Saturday, 15 April 2017

Carbon 0 petrol

We grow fields of biodiesel: their use caused CO2 emissions to fall b y 6% last year. But plant turn extra carbon back into biomass anyway – CO2 levels are limited at a pre-industrial 2 parts pr million in the global air.
Levels are higher in a natural ice-age, or above the Arctics. Carbon levels RISE with natural global cooling.

So we get natural gas – from cracking. Or we add CO2 to steam heated to 350oC, ,1 atmosphere – and the gases unburn to give us O3 and natural gas, CH4.
So forming natural gas is that easy! Any town or city can convert its CO2 int0 natural gas: so suddenly natural gas is a 0 carbon fuel.
So we have diesel to 500oC, and trickle it down a titanium honeycomb catalyst, we pass natural gas up. We form biopetrol.
1 C12H26+4CH4->C16H34 biopetrol.

It takes as much CO2 to form it, as it releases when burned. No no Fossil Fuels burn. 20% of the cost of crude oil. Doesn't need much refining.

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