Friday, 21 April 2017

ILLEGAL biochemistry

In 2002 3 professors at they Moffitt cancer centre published a 100 patient double blind trial on High-Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer at one appointment. It sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the pressurised cancer cells – this is why ultrasound scans cause ALL cancers to give out X-rays
1 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
Read and verified by every Dr on Earth, against ALL cancers. So biochemical treatments, chemo and radio therapy, plus surgery all became criminal medicine 15 years ago.
Dr.s who use defective medicine, struck off 15 years ago. No drug company could legally make and sell biochemical treatments: for struck off – with legal penalties to follow.
Biochemistry has been criminal, fatal medicine from 2002. So families of patients KILLED DELIBERATELY by the Dr get 10 million per death. Each Dr owes 10 billion +.

Each such former medic, instantly banned from medicine for life.

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