Thursday, 1 June 2017

Global Warming ENDED 1995

So we have had 22 years of global cooling: nuclear power has renamed man-made Climate Change. It is really natural global cooling.
In 2001 I pointed out to Sheffield University that global photosynthesis capped CO2 at 2 parts per million: it is at 4ppm over the Poles, or in a NATURAL ice-age.
So they ended my PhD in blind panic, and by 2005 all academic work on Global Warming had ended – ten years after the world started cooling naturally – it is a predictabel solar cycle. So another 6 years – and we should have a good summer.
So one of my Facebook friends is Donald Trump. He got my stuff checked out by the professors art Columbia, and today was going to withdraw from the Paris Accord: France being home to EDF.
So each nuclear plant in the US needs 100 billion of insurance: that is 2 trillion in the US and France. Lawyers tend to fine people the cost of the missing insurance.
So in France, the cheque for 80,000 Euros should be on the way to each French citizen. In the US nuclear power should send a cheque for $154,000 to every American. In the UK it is a cool 20,000 – to every UK citizen.
So Donald Trump got my stuff checked out – Sheffield just ended my PhD. Which means every degree they have awarded since is invalid.

So all students who failed their degree need not pay.

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