Saturday, 11 November 2017

AMA criminals

2002 they read the Moffitt paper on High Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer – and validated it worked for all 200 cancers out there. The ultrasound sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the pressurised cancer cells
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
So the cancer cells boiled, popped – and caused the immune system to make and action the active human antibody: are there are 6 common ones to all cancers.
Nuclear fusion in the body? At room temperature? There are two sources of X-rays. Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. And there is no source of nuclear fission – that turns on and off with application of ultrasound.
Every cell in your body does very little Molecular Nuclear Fusion
2 Cm(H2O)n+TU->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+E2)
So the cells make energy at the mitochondria, where the oxidation of the turbulent flow of carbohydrates gives out energy, The oxidation of carbohydrates TASKES in energy.
And your body cells produce He and O gases, and give out low levels of X-rays. No cell content boiling here.
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This is why ultrasound scans cause cancers to give out X-rays: 5W 40kHz ultrasound causes just cancer cells to do massive extra Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and boil away – popping and setting up the immune action to clear the cancer cell type from the body.
You can take your pulse with a Geiger counter, as pressure waves in the heart and arteries do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Try it now! A sensitive Geiger counter will allow you to measure your pulse.
So every Dr at the AMA/GMC learned an 8W 3Mhz ultrasound device would clear all cancers. Every Dr on Earth bought such a device and confirmed the science. Not to use it, but stick with defective cancer drugs etc., is criminal.
The Dr is struck off: included every Dr at the AMA – 15 years ago: in 2002. So every Dr HAD to use High Intensity UltraSound, or lost medical registration and insurance. Medical practice then criminal.
But Dr.s carried on using defective 20th century cancer medicine – as bodies like the AMA NEVER told them to use new, totally effective High Intensity UltraSound.
So all cancers cleared in under 1 minute – stop when you feel warming. Also 1 minute of High Intensity UltraSound to the liver, and ½ a minute to each arm pit and side of the head.
Giving High Intensity UltraSound for ½ a minute to each side of the head confirmed to clear dementia 2013. I published my work on MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and schizophrenia 2013. So every Dr could clear all dementia 4 years ago. Not to criminal.
Biochemically induced deaths result in a jail term of 25 years, and a fine of 10 million: for every involved Dr.
High Intensity UltraSound for under 1 minute to the bottom right of the rib cage clears diabetes – the world worst medical killer today. 2012 medics published the use of ½ a minute High Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest, and kidneys to totally clear heart disease.
Again every Dr on Earth confirmed the science, and had the High Intensity UltraSound device. Heart medication criminal for 5 years. Get cured, and all your heart medical fees back. All drug costs back for diabetes 4 years, cancer 15 years.
I told Sheffield University 2001 – they could not end my PhD quickly enough. The statute which allows Sheffield to award degrees tells the university to provide written, true facts for the ending of the PhD within 6 months.
16 YEARS – NEVER ARRIVED. All Sheffield degrees invalid – student over the last 15 years get all tuition fees, and punitive damages back.
Cambridge, Harvard and all medical schools confirmed High Intensity UltraSound 2002. Not allowed to teach or research biochemistry for 15 years. All tuition fees and punitive damages returned to the students. All medical degrees invalid since 2002.

Medics not registered or insured. Medical practice criminal.

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