Friday, 15 December 2017

Nuclear fusion on ice

As water flows over a waterfall over 1m high, in the air – we get the emission of X-rays and heat. We also form He and O gases as we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 2H2O+TU->He2++2OH-+O++e-+E2+X-ray
So take a Geiger counter along to a waterfall and prove Molecular Nuclear Fusion. The volumes of He and O gases given off – but even our skin will feel the charged ions.
Falling rain or snow does Molecular Nuclear Fusion! So constantly around the Earth, nature is doing Nuclear Fusion. On Earth! At 1 atmosphere and down to -50oC above the Arctic. And we get so much lightening above the Arctics.
As an ice skate goes along the ice, the pressure and turbulence does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – melting the ice in contact with the skate.
So every 3 minutes around the world, heavy snow or rain sets up a 5,000V potential: the positive charge collects above the clouds, the negative falls to the ground.
We have a lightening up strike, and then the main down strike: all published by geography. Who actually are the world experts of Nuclear Fusion on Earth; I feel a lot of geography PhD applications going in for funding.
Peat bogs have high pressure water, with turbulence – from the rotting of biomass. So they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. And the residual energy makes peat a good fuel.
Also with coal deposits, where the flow of geothermal water through the coal doe Molecular Nuclear Fusion. It is everywhere! Green plants in the light have turbulence around the photo blast – where photosynthesis happens.
2 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+TU+UV->(Cm(H2O)n-E)+r(He2++O++3e-+L+E2+X-ray)
If we put plants in the dark, illuminate them with UV light, they give off a faint blue light. And they emit X-rays and give off heat – as they excrete oxygen.
The great hadron collider uses the linear flow of H ions – and will never do Nuclear Fusion: as my engineering PhD supervisor told me in 2000!
What we need are 4 perpendicular magnetic fields, to give the ions clockwise, then anticlockwise spin. Suddenly the ions are in turbulent flow – above 1W of turbulence.
Then we need the ions to be at room temperature and pressure. And we get Nuclear Fusion
3 2H++TU->He2++E2
But we can do better than that – scrub the collider. We have a 50x1cm glass tube filled with steam at 4 atmospheres. Probably we can start with steam at atmospheric pressure. And we then use the electronics from a fluorescent light. Now we get nuclear fission, and hydrogen fission.
4 xH++e-+PL ->(x+1)n0 the plasma is our own strand of neutron star – burning matter into neutrons PL=plasma
5 O++4n0+PL -> 8H++7e- burn the heavier atoms into hydrogens
6 10H++ >20n0->20(E3+L+X-ray)
So we combine hydrogen ions and electrons to form strings of neutrons. I know all these equations are a bit technical – they are for PhD students. I all comes down to a really simple answer.
So the steam plasma converts hydrogens into power, with no helium. So we get 2.4MW from a steam plasma at 4 atmospheres. Which once started will self sustain – lightening starts off at 8 atmospheres. And blinks out at 3.5 atmospheres.
So lightening forms at 2 atmospheres, with the turbulence of failing rain or snow. It then shoots up to 8 – as we get Nuclear Fusion.
So our steam plasma forms 2.4MW. A steam turbine will produce 19kW – twice what a house needs.
A $1000 thermoelectric generator will form 320kW of power. We take off 8, and sell the excess to the grid. The steam needs to be at 780oC before the thermoelectric generator – so entrench air, to cool the air blast over the tube from 3,000oC. The temperature of a running steam engine, where the burning fuels does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So here is an idea. Use a 1m x1cm steam plasma tube to drive a train. We generate 640kW of power. Enough to run a fast rain. Off regular water – no Fossil Fuels burn or CO2. No power cables.
We could run a supersonic aircraft off this system – driving electric fans. Dyson is producing a fanless hair dryer. So we could produce a solid state air fan. To drive a supersonic craft – with no aviation burn. Off regular water. Google 'Dyson hair dryer' 
And it actually produces a super sonic air flow today!
A 1m row of oil or gas burners produces 45kW. Our 50x1cm steam plasma tube 2.4MW: Fossil Fuels are so energy poor.
7 CmHn+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+E2+X-ray+L)
So a burning flame only gives out hat because of the Nuclear Fusion. We also get light, X-rays and the production of He gas: all sure signs, we are doing Nuclear Fusion.

I told Sheffield University about Molecular Nuclear Fusion in 2001: they ended my PhD with no award.

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