Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Langworthy councillor

Before my last girlfriend died with MS, I became a friend of Alistair Burt MP, the minister for disabled people. He got me on a Conservative quango on disability issues: The Conservatives are an aged group, with a strong interest in disability.
Labour are interested in nurse and doctor pay – less of an interest in the disabled – like me.
I left the quango to do PhD work at Sheffield University – I was gradually getting ym act together, after a car accident and 30% brain damage.
Now I am a community video reporter in Salford, so was at a social conference hosted by the new Labour candidate.
Sorry, my step dad was a Labour councillor and mayor: who was always at my election counts – with the Labour Party. I was with the Conservatives. 'Just as long as you are trying to help! So my interests rubbed off on you!' he noted.
So there is a council bi-election, and I have been asked to stand for the Conservatives. I have been retired for 28 years, so when not writing songs and books, singing on stage and making community videos I can devote myself totally to trying to help.
And my other interests are on a Christmas break just now. The Labour guy. He is a university lecturer. His heart is in the right place – which is why we have done work together. But he has a full time demanding job.
I might be mostly back together from my injuries, but my work fits in around other demands. So I could devote myself all week, to trying to help. As as man dad said 'That is what matters'
One of my main things today came out of my PhD: using ultrasound to clear cancers, heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems, IBS, arthritis … My PhD was about using ultrasound to set off Nuclear Fusion.
It turns out an 8W 1Mhz ultrasound device applied for 1 minute, causes cancer cells and the rest to pop. Clearing the disease. Being a Salford City councilor would give me leverage to get Salford Royal to use this life saving, medically proved medicine.

My interests often see me at the Langworthy Corner House.

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