Thursday, 4 May 2017

Making biopetrol

Natural gas was formed from the sea creatures on the sea floor. When burnt, it is returned to biomass within 5 minutes. So it is not a Fossil Fuels – it is a regenerating carbon 0 fuel.
So we have a business making bio-diesel: from rape seed oil or such. We heat the gas up to 100oC – chemical reactions happen quicker at temperature.
We drip the biodiesel down 4 titanium honeycomb catalysts. They are not used up – they just catalyse the addition of carbon units to fuel oil.
1 C12H26+4CH4+E->C16H34
C16 is petrol: we have made biopetrol, for 10% of the cost of Fossil Fuels petrol. And it is a carbon 0 oil. As the sun shines, plants take in CO2 to form fuel oil.
We use a chemical plant to turn the diesel into petrol. And when we burn that petrol we only get back the CO2 we took in during the last growing season.

Fantastically cheap, carbon 0 fuel. OPEC oil looks SO overpriced. Cheaper oil, no shipping. No man-made Climate Change.

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