Saturday, 27 May 2017

All Doctors Bankrupt

In 2002 American Dr.s published the total cure of cancer using High-Intensity UltraSound -drug companies have fought back, to ensure Dr.s keep prescribing and killing with their defective medicine.
No Dr is allowed to use defective medicine. They all read and validated the paper 2002, but for the last 15 years have been killing their patients for money.
Patents are only there to protect bet medicine – so all biochemical patents were void 15 years ago. All manufacturing drug companies expelled for ever from medicine.
All law firms that defended the void patents – expelled from law forever. All positive patent cases reversed – and damages paid.

1Mhz Ultrasonic Ultrasound Massager Beauty Facial Skin Care Body Slimming Device

Every member of a patients medical team get 25 years in jail: and a legal fine of 10 million. For families or next of kin get 10 million for ever cancer death.
AstraZeneca has given up on cancer drugs – and now wants to make money from pain relief.
High-Intensity UltraSound cures the cancer at a single 1 minute session: using a device like the bellow. Totally harmless to body cells. Fatal to all cancers.
So AstraZeneca has not had an ethical business for 15 years: how many people has it killed in that time. Each prescribing Dr is struck off – 15 years ago.
They must repay all wages, their prescriptions have been illegal for 15 years. And they get no pension. Just a millennia jail term.
Surviving patients get ALL their medical fees back – like you.

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