Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Carbon is falling

We have the fascicle situation, where the climate change people are trying to limit temperature rises caused by INCREASES in CO2, to just 2oC: historically, CO2 only rise 4 years after an ice age has started.
 And then CO2 man's emissions fell by 4.5% 2 years ago, and 6% last year. But when did things like fact get in the way. They want to restrict CO2 – but its levels are FALLING.
Photosynthesis caps CO2 at 2 parts per million - higher numbers are jusgt PR from nuclear power, and its paid stooges.

Climate myths: The cooling after 1940 shows CO2 does not cause ...

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Jonathan Thomason said...

No emissions
A steam plasma at 4 atmospheres produces a constant 1.2MW of heat – from 2x10-12cc of regular water a year. No CO2 of NO/NO2 (NOx) produced. NOx is natural plant fertilizer anyway – just a static 4 parts per billion NOx in the air.
Main source natural lightening, and woods fires. Car engines are not even in the environmental noise of NOx measurement.
And once started with the electronics from a fluorescent light, run unpowered. The answer to man-made Climate Change – and no plutonium or strontium produced.
1 H2Op+TU->E3+L+X-ray E3=1.2MW from a 50x1cm steam plasma.