Saturday, 2 December 2017

No Helium shortage

We use a steam plasma to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+PL->He+E+X-ray+O
The plasma, once started will self sustain. Best done in the cold lands, so we can dump he fusion heat to the air. We have a chain of Carnot systems, that use decreased pressure to drop the temperature of the gases.

So for 40kW, we cool the air from 700oC, to below -272.2°C - freezing point of helium. We also produce liquid oxygen, at below -218.8°C . Through a chain of Carnot coolers.
So liquid helium is worth more, weight for weight than gold - about $5.00 per litre . LOX has hgih commercial value and price (Liquid oxygen) - Buy Liquid Oxygen or Compressed Oxygen Gas (O2) | Praxair, Inc.
So Canada and Greenland could have massive liquid gases industries. We pass the hot plasma vent gases through a thermoelectric generator, and produce 500 kW of carbon free power. That will power all our Carnot pumps.
So we make our helium by doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion – and it is lost to space, so we need t omine the asteroid belt for asteroids. Using robot mining ships, to lasso the ice meteorites, and bring them back to the Earth.
We cease to burn Fossil Fuels for power – we use steam plasma tubes. I gave Sheffield University the idea of Molecular Nuclear Fusion in 2001.
 They were not interested. They were still researching Global Warming, 5 years after the natural climate started cooling.

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