Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Carbon 0 power

A diesel can run on biodiesel – which Fossil Fuels hates, As it takes in as much CO2 last week, as it releases when burnt.
A steam plasma tube will release 1.2 MW of heat, from 10-13cc is regular water a year: it converts water molecules into heat, light and X-rays – as the plasma smashes matter into energy.
1 H2O+TU->E2+L+X-ray 1.2MW of power
Ford and BMW are already looking at replacing an internal combustion fuel burn, with a thermoelectric generator. By now they should be working on a steam plasma tube, as an oil burn replacement. 144KW of carbon 0 power: a helicopter only want 45kW.
The oil companies have been making a fuss about Nitrogen oxide, and dioxide – NOx. Apparently unaware that a simple rain storm washed these out of the air as nitric and nitrous acids – natural free plant fertilizer – which takes in extra CO2, and converts it BACK into biomass.
In the Jurassic, there was 65% more active life – and sea levels 60 meters lower. At the end of the Jurassic 85% of life on Earth died – and formed Fossil Fuels. As we burn these, plants turn the Fossil Fuels back into active life.
The major sources of NOx, are wood fires and lightening strikes. Diesel AND petrol cars produce NOx in town centres, at eye level.
There is 0.000000001% NOx in the air. If we put N2 and O2 into a steam plasma tube, it would produce NOx – which is heavy, and we can take out. Again, the plasma self sustains at 4 atmospheres.
This is 100 times cheaper than the Harbour ammonia, and we can spray the gas into the air, during a rain storm. A fertilise the crops naturally. Take in all that lovely CO2 – but the global average is a pre-industrial 0.000002% - as photosynthesis on the land and sea converts extra CO2 in to plant biomass within 5 minutes.
So the air companies are talking about raising petrol prices, to pay for scrapping diesels. Because last year CO2 fell by 6%, the year before 4.5%. But the petrol cycle produces as much NOx as diesel cars. And the main source of NOx, is natural lighting strikes – a natural steam plasma.
Their interest is to stop cars using biofuels. But we can easily turn biodiesel into biopetrol. We use the Sabatier reaction – developed in 1910. At high pressure, methan and oxygen burn to form metane and CO2.
But below 1 atmosphere and at 350oC, the reaction goes into reverse – we unburn CO2 and steam, into methane.
1 CO2+3H2O+E-P ->CH4+He+O3 the Sabatier equation
So we produce methane. That is why a low pressure gas flame will not burn. It is why low pressure diesel will not catch a flame, but will spontaneously combust at 8 atmospheres
2 C12H26+P+pO2->(12CO2+(13-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+E3)
So another form of Molecular Nuclear Fusion! But oxidising the carbon radical; takes in heat – it is only the nuclear fusion we do that releases heat. So we can use steam plasmas to replace all diesel engines.
So we can run a train – no CO2 produced. Only very, very little regular water. Which will halve the cost of train travel.
So we chill CO2 out of the air. And combine it will steam produced via steam plasma tube – another tube superheats it to 350oC.
We bubble biodiesel and methane through a series of titanium honey comb catalysts – and trun the diesel into petrol.
3 C12H26+4CH4+Tu+E->C16H32 we can run this at 6 atmospheres – for speed.
So every town and city can make their own biodiesel and biopetrol. No Fossil Fuels from Saudi. Bio fuels are carbon 0 – but Fossil Fuels are not.
Which is why man's CO2 emissions are falling. He should use a steam plasma tube, in placve of all diesel and petrol engines.
 So Saudi was happy to push the biologically impossible Global Warming, while it thought there was no other source of fuel oil.
We can now grow biodiesel, and using a little bit of chemical engineering I was taught in the 1980s, make biopetrol.
And we can use steam plasma tubes, which do the nuclear fission of water molecules, to produce massive carbon 0 heat, with light and X-rays.
The world climate has been cooling for 21 years – so man-made Climate Change was to cover the natural global cooling. Another 7 years, and we are back to warming. All caused by predictable solar emission cycles.
Nothngi to do with the STATIC trace of CO2 in the air – that drives life on Earth.

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