Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Personal, free C0 power

So people have a 50x1cm steam plasma in their garden shed. Which generates 2.4MW of heat. The generate 288kW, through a commercially sourced thermoelectric generator. And tehn ehat their house – no oil or gas.
All electric cars charge up using off peak power - when the grid has excess power. So we actually generate MORE power than we need. So we sell power to Europe.
All European nuclear plants need insurance of 100 billion – not available. And they can't afford anyway.
So the world uses Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and turns its back of polluting, toxic uranium nuclear power.

Each house only needs 8kW. So the grid sends us a cheque for 866,000 every year: for carbon 0 power. With no Fossil Fuels burn.

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