Sunday, 24 December 2017

Free heat

Physics had it so nearly right, for so long: but they really had nio interest in findiung Nuclear Fusion, only looking for it.
We inject room temperature H+ ions at 2 atmospheres into a fusion torous – and circulate them. But in the other direction we inject electrons. So we will get positive ions and eelctrons interacting.
1 H++e- ->n0
So suddenly the hydrogen ions are in collision with neutrons – and we have involved no radioactive materials like Armercium.
2 p+.xn0 ->(x+1)n0
We enrich the hydrogens ions, into >3H. As H+ ions interact with the static neutrons.
3 nH++mn0 ->pH+->Ep3+L+X-ray
We have transformed hydrogens into massive heat. We now drive a steam boiler room, and generate power. Or use a thermoelectric generator.
Here was are looking >1MW of power – so a $3,000 solid state generator. No Fossil Fuels burn. No hyper toxic uranium fission.
Simplest source of H – electrolysis of water. We can use a H plasma to produce a stream of neutrons – to reprocess existing nuclear waste. We only need a 1m plasma torus. Magnetic confinement, to keep the subatomic particles off the walls.  Second thoughts, use a ceramic liner instead.

By Jonathan Thomason M.Eng. Specialising in radioactivity.

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