2a H++e- ->n0 2b H++2n0->E3+L+X-ray
A 50x1cm H plasma in a glass tube, once started with the electronics from a fluorescent light will produce a constant 20MW: sit in a water tank – but even then, we are talking about a tube temperature of 5000oC.
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube does the more energetic steam Molecular Nuclear Fusion
3 H2O+PL+P->E3+L+X-ray E3=2.4MW of heat
A commercially produced thermoelectric generator will turn into 288kW of power. We blast cold air over the tube, to produce air at 780oC. After the generator, we still have air at 560oC.
We use to heat a space heating boiler. No Fossil Fuels burn – no wonder British gas is so worried. It is already seeing its customer numbers evaporate. As they set up steam plasmas in an out building, and the national grid PAYS THEM 2.7 million a year.
From 6x10-17cc of regular water a year. Splash out – buy a bottle of distilled water, your great27 grandchildren will still be using to generate power.

You have money in oil or gas? Kiss it goodbye. You will never see it again. Money in nuclear – what sort of uninsured devil are you? You want us ALL dead? Uranium nuclear power, least green, most criminal and toxic energy system that will ever exist.

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