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Clean, carbon 0, free power

Not Thorium: a Thorium reactor is a fast breeder reactor – only operable by Oak Ridge or nuclear concerns.
  • We don’t have as much experience with Th. The nuclear industry is quite conservative, and the biggest problem with Thorium is that we are lacking in operational experience with it. When money is at stake, it’s difficult to get people to change from the norm.
  • Thorium fuel is a bit harder to prepare. Thorium dioxide melts at 550 degrees higher temperatures than traditional Uranium dioxide, so very high temperatures are required to produce high-quality solid fuel. Additionally, Th is quite inert, making it difficult to chemically process. This is irrelevant for fluid-fueled reactors.
  • Irradiated Thorium is more dangerously radioactive in the short term. The Th-Pu cycle invariably produces some U-232, which decays to Tl-208, which has a 2.6 MeV gamma ray decay mode. Bi-212 also causes problems. These gamma rays are very hard to shield, requiring more expensive spent fuel handling and/or reprocessing.
  • Thorium doesn’t work as well as U-Pu in a fast reactor. While U-233 an excellent fuel in the thermal spectrum, it is between U-235 and Pu-239 in the fast spectrum. So for reactors that require excellent neutron economy (such as breed-and-burn concepts), Thorium is not ideal.
Reliant on diverse uranium/plutonium revenue streams – fuel packages and fuel reprocessing, for example – the nuclear energy giants will never give thorium a .serious look. Thorium cannot in itself power a reactor; unlike natural uranium, it does not contain enough fissile material to initiate a nuclear chain reaction. Hence we need some Pu – the most dangerous and restricted substance in the world.
Without exception, [thorium reactors] have never been commercially viable, nor do any of the intended new designs even remotely seem to be viable. Like all nuclear power production they rely on extensive taxpayer subsidies; the only difference is that with thorium and other breeder reactors are not insurable or legal.
In the 1970s, Oak Ridge used fuel grade plutonium, to enrich Thorium to 238U. This under went nuclear fission, to give radioactive isotopes, and less heat than enriched Uranium. But since Chernobyl every operating nuclear power plant needed insurance on 40 billion: back to 1984, every nuclear power plant operating illegally.
Then 2010, Fukishima showed why this level of cover was needed: remember Windscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukishima: some to a back street near you in the next 2 years. More Japanese are going to die, from cancers, heart disease and simple radiation poisoning. At least 20 million in a decade. Across Asia in 25 years, 400 million.
10 million UK pounds per death – 4,000 trillion. The next plant to suffer a triple core melt down – Sizewell B. There are no backers for Hinkley or Sizewell C. A new plant can't start up without insurance.
So you may build it, but you can never start it up. Nuclear plants only started when government owed, before Chernobyl. The Magnox plants were sold by EDF, back to Scottish Electric, and 1 year later all shut down.
EDF has constant radioactive leaks
The plants are

Under international law, none were legal from 1984 – and must shut down because of the lack of insurance. The nuclear plant construction program is the 4th biggest global emitter of CO2: so not carbon 0.
In contrast around the world there is a lightening strike every 3 minutes. The heavy rain or snow does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+O2+TU+E->He2++O3++3e-+E3 TU= turbulence >1W 5tonnes of helium!
A 1.5km x2cm steam plasma. Sets up at 8 atmospheres, breaks down at 3. So a 50x1cm steam plasma in a glass tube at 4 atmospheres, release a constant 2.4MW of heat. A $1,000 thermoelectric generator will convert into 288kW of mains power.
In a glass tube we do the twice as energetic plasma burn
2 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray
Power for NatureBy Jonathan M Thomason
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Any waterfall over one metre high had around the earth from regular water. A lightening bolt gives off X-rays, as it generates massive power. Nature on Earth is full of the generation of Melium via... More >
It converts 2/3rd of its mass into heat. Uranium fission only 8 atomic weights, from 268. Thorium, plutonium and Thorium – only 4 atomic weights. From 270.
So Molecular Nuclear Fusion is 30 times as dynamic – and involves no radioactive elements. No plutonium or enriched uranium – no special nuclear registration.
So we take a 50x1cm glass tube, with end contacts. We get the steam from a paint stripper, or boiling pan. We fill the tube to <2 atmospheres.="" p="">
Borrowing the electronics from a fluorescent liht, we fire up the plasma – sat in a water boiler. The pressure shoots up to 10 atmospheres, and we get our 2.4MW.
We draw in air, and pass it through a thermoelectric generator – of 300 UK pounds, 30kW generator. The thermoelectric generator gives us 288kW of free, carbon 0 mains power.
No impossibly high insurance: remember every nuclear power plant operating illegally since 184: due to massive bungs paid the nuclear regulator. The biggest crime ever.
I told Sheffield University this in 2001. But their big funder is NUCLEAR POWER. Down from 20 plants to just 11 in 4 years. They restarted the Magnox plants – some serious bungs here.
So every nuclear power plant in the world operating illegally, For 63 years. 10 mililon per plant for every illegal years. 5,000 trillion in annual fines.
If you have nuclear shares – find the nearest waste incinerator near you. It is not legal or ethical to sell them.

Theresa May MUST revoke the inquiry about Hinkley C, or she gets 25 years in high security prison.

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