Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Diabetes the simple cure

I just took a taxi to and from singing rehearsals, and I asked both drivers in they had diabetes: they did, type 2. This is England after all. 1 in 9 have type 1.
I told them the simple cure using High Intensity UltraSound: I published my work 4 years ago – read and confirmed by all medics – using their 8W 3MHz ultrasound device that clears cancers and heart disease3 – see my other posts.
I use an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device – get from amazon or e-bay. For under 30 UK pounds. This is my High Intensity UltraSound.
Type 1 requires 1 minute of High Intensity UltraSound to the bottom right of the rib-cage – over the pancreas. Google its location. Just once. Diabetes gone. Viral structure popped. Any Dr prescribing diabetes medication for the last 4 years – instantly ceased to be a registered Dr. Lost health insurance, medical practice then criminal: so in the US, your GP not a Dr. High Intensity UltraSound cleared cancer 15 years ago – any cancer med.s struck them off.
Get all medical fees back, from your former Dr. And register with a real Dr.
Type 2 the same idea, for ½ a minute. There may be value of 1 minute to the liver and ½ a minute to each kidney, but with ½ a minute to the pancreas this is not needed. Your immune system will clear the viral structure totally from the body.
All biochemical drug firm confirmed this medicine 4 years ago – so continued production of diabetes med.s expelled them for ever from medicine.
No medical school has been allowed to research this cured condition for 4 years: or you guessed it – out of medicine for ever.

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