Sunday, 2 April 2017

Clearing Hepatitis B&C

Apply 8W 1MHz ultrasound to the liver for 1 minute: all Dr.s have a 8W 3Hz ultrasound device – also effective High Intensity UltraSound. There si no need for prescriptions.
This will also clear all cancers, and its associated pain. High Intensity UltraSound devices are medically licensed beauty devices. No Dr required. They will clear all viral and bacterial infections.

Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

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No hospital, drugs or Dr required. Biochemistry is defective, criminal medicine. And no Dr can prescribe defective medicine. Or they are struck off, to face criminal trial.
 Repeat the ultrasound daily, and entrenched Hepatitis will take at least 3 days to clear – like type 1 diabetes: High Intensity UltraSound to the lower right of the rib cage.

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