Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Melt the Siberian rivers

We can use Molecular Nuclear Fusion in place of direct sun light. We have a glass tube 50x1cm suspended from a hot air balloon. We use phosphors to converts some of the heat into ultraviolet and visible light.
Suspended in the middle of a field, it adds 2.4MW to the radiant energy the field receives. From 2.58x10-14cc of regular water a years! It shines 24 hours a day – we may want to shutter off the light, to give 'night'.
This uses the power of lightening, in place of Nuclear Fusion on the sun.
1 H++e-+PL->E3+L+UV
A plasma squashes matter into heat and electromagnetic radiation. In our tube we do H fission
2 H2O+E+PL->2He++O++3e-
3 O++e-+PL->8H++7e-+E
4 H++PL->E3+L+X-ray/UV
Your beating heart does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
5 H2O+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray
So 70 times a minute YOU do Nuclear Fusion, in your heart and arteries.
Heavy rain or snow does Molecular Nuclear Fusion using 5. At 5,000V we get a lightening down strike – that does 1. And releases 2.5x1030W – every 3 minutes around the Earth. That is a 1.5km x 2cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres.
Hence a 1mx2cm steam plasma tube may release up to 17.6MW. We sink it in water, which rises from 0oC, to 30oC. The tube is in a concrete holder, at the bottom of the river. So we get steam bubbles – which adds to the amount of warm rain Siberia gets.
Every 50m, as the ice recedes, we want another steam plasma tube on the river bed. There may be a point in coating the inside of the tube with a UV filter – s owe support massive plant and algal life.
Which in term supports fish life. And now the Siberian rivers are ice free all year. Even what is permafrost today.
And the field mini suns support massive agriculture. We can engineer this idea in Yorkshire – around Sheffield! And make it more agriculturally productive than Kent.
All that extra plant life sucks CO2 from the air – which is limited even today, to a per-industrial 2 parts per million.
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Forest the North Poles and South America, to increase the life on Earth.
In Australia, we use solar powered vacuum pumps to suck sea water up 1m – when it boils into pure, salt and contaminant free water. We pump this inshore.
We dredge out the sea beds, to provide new soil of the now lush deserts. So we get massive agriculture and crop production. Again sucking the capped CO2 from the air.
Who on Earth ever thought they could increase CO2 levels in the air? Totally limited by photosynthesis on land and sea.

The Cretaceous mass extinction happened as photosynthesis evolved – and CO2 FELL from 10ppm to only 1ppm. 90% of life died – and life only recovered as animals evolved to eat plants, and breath in oxygen – plant waste. And breathe out CO2 – plant food.

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