Friday, 28 April 2017

British Nuclear is bankrupt

19 of the 20 British nuclear plants are operating outside planning consent. Hinkley B 26 years out of planning.An illegal extension to a demolished Hinkley A – pulled down 2006. Planning ended totally.
It has expired 1990.
EDF used the plant managers to extend planning – the lawyers at the British Council described this as 'unsafe'. In normal English, totally illegal.
So all should have stopped years ago. And must shut down tomorrow: they will never restart.
Sizewell B has operated with 50 million of insurance. Since 194, the required number was 40 billion: no insurance over 1 billion is available.
2012 we had Fukishima, and the required insurance rose to 100 billion. Fukishima may well cos the Japanese 20 trillion – and their economy is already in the red. They do not have the money.
So Sizewell B has NEVER had the required level on insurance to operate.
So all UK nuclear power is illegal. No new facility could ever be legal. So will never be built.

In the US firms leverage their payroll on their share price. The share price of EDF and British Nuclear is about to be 1p a share. They will never make payroll ever again.

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