Sunday, 28 May 2017

Free heat and power for Texas

We use the waste heat of the Earth's interior. We use dousing or ground sonar to locate a magma pocket 10m down. If we find one 34m down, we will also get gold and platinum dust.
We first pass the steam through a double helix, to remove all solids – if gold and platinum dust will be in the steam.
Then we pass through a 150kW thermoelectric generator, and get 150kW of power. Devices are commercially availabel on the internet. We are going to have steam at 250oC. See
We then pass the steam, at 190oC, into a large open helix. And out the bottom falls pure water, at 40oC. Which we take off to a pond, and allow to cool.
It may be while having a refrigeration Carnot helix in the pond, to cool the water, for 1,500W.

So we get endless pure water, and free power. All this extra water in the environment, will increase natural rain anyway. No drought possible. Endless pure water.   The current price of WTI crude oil as of May 26, 2017 is $49.80 per barrel.

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