Thursday, 11 May 2017

'Your cancer is gone'

You go along to your health centre, and the nurses uses the centre 8W 3MHz, for under 1 minute of your cancer primary and known secondaries – as shown by your last scan.
I would do 1 minute on the liver, and ½ a minute of each arm pit and side of the head. Stop when you feel warming. They then do a new ultrasound scan on you – 10 minutes later. You should feel the removal of pain – it is an ecstatic feeling.
You go it to see your GP. He looks at the scan 'Your canc er is gone' he says as he draws a red line on your file – to show closed.
He is then prohibited from giving you discharge pills – unethical and pointless. All medically proved 15 years ago.
Hospitals can also use the High-Intensity UltraSound trick – they have no choice. It is best medicine. And has been since 2002. Since when biochemistry has been used to kill ½ a billion patients around the world – for the Dr.s profit.I use a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device – safe for home use.

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Now struck off for life.

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