Monday, 24 July 2017

Free heat - 0 carbon

A hydrogen flame. Doing the electrolysis of water takes 5W/cc. But as we burn hydrogen in air, we get 50,000W. Aflame temperature of 10millionoC. We get off X-rays and visible light – as we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 (1+r)H2+pO2->H2O+r(He+X-ray+L+E3)
That is why a hydrogen flame is so deadly – we are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. 1 molecule of hydrogen has a size of 1.2x10-12cc. But releases an energy of 1018W – 1MMMW.
The energy is damped out by the release of gamma waves, to increase the isotope numbers of the water. We make heavy water.
2 1H2O+gwr->1+HO1H
We get mad hot steam, but when we condense this, an minute volume escapes as helium and oxygen gases. No CO2 – no hyper toxic radioactive waste. A water fall does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, so heat up the water, as it falsl through freezing air.
So what we have is a near infinite free heat system – a steam turbine will turn int ofree, carbon 0, non toxic air. No Fossil Fuels burn, and no use of unriched uranium. No production of plutonium – the most toxic substance known to man.
Present nuclear power suffers a triple core melt down ever 25 years. After Chernobyl, the required insurance was 40 billion – but nuclear power bunged the national regulators – as no insurance above 1 billion available.
After Fukishima the required insurance was 100 billon: the Japanese and German's gave up of nuclear power.
The French and American have 200 nuclear plants. Required insurance 1x109+2x102=1x1011. 2 trillion annually.
The French public are giving EDF 2 trillion of free insurance every year. EDF France makes under 4 billion a year.
The French public can ask for the insurance back – over 100 trillion. EDF the most bankrupt company ever.
British Nuclear is worse. Sizewell B was an illegal extension to a plant demolished in 2006. It has NEVER operated legally – and the UK army should go in, and level the site.
The other 10 sites are all outside planning – as their operating license has expired, and they do not have the required 100 billion of insurance. The UK public is owed about the same 2 trillion, for all the free insurance they have given British Nuclear: even the chairman of Greenpeace.
So Greenpeace can launch a legal bid to have all of British Nuclear stopped: operating without insurance, and often time expired, or absent operating licenses.

A H flame – infinite carbon 0, free heat.

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