Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Waters

Spring up high in the mountains.
A warm spring of fresh hill existance
All is created anew in the life fountain
Down hill – path of least Resistance
A thristey walker sups his over fill
Taking no care that we wastes spill

Drink, bath, wash and celebrate
Drink in the free wate with haste
The river of life in flooding out
Endless – the new life route

The fish swim, and life drinks deep
Water particulates, runs and seep
The miracle life support from God
Catch tea with your luck & fishing rod
Swim, frolic and wash yourself clean
The supply endless – do not be mean

Now the water runs with power
Irrigate grass, forest and flower
Waterfalls or power and beauty
With tuns – water become muddy
It support towns, cites – all of us
Flowing strongly with no fuss

So now we reach the estuary
All our craft and it does carry
We wash our kids and bury old
Most valuable 10 x 10 fold
It supports all the life devise
But fall in and it die in a trice



Jonathan Thomason M.Eng said...

244 hits in 5 weeks! Thanks

Jonathan Thomason M.Eng said...

Gove is WRONG
1 of the main reasons myself and my friends voted for Brexit, was the way the Europeans have used large fishing vessels to decimate UK fish stocks to the point of unsustainability.
Now fish stops have a chance to recover, until the British fish industry has built up again.
Now Gove wants to allow the continued decimation of fish stocks. NO! The people have voted. British fish for British people.