Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Time Machine

Physics TEACHES the direction of time is arbitray. Professor Kater Murch at Washington University has found that by knowing the future outcome of a particle, its state in the past is altered.  Without knowing the information, the state is more likely to remain the same.
In other words, knowing future events can change the past.
The latest experiment follows a similar theory put forward postulated by scientists back in December.
They proposed that at the moment of the Big Bang, a 'mirror universe' to our own was created that moves in the opposite direction through time - and intelligent beings in each one would perceive the other to be moving backwards through time.
The radical theory was proposed by Dr Julian Barbour of College Farm in the UK, Dr Tim Koslowski of the University of New Brunswick in Canada and Dr Flavio Mercati of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, also in Canada.
Their research attempts to answer questions that remain about the ‘arrow of time’ - which is the concept that time is ‘symmetric’ and everything moves forwards.
They say that at the time of the Big Bang not one but two universes formed – both moving equally in each direction through time, but opposite to each other.
This universe would not be exactly the same as ours, though; it would have evolved and changed in its own way, completely separate to our own.
However, it would be subject to the same laws of physics, so it would likely have planets, stars and galaxies just like in our version of the cosmos.

So the direction of time can be altered. But this might prove fatal to anything large than a quark.

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