Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Cheap petrol & diesl

for making diesel from vegetable oil.
You heat the vegetable oil at 120oF, for up to 4 hours. And you get biodiesel. Buy oil from your local fast food outlet. Filter and heat the oil – and car fuel. With no Fossil Fuels burn. The plant takes in CO2 to make vegetable oil, and when burnt, you release this gas – to make more biodiesel.
Well done, you are saving the plant, and fuel your can for 8% the coal of Fossil Fuels diesel.
A working diesel releases less CO2, and the same NO/NO2 (NOx) as a petrol engine. So going back to petrol burning – a massive leap backwards. But we can make biopetrol.
C15H32 will diesel, but to petrol, we need C15H32 or higher. So we need to add 2 methane units. Hence OPECs feel of diesels – and its rubbish about NOx being a pollutant: it fertilizes natural plant growth – which lease only 2 parts per million CO2 in the air – the pre-industria; level.
1 C14H32+2CH4+(TI)->C16H34
So we do not use up the Titanium catalyst – it stays, as a honeycomb lattice. So we bubble biodiesel down, and pass natural gas up. We get at natural gas, through fracking: the industry has loads of spare capacity.
Suddenly, we have biopetrol – a carbon 0 fuel oil. Plants, algae and bacteria take in the CO2 to grow. Fracking can be done by passing steam through deep water shale.
And burning some of the gas, will produce the steam for us – for free. So every petrol station can make petrol around the back – vegetable oil cost 90p/L.
Petrol sells for 2 UK pounds a litre. So our biopetrol will cost us 1 UK pound/L. Now that is a markup.

Used past-food oil – 5p/L. Usually they pay to have the oil tankered away.  CO2 emission fell be 6% last year, 4.5% the year before. The world climate has been COOLING for 1 years.

 All garages can cheaply and simply MAKE biodiesel. Which will sell for a premium over Fossil Fuels diesel. It is not hard! See above.

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