Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Non-toxic, free energy

A H plasma! Burning oil or gas release just 45kW/m. A H plasma at 2 atmospheres releases 580kW.
  usually x=1. Duoneutronium decays in 1/1000th of a second
1 H2+PL->2(H++e-)
2 xH++e- ->(x+1)n0
3 H++r n0->Er3+L+X-ray no solid, hyper toxic radioactive waste
My thanks to my PhD supervisor for telling me this – but then never researched it – as nuclear power put money into Global Warming research – even 5 years after the climate started cooling 1995.
And this uses 8x10-10cc or regular hydrogen a year: we never could measure it – as I left Sheffield March 2001.
We get the H, by the electrolysis of water. And discharge the O away to the air – where it forms O3, and increase the ozone layer.
So all 4 billion people on Earth want such a heat system at the end of their garden. We turn the 580kW of heat into 34,8kW of mains electricity. And the grid sends up a cheque for 84,822 UK pounds every year – for our excess power.
So free electricity that pays. We drive air over the plasma tube, through a thermoelectric generater, and then our central heating system – or in summer a radiator.

So FREE heat and power – from very little regular water. All carbon 0.

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