Saturday, 18 March 2017

Correcting breast reduction

After a lady is 18, or has had children, her natural breast size can reduce. Viral infections can result in breast reduction any way.
It is all due to a viral rump, making breast cells cessate. We would like to remove these cells anyway – to stop the development of breast cancer.
We use High Intensity UltraSound – I use a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device – effective and medically licensed. No GP or surgeon required. We apply the ultrasound to each breast for 1 minute – or until we feel warming.
Ladies may have such a device for slimming. Apply it for 10 seconds to the gut week 1, and build up to 1 minute. Otherwise you will get the galloping trots. Though you will not get them when ill, ever again.
I did this on Sam – just 1 application made a massive difference. So no life threatening surgery. So no surgeon can any-more do breast surgery – as it treatments disfigurement or death.
Girls with a naturally small bust in a large busted family, may also find this helps.

So breast enlargement surgery unethical and not legal.

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