Monday, 24 April 2017

Improve life on Earth

Melt the south Pole. It is buoyant – and takes up more room as ice. So as it melt, the hole left will suck in sea water, so sea levels will stay static: ask any high school physics teacher. The maximum density of water is at 3oC. 4oC at the surface.
So all the sea birds will nest on remote islands in the Pacific/Atlantic. There are no Polar bears on the South Pole. They can swim, and do better with less ice – so melting the North Pole is not such a bad idea.
We use steam plasma tubes, held in concrete mounts, so they sit on the sea floor, and we can introduce pressurised air, to make the tube assemblies buoyant, so we can relocate them – and then vent the air. So they sit on the sea floor.
A 1mx2cm steam plasma tube releases 8.6MW of heat, from 4x10-12cc of regular water a year. So we have a spring loaded reservoir. They will act like hot smokers – so we should maybe introduce some material from hot smokers. The bacteria lix CO2 from the water – with the energy from the rising steam.
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This steam hit the ice edge, and melts it – so increasing the flow of cold water back towards the equator.
So the ring of tubes is very, very cheap. And will increase life in the seas. They will cool and wet the hot lands – as they warm and wet the cold lands.
So we will get more natural pant and animal life on Earth. If we use this idea in Siberia, we welt the permafrost, and allow 12 month shipping to the cold lands. Which will now be warmer.

We can erect steam plasma tubes surround by UV phosphors, to replace natural sun light – the plants will love it!
In a glass tube, we get H fission. Twice as energetic. 17.2MW/m.

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