Tuesday, 2 May 2017

No Magnox

ALL the Scottish Magnox stations only have planning consent t operate into the 1990s. So their continued operation is illegal!
Each operating nuclear plant needs insurance cover of 5 trillion – to pay the 10 million for the 5 million people irradiated and killed when one of the dirty, aged plant suffers a melt down.
EDF used its own engineers to extend the planning. This is legally unsafe. It required a 100 million Royal Commission for every plant, and independent inspection.
So these plants are operating 30 years outside their design life: I can assure you, engineers only design to the design life – then everything breaks.
Bringing in new components doe not magically extend planning.
So all Scottish nuclear must stop. The 20 nuclear plant in the UK only carry 50 million of insurance. Not up to the 20 trillion required. No insurance above 1 billion is available.
It would make its power cost 25.36 UK pounds per kW hour: conventional was at 8p per kWh, before oil crashed towards pre-oil crisis levels.
Sizewell B never has planning consent – it was an illegal extension to Sizewell A – demolished 2006, as it started leaking.

So Sizewell B has NEVER been legal. 10 million and 10 years in jail for its top managers, for every year of illegal operation. 31 years and counting.  The sale of the Magnox plants back to SSE was illegal. The plants were outside planning.

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