Saturday, 4 March 2017

Water for Kenya/Ethiopia

Kenya does not receive enough rainfall in the dry season. Like when I was in the Masai Mara. It relies on expensive and dangerous 'reverse osmosis: it forces salt water through a filter.
It has easy access to brown and salt water through the Indian Ocean. Jubba River (Somalia) Lagh Dera. Lak Bor. Lagh Kutulo. Lagh Bogal. Ewaso Ng'iro. TanaRiver. Kathita River. Mutonga River. Thiba River. Thika River. Galana River. Athi River. Mbagathi River. Ruiru River. Nairobi River. Tudor Creek. Voi River (Goshi River) Umba River. Pangani River
We can easily convert this water into pure desalinated water – no boiling or high energy system. What we do, is get the UN to fund a network of solar pumps.

Solar Vacuum Pump - Alibaba

 We exert a VACUUM pressure of 1m on the brown/salt water. This takes 1W per litre. So our solar pump will provide 20kW during the day. We take off half the power, to drive a battery. And process 10,000L per second!
We have a chain of these pumps, to transfer the water vapour to a high tank/reservoir. And when we vent the pressure, we get pure water drops. No salts on contaminants: so we will need salt licks for the animals.
We turn what is now desert, back into lush, arable areas. Kenya has the sun and the soil.
And now it has access to unlimited pure water. The UN will give the solar pumps, as it is cheaper than coping with drought or famine.

So Ethiopia is the first target.

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