Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Biochemistry medical killing

High-Intensity UltraSound externally cures all cancers: see my other posts for diabetes, heart disease and mental health problems.
So the General Medical Council/AMA must strike off all medics who prescribe biochemical treatments – defective for 15 years. Prescribing GPs have killed well over 10,000 patients each.
But their first prescription, their medical registration is cancelled – at their own hand. Their prescriptions are invalid, and no pharmacist can fill them. So ALL biochemical prescription have not been valid for 15 years.
Each death warrants a payment of 10 million to the family – this is YOU. And the Dr gets 25 ears in high security prison. And none of their prescriptions are valid ever again.
And all the Dr/lawyers at the General Medical Council had to inform each GP their insurance was withdrawn, and medical practice CRIMINAL.

All patients get ALL medical expenses back for 15 years. All drug companies expelled from medicine 15 years ago.

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