Saturday, 6 May 2017

Replacing mains power

We take a 50x1cm glass tube, filled with regular steam at 4 atmospheres. 1 may do, and as we strike up the plasma it goes to 4.
We borrow the electronics from an old fluorescent light. Your thrift shop will have cheap fluorescents.
We arrange it, so air is pumped in via a 2kW fan, sucks the heat away from the tube, and flows through a commercially source 150kW thermoelectric generator -4500.
It generates mains power – which is where we get our 2kW of fan power. We supply all the power for 18 houses – we use no mains oil or gas. And we sell our 136kW of excess power to the grid – we only need 8kW. Get get a cheque every year for 430.440 UK pounds. That's right – the electricity people pay us.

1 in 18 people do this, and we need no large power plants. No Fossil Fuels, and no hyper toxic nuclear power. Mind you, since 1984 every nuclear plant on Earth needed insurance of 41 billion. No available – so every nuclear plant ILLEGAL.

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