Sunday, 16 April 2017

The clean diesel

Last year because of diesels CO2 emissions fell by 5%. The year before that 4.5%. There is a constant 0.00000001% NO and NO2 in the ait (NOx). Petrol engines produce as much NOx, and more NOx.
We can turn biodiesel into biopetrol in a chemical factory – and turn petrol into a carbon 0 fuel – it takes in as much CO2 to grow, and it releases when burnt.
Water will diesel – at 10 atmospheres rather than 8 for diesel fuel. A totally carbon free, free fuel. This science was told me in 2001, or a PhD at Sheffield University. So the water diesel – the totally carbon free energy source.
1 H2O+O2+TU->He+O3+E2 No NOx
So we produce ozone – like breaking aves on the sea shore: the cleanest air around. Like ozone rich air in the countryside.
For oil diesels, we introduce a helical twist at the end of the exhaust.
2 NOx+H2Os->H2NO(x+1)
So nitrous acids dribble out of the exhaust. The are not breathed in by pedestrians. They run harmlessly into the sewers. And the pressure drop is not measurable – we just remove the NOx. Do water diesels – they run off regular river or tap water.
A diesel engine, our own working, paid for nuclear fusion engine on Earth.

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