Friday, 1 December 2017

Cancer cured for Christmas.

All cancers! Are you listening Langworthy Corner Stone? All nursing offices have had an 8W 3Mhz ultrasound massage device since 2002 – when the Moffitt published it as a 1 appointment cancer cure.
1MHz Ultrasonic Cavitation Ultrasound Face Body Massage Skin Tightening Anti Age

1MHz Ultrasonic Cavitation Ultrasound Face Body Massage Skin Tightening Anti Age

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My thanks to St Clement's Church, Ordsall and the Quays, for allowing me to prove High Intensity UltraSound 2013.
Every NHS and registered cancer Dr.s around the world bought and validated High Intensity UltraSound - or they ceased to be Dr.s 15 years ago.
No Dr registration, and no health insurance – medical practice criminal since 2002. All prescriptions illegal – get your medical fees back, with punitive damages.
The 3 Dr.s at the Langworthy Corner Stone validated High Intensity UltraSound – then went back to defective, criminal 20th century cancer ideas.
Biochemical treatments, radio and chemo therapy and surgery all criminal. No medical school has been allowed to teach or research biochemistry for 15 years.
You were taught cancer drugs – NEVER a Dr. Get your tuition fees back, and go for another career – as you are banned from medicine for life: your promise! 'I will never work in medicine again – if I ever use defective medicine'
You killed using defective medicine. 25 years in jail for every death, a 10 million fine. Also for other members of the medical team and the drug company. AstraZeneca owes a fine of 200 trillion. And ll its workers will die in jail.
So if you go along to any health centre in the world, the nurse will use the High Intensity UltraSound machine to totally clear your cancer in 1 minute.
I also use 1 minute to secondaries and liver. Plus ½ a minute to each arm pit and side of the head.
Nurses have all taken the Nightingale Pledge, never to help with fatal medicine: they have a get out, the RCN (Nursing body) senior nurses have taken the Hippocratic oath – and failed to instruct other nurses to use High Intensity UltraSound – and abandon cancer drugs etc..
Every Dr has promised only to use bet medicine, or strike themselves off. 2002 the bet published cancer medicine was High Intensity UltraSound. Cancer drugs were defective, criminal medicine,
So all NHS doctors are struck off: the NHS will keep operating by nurses only. AstraZeneca, the most fatal company ever.

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