Friday, 5 May 2017

Cancer cure: Best High-Intensity UltraSound

Universal cancer cure.1 minute maximum of
150 W 40kHz ultrasound frequency x power = 6 million
5 W 1MHz =5 million – works just fine
<20w 1mhz="" bit="" caustic="" direct="" experience="" no="" p="">
8W Dr.s use it – may have a penetration limit
I adopt the Goldilocks idea – not too hot, or too cold: So 8W 1MHz.
I have two of the. Used to cure cancer, diabetes, heart disease and eye squints. Makes biochjemical treatments defective, criminal medicine in 2002.
All prescribing Dr.s struck off – to face criminal trial: 10 million UK daamges for every patient murdered using biochemistry. No Dr has ever argued with this,

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