Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Neutron gun

A neutron is a proton bonded to an electron. So we have an open-ended tube, we fire up a steam plasma in.
1 H2+E->2(p+.n0+e-) So the matter collapses – like in a neutron star.
We have two electrical surface, so one side of the tube fills with electrons on the left, protons on the right. The other side of the tube the opposite.
But we then introduce a magnetic pulse – which fires out a stream of focused neutrons. That will pass through armour shielding, to impact on whatever is behind.
We enriched the substance behind, which will fission almost instantly. The material becomes white hot and melts. All electrical components are fried.

Passing unhindered by the toughest battlefield protection. Is there any protection – you work it out: so really, no.

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