Wednesday, 26 July 2017

My first Love

Was all girl, rubber and steel all over
It got my around – truly my true rover
Freedom to range all through the state
Always on time – unlike the bus late!
The smell of polish, groceries and dog
Mile cruising – it was never a slog!

Come cruise my way,
A-road, interstate
-any tarmacked highway

Freedom, away from daddy bad joke
Get into any trouble, hole or bad poke
Always cruise out to meet up buddies
Even at times, get help with your studies
Mile after mile of black strip connection
But you may stop to ask for direction

You can't remember life with no transport
With hardly ever a trip to traffic court
Petrol the elixir of your new existence
Enjoy your life – what ever the distance
Her name – chrome, shimmering Mindy
After all – I am all girl so loving Mandy

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