Friday, 2 June 2017

Free water for the world

Farms tend to be on rivers – for ease of transportation. So not drink quality water – but it can be.
We use a carbon 0 energy source – a solar panel backed up by mains. This runs a 1.5W vacuum pump.
 We only need a 1m2 solar panel, driving a 2kW pump. We suck up the water – and it boils in under 1m. We then transport the water to high storage.
We get pure water – no salts or contaminants. So kettle will want a salt lick.
We turn brown river water, into pure, distilled water – the low pressure boils off the water, down to 0oC.
This will work with sea water – down t0 -22oC. So we drill a fishing hole, and then use the water to suck up pure water. In the dark months, we use a wind turbine as the power source. We collect the ice crystals, and melt it into pure water.

The Arctics are the white deserts – but here is how to get at freshwater.  

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