Sunday, 28 May 2017

FREE company power

Carbon 0, totally non toxic
We use a steam plasma tube(s) linked to their existing stand by generator. A 150kW thermoelectric generator will produce 144kW of mains power – for 1,000 UK pounds.
A steam plasma taps into the power of lightening – does does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->He+O+L+E2+X-ray
A lightening strike, is set up by heavy rain or snow doing 1 – the Turbulence is from the falling rain or snow. At 5,000V we get a lightening strike – that does yet more 1. Producing 2.5x1030W of energy, every 3 minutes around the Earth.
An enclosed steam plasma does the twice as energetic H fission.
2 H2O+TU->2E2+L+X-ray
We actually want 2 25x1cm steam plasma tubes, one to boil off the water, one to superheat the steam to 800oC. A single steam plasma tube will produ ce twise as much steam – only at 145oC – with a vent to 4 bars.
So the stand by generator is already paid for, and will produce mains voltage and frequency, main synchronised.
We produce 20kW during the working day – enough for a medium sized business. Then we sell all the current to the national grid. Who send us a cheque for 42,000 UK pounds every year.
We do use a qualified electrician, to lay our power line into the grid. So at night, companies will supply the home power.
No Fossil Fuels burn. No CO2. And no hyper toxic uranium fission: a process so toxic, every plant needs, but lacks 100 billion of annual insurance cover. ERGO – all nuclear power illegal.
I devised Molecular Nuclear Fusion 2001, at Sheffield University – who suddenly ended my PhD for no reason. Against the statute, which allows them to award degrees.

It would have been far simpler to give me the PhD!   The current price of WTI crude oil as of May 26, 2017 is $49.80 per barrel.

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