Monday, 10 April 2017

More diesels please

both petrol and diesel cars produce a little NOx – NO and NO2. The vast majority of these gases comes from natural lightening strikes – that have a lightening bolt temperature of 10millionoC.
That is interesting – both petrol AND diesels produce NOx. The recent news was issued my the oil producing states- that wanted people not to be burning biodiesel.
Growing biodiesel has made CO2 emissions fall by 6%. Suddenly Global Warming was in trouble – fiction published by the oil countries, to keep the volume of oil down, and prices up.  CO2 levles static at 2 parts per million.
They had not considered diesel engines. And it the wake of the phantom science of increasing CO2 levels, countries pushed diesels.
As biodiesel takes in CO2 to grow – and only releases the same amount of CO2 when burned. As you drive a diesel around, it emits NOx into the air.
Which combines as nitrous and nitric acids, and falls as free plant fertilizer. So we need to use the Harber process less.
1 N2+2H2+P+E2->NH4
So plants can get at organic nitrogen – usually plants rely on nitrogen fixing bacteria. And who supplies all that energy – Fossil Fuels!
As you are driving you diesel around, you are fertilising plants. Plants which convert extra CO2 into biomass. So big oil would prefer we did not make natural plant fertilizer.
We hadn't though about this – until this big push to scrap diesel cars: that run on biodiesel, and make plant fertilizer – reducing global oil demand.
There is an easier and cheaper way to drive a car – as Form and BMW are looking at. We use a thermoelectric generator, to convert heat into power – with a 6% efficiency. A petrol engine only has a 2% efficiency.
To double the power, or halve the fuel burn, titanium plate the engine.
2 CmHn+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+E2+X-ray)
So a working car engine releases X-rays, and produced He gas. No source of nuclear fission – we are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Titanium plating the engine halves the fuel we need to burn. So formula 1 cars can use a 0 stop strategy. No need to refuel.
But a steam plasma tube does H fission – the plasma smashes atoms together – like an atomic ball mill. So we are left with heat, light and X-rays
3 H2O+TU->E2+L=X-ray
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube produces a constant 2.4MW from 2.5x10-13cc of regular water a year. No CO2, NOx or SO2. Regular water into massive heat.
And Formula 1 rules limit super chargers – but say nothing about Ti plating the engine, or running it off water: no petrol or diesel.
So our steam plasma tube generates 2.4MW of heat. At a bulk temperature of 3000oC. Yes you can get the Sabatier process to run at higher temperatures, but I advocate using a fan to drive air over the steam plasma tube. To produce an air temperature of 350oC.
So we get 144kW of frequency variable power: vary the frequency to change the speed of the vehicle. So a supersonic helicopter – that runs on very little regular water. No speed cameras. We drive the craft using IT, and set up highway in the sky – so craft moving at high speed in the same direction form a convoy.
It the news today was the idea to raise petrol costs – to fund diesel scrap-age. But we want more diesels – the go around distributing free plant fertiliser.
The global climate has been cooling for 21 years. Only another 7, and we are back in a NATURAL warming phase.
By then we will all be driving around in steam plasma cars – which never have to refuel. You will have bio diesels around – spreading plant fertilizer. My thanks to my PhD supervisor at Sheffield University, for first getting me thinking about nuclear fusion: why he isn't researching Molecular Nuclear Fusion, I do not know.

Probably as he ended my PhD fro no reason – on the urging of nuclear power.

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