Monday, 17 July 2017

Limitless free gold

Gold is the 5th most abundant element on Earth – but most of it is in the Earth core – outside the reach of man. But the core is lapped by water – only liquid because of the high pressure.
As I was taught in 1982, on my M.Eng., Gold and Platinum are soluble in high temperature and pressure gold. So the geothermal water circling this planet has a limit concentration of Gold and Platinum.

The geothermal water escapes to the surface – powering volcanos and Earthquakes. And when it gets to 34m below the surface, the Gold and Platinum comes out of solution, to form a gold ore strip.
It is expensive to wine and process the rock – which only contain 0.1% gold metal anyway. But we can drill down to get at the geothermal water.
We could use dousing, but because of the depth, we use ground sonar, to track the geothermal water back to a magma chamber.
We drill down to this water. At the surface we pass through a raggardised Dyson dry cleaner, to collect all solids. This includes Gold, Silver, Platinum and copper.
So we process the metal into ingots. A single plant will produce 1,000 times more gold than man wants. And we are going to have 50,000 plants. So Gold will have less value than base metal.
But we pass the clean steam through a turbine, and produce 25,000 MW of carbon 0 power. Generated from the power that drives world eruptions.
So free gold and platinum, carbon free power – with no Fossil Fuels burn. None of the 100 million insurance required for nuclear power plants. Safe, clean, unlimited carbon 0 power.
Nuclear power can't buy this insurance – so it bungs the nuclear regulators. So all nuclear power illegal.

Geothermal power, 0.03p per kW hour. Fossil Fuels burning 8p per kW hour. And we get free Gold and Platinum. I put this idea out 5 years ago – so it is already being done.

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