Friday, 3 November 2017

Free gold

There is 455 million tonnes of gold in the Earth's core. But flowing around the Earth's mantel, is a river of water. Percolated down from the seas and rivers of the Earth.  Man has only ever mined 2,000 tonnes.
It laps on warm rock and heavy metals, like gold, platinum, silver and copper. Also iron, lead and arsenic.
If we do ground sonar along a river, we will find this geothermal river slightly anticlockwise shifted from the river. We want to find a magma chamber – where high pressure, gold dust containing water collects.
We drill down 34m, and enter from below – to get at that superheated water. We get it to the surface, and give it a vent from 8 atmospheres 280oC metal dust containing water, into dirty steam. At 7.8 atmospheres 270oC.
We pass it through a rugardised Dyson dry cleaner, and get all the metal dust. We pump into a holding bunker, and then sell the dust to process into ingots: 40% gold – so much more than the world wants.
Gold is going to get really cheap in 20 years – sell yours now – or it will have very little value. Less than copper for recycling.
And we have loads of pure, hot steam. We use to generate power – again 20 times the energy demand of the world 44 GW. Carbon 0 power, from the waste heat of the Earth's core. With more gold than we want.

Somebody needs to make a 3D VR computer simulation – to show you how to do it.

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