Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Massive deliberate homicide by Dr.s

About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that's 1 in every 4 deaths. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. More than half of the deaths due to heart disease in 2009 were in men. All totally curable for 5 years.
So if the last 5 years 3 million people have been killed by their Dr prescribing Statins. When 1 20 second High-Intensity UltraSound session to the heart and kidneys, external to the body, would have totally cleared the heart disease.
Medics published the use of High-Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest and kidneys -0 read and confirmed by every Dr: or they were struck off 5 years ago. Making medical practice criminal malpractice.
So every GP who prescribed defective biochemistry, smiled as they handed over a fatal prescription.
No pharmacist is allowed to fill such fatal prescriptions. $15 million dollars for every patient killed – all medical fees returned to the heart patietns.

All Gps must use their 8W 3MHz ultrasound device to clear the heart disease.

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